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Resourcd File

  1. 1. Eating behaviour 1) FACTORS INFLUENCING ATTITUDES TO FOOD A) Cultural factors: Ethnicity and Social class AO1: AO2/3: B) Social learning factors: Media AO1: AO2/3: C) Mood AO1: AO2/3: 2) SUCCESS AND FAILURES OF DIETING A) Success: Focus on details AO1: AO2/3: B) Failure: Restraint theory and denial AO1: AO2/3: Biological explanations of eating behaviour 1) NEURAL MECHANISMS Role of homeostasis: A) Dual-centre theory: AO1: AO2/3: B) Neurotransmitters: AO1: AO2/3: C) Hormones: Leptin AO1: AO2/3: 2) EVOLUTIONARY EXPLANATIONS OF FOOD PREFERENCES: Sweet, salty, bitter and meat Preference AO1 AO2 Sweet Salty Bitter and sour Meat Eating disorders – Anorexia nervosa 1) PSYCHOLOGICAL EXPLANATIONS Factor AO1 AO2/3 Media Ethnicity Peers Family 2) BIOLOGICAL EXPLANTIONS Neural exps AO1 AO2 Neurotran smitters Neurodev elopment Evol exps AO1 AO2 Reproductive suppression hyp Adapted to flee famine hyp