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  1. 1. 1) Social Psychological exps of aggression A) Social learning theory AO1 AO2 IDA B) DEINDIVIDATUATION – Explanations AO1 AO1/2 Research IDA Denier’s theory: Prentice-Dunn & Rogers: C) INSTITUTIONAL AGGRESSION Model AO1 AO2 IDA Importation model: Deprivation model 2) Biological explanations of aggression A) Role of neural and hormonal mechanisms AO1:Mechanisms AO2 IDA Neural : Hormonal: 2) Role of genes in aggression Genes AO2 IDA MAOA: Serotonin HTR1B How has the role of genes and aggression been studied? Twin studies Adoption studie 3) Evolutionary explanations of aggression A) Infidelity and jealousy Topic AO1 AO2 IDA Infedility: Link to aggression Jealousy: Link to aggression B) Group displays of aggression of evol exp of aggression seeing in Group displays AO1 AO2 IDA In Warfare: In Sports