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Resourcd File

  1. 1. Key theorists for families Consensus theories – agree with the status quo Conflict theories – disagree with the status quo Functionalism New Right Marxism Feminism George Murdock Nuclear families are the ideal, they have a function Charles Murray ‘Underclass’ of people who depend on benefits. Friedrich Engels Marriage is to determine paternity for inheritance Jennifer Somerville (Liberal feminist) Women have made progress Talcott Parsons Family has two functions – socialisation of children and stabilisation of adults Eli Zaretsky The family is a prop of capitalism – they both make and buy the products Germaine Greer (Radical feminist) Women are subservient to husbands Ronald Fletcher Unit of consumption – buys goods and provides work for people. Nicos Poulantzas Transmits capitalist ideology – teaches children how to behave. Cheshire Calhoun (Difference feminist) Women better off outside nuclear families Fran Ansley (Marxist feminist) “Takers of ----“ Women suffer because of stresses of capitalism on men Margaret Benston (Marxist feminist) Women raise/maintain labourers for capitalists for free.