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Resourcd File


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Resourcd File

  1. 1. Assignment 24.1 – P2 (Role plays) Scenario 1 Your name is Susan, you are a 28 year old woman who has always struggled with issues surround a low self-esteem and low self- identity. You have also struggled to fully express the way you feel and are very self-critical of any achievement which you experience. You recently completed an accountancy course and managed to get a B which is a high achievement but achieving that grade has sent you on a downward spiral and motivated you to seek out some support. You have been feeling very low and unmotivated and have missed three lessons of your accountancy course since receiving your grade. Scenario 2 Your name is Luke; you are a 23 year old man who is struggling in your first year at University. You come from a background where both your parents where emotionally cold and you have struggled to develop positive relationships with your peers at University. You have moved into your student accommodation a month ago and are suffering with sleeplessness, anxiety and general feelings of emptiness following your recent move. You have no previous history of support and this is the first time you have sought out support. Scenario 3 Your name is Ben, you are a 45 year old man feels angry and loses his temper easily. You are seeing the counsellor as part of your sentence for badly injuring your previous partner who sustained quite serious injuries. You have always displayed aggression towards your partners but have no previously been convicted just cautioned. Your last person is not the first victim of your temper as your partner before that has a protective order against you which prevents you from seeing the two children you have with her. You feel angry and frustrated at the fact that you are unable to see your children and hold a lot of resentment towards women in general. Scenario 4 You are Elizabeth and you are 17 years old. You have sought out the help of a counsellor with regards to your speech impediments (stuttering) which occurs even more when you are asked to public speak and/or when you are feeling really anxious. Your speech impediment started when you were 10 when you struggled to answers a question in class and since then you have started to stutter. Your GP has prescribed anti-anxiety tablets which are helping you make progress but you would like some support in helping your general nervousness which triggers your stuttering. Scenario 5 Your name is Maria and aged 21, you have just arrived from Moldova, following your illegal entry into the country and forced to work as a within the adult entertainment industry in order to pay back your debt to your smuggler. You have experienced abuse at the hands of over enthusiastic clients and started self-harming as a result of the violence which you suffered. Your self harming recently got out of hand and led to your hospitalisation in order to tend to your injuries. You are fearful of returning back to Moldova due to the potential reprisal against yourself and your family.
  2. 2. Assignment 24.1 – P2 (Role plays) Scenario 6 Your name Sinitta and aged 27, you and your partner have recently arrived from Afghanistan as an attempt to evade the war and are really struggling to accustom yourself to your new life in England. You feel isolated and alienated in your new country where the norms are different to that of your own country. You would like to work but your command of English at this stage is not proficient enough to enable you to get a full time job. Your husband is rather unsupportive of your need to fully integrate yourself and regularly dismissed your request for support. You feel alone with only your 9 months old son to care for and have been feeling depressed and suicidal. Scenario 7 Your name is Jess 35, you are a post-operation transsexual and you are struggling to cope with your transition from male to female. You are fully supported by your family who have been there throughout your entire transition but feel as though you are struggling with the whole process. Your GP has advised for you to be put on a course of anti-depressant but you are wary of how this might affect your transitional process. Even though you have known yourself to be suffering with gender identity, you have started to question your decision to transition. Scenario 8 Your name is Jason 10; you have been attending counselling now for the last 2 years since your mother was admitted into a psychiatric facility following a nervous breakdown. You have been staying with your dad who works long hours and your big sister who spends period of time away as she works as a air hostess. You feel as though no one really understands how your mum sectioning has affected and both your dad and sister tend to avoid the subject. You have been to see your mum twice, last time was last year and she became agitated and delusional when you approached her. Scenario 9 Your name is Rabia; you are 16 years old and have just started a course at college in beauty therapy. You have been having disagreements with your parents since you made the decision to start this course as they believe that your choice of course does not meet the requirements of your faith. Your parents have started to be extremely protective and checking your phone as they are concerned that you might also be dating boys. You feel trapped and stressed and it is affecting your school work. You have attempted to move out of home but your parents have threatened to take you out of college if you do. You feel angry and frustrated and have started smoking marijuana. Scenario 10 Your name is Sasha 35; you have been married for the last 6 years and have been having problems connecting with your wife emotionally since she took up her promotion. You feel that every conversation you have with your wife ends up bad as your argue and tend to walk out of the door. Your wife’s new friendships with colleague sat work have also made you rather suspicious that she might also be cheating on you. You have been accusing her of carrying out an extra marital affairs and she has threatened to move out if this continues. You want some help in building your self-esteem again and learning to trust your wife as well as communicating with her better.
  3. 3. Assignment 24.1 – P2 (Role plays) Scenario 11 Your name is Nathalie; you are 38 years old and for the last three years have attempted to conceive a baby with your husband of 15 years. The process of natural conception having failed, you have spent the last year trying to conceive using IVF with no luck. Your husband is very keen to have a baby and has suggested the use of a surrogate mother which you are against as you feel that baby will not be yours. You and your husband are clashing on the next realistic step to take and you are worried that he might leave you unless you have a child. You need some help to rebuild a positive relationship with your husband and being more objective with regards to the surrogacy idea as it might be your final option.