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  1. 1. Beliefs in Society Topic 5 – Religion in a global context Religion and development
  2. 2. Today Learning Objectives Success Criteria By the end of the lesson you will be able to; You will show this by; 1. Explain key features of Hinduism and consumerism 2. Discuss the importance of civilisation 1. Summarising Hinduism into 10 sentences 2. Have a class discussion on the impact of September 11th on civilisation.
  3. 3. Globalisation and religion INDIA TASK In pairs, discuss how and why you think religion has become global
  4. 4. Hinduism and consumerism THIS? OR THIS? Would you continue to live here due to religious reasons? Or would you thrive in success for material possessions?
  5. 5. Hinduism and consumerism India is seen as an important political country due to globalisation. India has grown economically due to this. What does this mean for religion and religious beliefs? Secularisation theory predicts that, because of this new prosperity that India have acclaimed, the people who are now in India’s middle class will turn their back on religion and Hinduism. What do you think?
  6. 6. Meera Nanda God and Globalization (2008) 1. A vast majority of this middle class still believed in the supernatural. 2. Indians are becoming more religious. 3. Only 5% said their religion had declined in 5 years. 4. 30% said they had become more religious. 5. Urban educated Indians were more religious than rural uneducated Indians. 6. Religious tourism is rising – visits to shrines and temples. 7. It may be becoming more fashionable to religious. Fundamental Hindu beliefs include: the authority of the Vedas (the oldest Indian sacred texts) and the Brahmans (priests); the existence of an enduring soul that transmigrates from one body to another at death (reincarnation); and the law of karma that determines one's destiny both in this life and the next.
  7. 7. People used to worship Hindu Great Gods. This has changed. There has been a shift towards worshipping the low status village Gods. Why do you think this is? Remember they are middle class! The village Gods seem to be more available to them and more responsive to people’s needs in encouraging and keeping their faith alive. Rather than looking up to a great figure that seemed unable to fulfil their needs.
  8. 8. WHY IS RELIGION INCREASING? Think back to Marxism and what they say about religion and beliefs. Is this true in this study? Why? The Indian people are optimistic about globalisation so they are not rebelling against that. So why are more people turning to religion? Nanda argues that the answer is that they are uncertain about their new wealth. There is a traditional belief in Hinduism that they should renounce material possessions and worldly desires. This is resolved for them by the modern holy men they worship who believe that desire is not a bad thing but helps to motivate. Business-friendly versions of Hinduism = teach the MC people to not feel guilty and that consumerism can be spiritually balanced by paying for rituals which shows their wealth!
  9. 9. Hindu ultra-nationalism extreme devotion to one's own nation93% of Indians agreed with the statement – “Our people are not perfect, but our culture is superior to others” Hinduism is the essence of Indian culture and identity. Hinduism has taken over normal society in India. Astrology is taught within universities (Hindu Science) They believe that by studying Astrology they can predict earthquakes and natural disasters.
  10. 10. TASK Summarise the slides we have already looked at into no more than 10 sentences.
  11. 11. Religion and the clash of civilisation GLOBAL CONFLICT s 80564n Watch the videos and make notes on how religious views and beliefs have changed since September 11th 2001. Has it brought about a ‘clash of civilisation?’
  12. 12. Plenary THINK PAIR SHARE 1. Explain key features of Hinduism and consumerism 2. Discuss the importance of civilisation