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  1. 1. A2 Sociology A2 Sociology – Assessment and Feedback 18 Mark Questions SCLY3 AO1 (6 Marks) Knowledge and Understanding AO2 (12 Marks) Interpretation, application, analysis and evaluation 1-3 Limited knowledge and understanding. Lower in band: One or two very limited points may be made. Knowledge may be flawed and there will be little evidence that the candidate has understood either the question or the material in response to it. Higher in band: Limited understanding the demands of the question. May present some limited knowledge. Understanding of the set question and/ or the material presented in response will be more explicit and more sociological. 1-4 Limited skills of interpretation, application, analysis and evaluation. Skills may be poorly focused on the set question and there may be significant errors or confusions in the attempt to demonstrate them. May show evidence of one of two skills only. Lower in band: Interpretation or application will be very basic, possibly with significant errors. Minimal analysis or evaluation. Higher in band: Interpretation may take the form of a limited poorly focused account of a study, perspective or idea. Application may take the form of an undeveloped example or a reference to a contemporary event. Little sociological insight or context. Some limited analysis and/or evaluation. 4-6 Answers show reasonable or good knowledge and understanding. Lower in band: Answers will show reasonable knowledge and understanding of some sociological material. There may be a tendency to present material in a list-like manner. Alternatively, candidates may consider the views from two or more theoretical perspectives. Higher in the band: Knowledge will be broader and/or deeper and more conceptually detailed and answers will show an understanding of a range of sociological material. Material will be drawn from item C and elsewhere. 5-8 Reasonable skills of interpretation, application, analysis and evaluation. One or two skills may be demonstrated significantly more than the others. Lower in the band; Interpretation of question may be limited or generalised but broadly sociological. Reasonably accurate application of some appropriate material, though relevance may not be made explicit. Application may involve listing material from the topic area with limited regards for the specifics of the question. Answers may be partial, evaluation – one-sided. Higher in the band: Show greater sensitivity in the interpretation of the question and greater awareness in the application of material in order to address specific issues in the question. Analysis more explicit, evaluation more positive and negative but could still be one sided largely. 9-12 Good skills of interpretation, application, analysis and evaluation. Interpretation of the general & specific issues of the question will be appropriate. Range of appropriate material selected interpreted and applied well. Analysis & evaluation relevant, developed and explicit. Lower in the band; Answer more limited, e.g. interpretation of question may be somewhat partial / relevance of the material may be implicit, analysis / evaluation may be incomplete. Higher in the band: Interpretation and application will be thorough, accurate and comprehensive. Answers show greater sensitivity and sophistication in interpretation of the question and selection/ application of materials. Analysis and evaluation will be explicit. Evaluation will be more balanced. Analysis may follow a clear rationale, logical ordering and lead to a distinct conclusion.
  2. 2. A2 Sociology Student Assessment and Feedback A2 Sociology 18 Mark Questions Name: Date: Title: Method of assessment Peer Self Staff Good features Areas for development Next steps