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Resourcd File

  1. 1. Factors influencing choice of topic For example a feminist is likely to research oppression of women i.e. domestic violence.
  2. 2. DR Jackie Leech Scully Conducted several pieces of research concerning disability and human rights in the deaf community. Interested in Health, illness and sensitive issues. Produced a controversial paper on male rape. Dr Ruth Graham Another factor is personal interest.
  3. 3. List of Sociological research produced by Newcastle University Campbell E, Clark C. 'Gypsy Invasion': A Critical Analysis of Newspaper Reaction to Czech and Slovak Romani Asylum- Seekers in Britain, 1997. Romani Studies 5 2000, 10(1), 23-47. Casey ME. Bent on Normality. Attitude Magazine 2005, 01-03- 2005(131). Moreno Figueroa MG. Displaced looks: The lived experience of beauty and racism. Feminist Theory2013, 14(2), 137-151. Payne G. Re-counting 'Illiteracy': literacy skills in the sociology of social inequality. British Journal of Sociology 2006, 57(2). k/gps/sociology/abo ut/staff/atoz.htm List of Soc staff at Newcastle Uni and their work.
  4. 4. Factors effecting choice of method Task Turn to page 14 and suggest factors that will influence a researchers choice of methods.
  5. 5. Practical problems
  6. 6. Ethical issues Key term: Ethical: This refers to moral issues of right and wrong Task Turn to page 17 and consider what ethical issues a sociologist should think about before conducting research.
  7. 7. Theoretical issues 1) A friend of mine was bullied at school recently. He told me in detail all about his feelings at the time and afterwards. Now I really understand what it must be like. 2) We were all given an intelligence test everyday this week. Our results were very consistent. Each of us gained the same score every time we took the test. Give reasons for your answers
  8. 8. Representative Whether or not the people we study are a typical cross section of the group we are interested in.
  9. 9. Task Complete the tasks on pages 15 , 16 and 18 concerning the following; • Karen Sharpes study of prostitution • Kulick and Humphreys on sexuality. • Researching suicide
  10. 10. Ethical issues task Task •Turn to page 19 in your Methods book. Working in a group you will research an allocated study. •You will research the ethical implications associated with the study. •You will present your findings on Tuesday 28th January 2014.
  11. 11. AS Sociology 12D Group Study 1) Francesca, Abbie, Luca Stanford Prison Experiment 2) Shannon A, Natasha, Laud Humphrey Tea Room Trade 3) Shannon C, Florence, Paige Nazi Experiments 4) Amber, Katie, Amy The case of David Reimer 6) Patrick, Heather, Ross Tuskegee Syphilis study
  12. 12. AS Sociology 12A Group Study 1) Darcey, Georgia, Stanford Prison Experiment 2) Becky, Ellie, Kimberley Laud Humphrey Tea Room Trade 3) Lauren, Deanna Nazi Experiments 4) Scarlett, Sam The case of David Reimer 5) Courtney, Chelsea Tuskegee Syphilis study 6) Joe, Chloe Milgram Study