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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Resourcd File

  1. 1. Psychology of Mr Men and Little Miss
  2. 2. Mr Forgetful Mr Forgetful has a short memory and is always forgetting things; how can he improve his memory? Multi-Store Memory Model Working Memory Model Memory Improvement Strategies
  3. 3. Misleading Questions and eyewitness testimony Mr Nosey He is always snooping around in other people's business; however how reliable and accurate is his eyewitness Testimony? Could it be improved? Anxiety and eyewitness testimony Age and eyewitness testimony Cognitive Interview
  4. 4. Mr Clever Mr Clever is very clever; how has day care effected this? Positive Effects of Day Care Negative Effects of Day Care
  5. 5. Little Miss Naughty She is always up to something and it normally involves being not so nice to other people. Has day care caused this? Positive Effects of Day Care Negative Effects of Day Care
  6. 6. Little Miss Bossy She is very bossy and telling people what to do; but why do some obey and some don’t obey her? Explanations for obedience Explanations for independent behaviour
  7. 7. Mr Brave He is determined to change the world. Can psychology offer advice?? Factors needed for social change Evaluation of social change
  8. 8. Little Miss Stressed She is always stressed but why? Daily Hassles Life Events Workplace Stress
  9. 9. Mr Happy Mr Happy is always happy and calm; he is never stressed. Personality Factors Biological Methods of Stress Management Psychological Methods of Stress Management
  10. 10. Little Miss Curious She is inquisitive and always asking questions. She likes designing investigations to answer these questions Lab experiment Field experiment Natural experiment Observations Self-Report Case Studies Content Analysis Correlations
  11. 11. Mr Good Mr Good is never treats his participants badly; he always follows the rules of the ethics committee Informed Consent Protection from harmRight to withdraw ConfidentialityDebrief Deception
  12. 12. Mr Sad He is always down and nothing can cheer him up, can the biological approach explain his behaviour? Biological approach and factors Biological treatments
  13. 13. Little Miss Tidy Everything has to be neat and in its place. Is she suck at one of the psychosexual stages? Can the psychodynamic approach offer a treatment? Psychodynamic approach Psychoanalysis
  14. 14. Mr Worry He is always worrying about things. Could there be a cognitive explanation? Cognitive Approach Cognitive Treatment
  15. 15. Mr Jelly Mr Jelly has a phobia of everything. Could he have learned this behaviour? If so, can it be unlearned? Classical Conditioning Operant Conditioning Social Learning Theory Systematic Desensitisation