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  1. 1. Beliefs in Society Topic 5 – Religion in a global context Capitalism in East Asia Pentecostalism in Latin America
  2. 2. Today Learning Objectives Success Criteria By the end of the lesson you will be able to; 1. Identify aspects of religion in a global context 2. Explain capitalism and Pentecostalism as features of capitalist society You will do show this by; 1. Writing at least 2 key points from globalisation and religion by selecting the relevant information. 2. Think pair share
  3. 3. Starter Singapore What do these pictures have in common? Are these countries significant players in the global economy?
  4. 4. Capitalism in East Asia What have sociologists said about this success of Capitalism in East Asia? Religion has played a role similar to the one that Calvinism played in the development of capitalism in 16th and 17th century. Calvinists had an extremely strong work ethic and wanted to strive to better themselves. Strong economic growth can be looked at in terms of strong work ethic. Gordon Redding argues that China’s economic growth can be linked to their post- Confucian values = looked at their attributes and self discipline to improve yourself PIES.
  5. 5. Pentecostalism in Latin America Who are Pentecostals? Strong Christians with a belief of the written word in the Bible. The energy they get from this translates into their work. They put all of their energy into hard work, discipline and abstinence from alcohol. This encourages its members to prosper and become upwardly mobile. The Latin American Pentecostalists embrace a work ethic like the Calvinists did. Does this support Capitalism? How? Chile South Brazil Something with significance like Protestantism is necessary in order to promote economic growth and raise a society out of poverty. The process can be led by a small minority (pentecostalists) and in Chile and Southern Brazil there is a growing and prosperous middle class leading capitalist development.
  6. 6. But.... Although religious ideas can help, they are not enough to produce economic development. The natural resources are also needed. South Brazil have the strong Pentecostal ideas but also the resources Pentecostalism has grown in North Brazil, however, they do not have the resources so remain backwards.
  7. 7. TASK Split 1 sheet of paper up into 4 sections. Put the titles 1. Hinduism and consumerism 2. Hindu ultra-nationalism 3. Capitalism in East Asia 4. Pentecostalism in Latin America Fill your sections with relevant information from what we have covered so far. 1. Identify aspects of religion in a global context
  8. 8. Plenary 1. Explain capitalism and Pentecostalism as features of capitalist society THINK What have you learned about East Asia and Latin America? SHARE PAIR