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Published in: Sports, Technology
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Resourcd File

  1. 1. Welcome to… Know-it-Alls!! The game which tells you what you know and what you need to know! It’s cool to be Neeky!
  2. 2. Round 1: There are 3 KNOW-IT-ALLS and three TEAMS. Round 1: Each team is given a topic. They have 5 minutes to prepare a discussion. 1 person feeds back to the group. The know-it-alls will award you team a point for every relevant point ALSO! Your team will receive 5 bonus points for every ‘keyword’ mentioned (there are 3 for every topic)…obviously the speaker will not be able to look at the board to see the key words and team members CANNOT help them! Know-it-alls will award points and give feedback.
  3. 3. Who’s the know-it-all? SLT Bonus points available for: Direct experience Vicarious experience Reinforcement
  4. 4. Who’s the know-it-all? Deindividuati on Bonus points available for: • Loss of identity •Reduced private self awareness •Zimbardo
  5. 5. Who’s the know-it-all? Institutional aggression • Importation model • Deprivation model • Abu Ghraib
  6. 6. Who’s the know-it-all? Neural mechanisms Bonus points available for: Serotonin Dopamine Couppis
  7. 7. Who’s the know-it-all? Hormonal mechanisms Bonus points available for: Testosterone Cortisol Kouri/ Pope
  8. 8. Who’s the know-it-all? Genetic factors Bonus points available for: •Twin studies/ adoption studies •Rhee and Waldman •DRD4/ MAOA
  9. 9. Who’s the know-it-all? Infidelity and aggression Bonus points available for: Sexual coercion Violence Buss and Shackleford
  10. 10. Who’s the know-it-all? Jealousy and aggression Bonus points available for: Cuckoldry and sexual jealousy Mate retention and violence Buss/ Shackleford
  11. 11. Who’s the know-it-all? Group display as an adaptive response Bonus points available for: Power threat hypothesis Lynch mobs/ dehumanization Cultural/religious displays/ commitment
  12. 12. Round 2: 60 second showdown 1 person from each team will feedback without practice….from memory, Who’s is left in your team that hasn’t been on the spot yet! It has to be somebody who hasn’t already been up already! (Obviously, the Team 2 speaker will have to be out of the room while Team 1 speaker feeds back-doh!) Know-it-alls will award 10 POINTS to the team with the best response to the given topic.
  13. 13. 60 second showdown Social psychological theories
  14. 14. Interesting fact round In groups, discuss and select the most interesting fact about…. Aggression Know-it-alls will give 10 points to the team with the most interesting fact Ooooh, really?
  15. 15. Something I am confident at already What I learned today What I need to revise further