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  1. 1. Welcome to Social Studies Social Studies Mrs Skinner H4 Lesson Times:
  2. 2. Seating Plan:
  3. 3. What will I learn in Social Studies? Term 1: Sociology Taster Term 2: Psychology Taster Term 3: Philosophy and Ethics Taster At the end of year 9 you will be placed on a full course GCSE for year 10&11, depending on where your strengths lie.
  4. 4. Connect: Numbered head together: Why did you choose Social Studies? What do you expect to study this year?
  5. 5. Objectives: What: Gain a basic understanding of what Sociology is. How: Working in teams to discuss society. Why: To be able to have a sense of what Sociology is before we study it.
  6. 6. Outcomes: E-D: Be able to identify what society is. C: Be able to describe society and why we study it. A*-B: Be able to explain what Sociology is giving an example. Key terms: Society, Sociology, Social Order, Rules
  7. 7. Scenario: You have been in a plane crash, you are stranded on a desert island with no shelter or signs of life. You know that the chances of rescue are very slim…you look around you – 100 other people have also survived. What are your emotions at this stage? What are your concerns? Key terms: Society, Sociology, Social Order, Rules
  8. 8. Key terms: Society, Sociology, Social Order, Rules Activate: Desert Island In your groups you need to: Draw a sketch of the Island – identify where the survivors might take shelter. Make a plan for survival: • How will the group make decisions? • How they will communicate these decisions and about issues that might arise? • How will they feed themselves and provide for their essential needs? • How will they set up education? • What entertainment and culture might develop? • How will groups be created and relationships and children be managed? • Will there be any religious rituals observed? Any festivals or celebrations?
  9. 9. Key terms: Society, Sociology, Social Order, Rules Demonstrate: Questions to answer Based on your target grade, complete the following tasks. E-D: Describe what you think are the most important things for society to have. C: Explain what a society is and justify what you think a society needs for survival. A*-B: Compare the society you created to the society we live in here, explain the similarities and differences. Where you identify differences can you consider why you decided on those?
  10. 10. Think: What do you think the advantages and disadvantages are of your society? Pair: If after 10 years living on your island you were rescued – would you take the chance or stay where you were? Share: As a group feedback your answers on this. Consolidate Key terms: Society, Sociology, Social Order, Rules
  11. 11. Make a list of all of the things that you experience on a day to day basis that affect your lives – eg TV, family etc. Homework: Planners out Key terms: Society, Sociology, Social Order, Rules