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Resourcd File

  1. 1. L11: Social Class Date: What: •To be able to define social class. •To be able to explain how social class leads to inequality •To explore some of the sociological theory about social class How: Why: because social class is a key idea in sociological theory and a key Predictor of life success.
  2. 2. Connect: Watch the clip What are the three classes mentioned in the clip? Write a definition of social class Explain what you think makes someone belong to a particular social class
  3. 3. Key Terms: Please fill in Social class: Inequality:
  4. 4. What social class? Decide whether the following people belong to upper, middle or working class?
  5. 5. A 34 year old nurse. Wealthy footballer, born on a council estate The Queen A binman Someone on benefits who doesn’t work A lawyer
  6. 6. Activate: Match up You have several cards – in pairs you should match up which starter sentence matches with the facts. Then – pick two facts to write in your book. Write a sentence for each one explaining why you think it happens.
  7. 7. Demonstrate: Poor Kids Watch the documentary about children living in poverty. Note down all the ways poverty affects the children e.g. bullying. Create a poster that raises awareness of the problem of child poverty in the UK Write a newspaper article to explain the problem of child poverty – link to ideas of social class and inequality.
  8. 8. Consolidate Post it notes: One thing you have learned about social class in today’s lesson.