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  1. 1. The Conference F oren sic Fees   Booking  Acknowledgement   Invoices   will   be   issued   upon   official   request.   Bookings   will   not   be   considered   confirmed   until   receipt   of   a   booking   form   or   full   payment   is   received.   On   receipt   of   these,  your  registration  details  will  be  mailed  to  you.       Cancellations   Cancellations   must   be   in   writing   to   The   Company   within   14   working   days   prior   to   the   start  of  the  conference.  The  Company  reserve  the  right  to  charge  “The  Customer”  costs   incurred   for   cancellations.   No   refunds   will   be   credited   to   “The   Customer”   for   cancellations  after  the  14  working  day  period.  Travel  to  the  conference  is  not  included   and  refunds  cannot  be  made  for  failure  to  attend  due  to  travel  difficulties.     True  Life  Conferences  reserve  the  right  to  substitute  a  speaker  of  equal  standing,  or  to   re-­‐schedule   any   event   should   the   need   arise.   If   time   allows,   delegates   will   receive   notification   to   their   correspondence   address   of   any   changes   to   the   printed   schedule.   No  refunds  will  be  issued,  but  delegates  may  have  a  credit  for  a  future  event.     Enquiries   All  enquiries  should  be  made  to  True  Life  Conferences.    A  Conference  Secretary  will  be   available  to  deal  with  calls  on  08453705678  or  an  answer  phone  will  be  available  for   your  message.  Alternatively  you  could  email  us  at   ©TLC UK Consultancies 2004 - 2014 & & True Life Conferences The   conference   fee   is   £20.00   per   person.   Please   email   for   a   group   costing.       Applications   must   be   made   on   the   attached   booking   form.   Payment   should   be   made   payable  to  “TLC  Consultancies”.  Lunch  and  refreshments  are  not  included  within  the   conference  fee.  Delegates  attending  will  require  a  packed  lunch  or  monies  to  purchase   refreshments  from  local  establishments.     I n v e s ti g a ti v e S c i e n c e C o n fe r e n ce TLC Consultancies PO BOX 6119 LOUGHBOROUGH LE12 5ZD Tel: 0845 3705678
  2. 2. The  Conference   This Conference will offer delegates the opportunity to meet with a number of professionals who work in the Real World of Forensic Science. During the day you will have the opportunity to hear and interact with these experts who will provide an insight into the fascinating way they use their skills and knowledge in gathering and presenting forensic evidence in order to convict the criminal. Forensic Science covers a wide range of scientific disciplines. Its main function is to provide impartial scientific evidence in courts of law. This is usually the result of a police enquiry, where scientific evidence is needed to help the police with their investigations. True Life Conferences aim is to demonstrate the scope and diversity of the range of disciplines used to investigate crime through a number of presentations. Outline Programme 9.30 – 9.55am: Registration 10am Introduction 10.15 -11.15am: Facial Reconstruction When facial features are severely damaged or decomposed this form of identification technique may be used. 11.30-12.30pm: Forensic Pathology Evidence gathered from the body during autopsy to determine the cause of sudden, violent or unexpected death. 12.30-1.30pm: Lunch Students will require a packed lunch or monies to purchase refreshments from local eateries. This conference will be of interest to anyone considering or studying: 1.30-2.30pm: Murder Weapon · The Forensic Science Service · Police Force · Forensic Psychology · Forensic Medicine · Public Services 2.45-3.45pm: Crime Scenes Investigator We ask that students register between 9.30am and 9.55am, as presentations will start promptly at 10am. Students will require a packed lunch or monies to purchase refreshments. The conference will finish at approximately 3.45pm. Through scientific investigation we explore ballistics, the science that deals with the motion, behaviour and effects of projectiles, especially bullets. Working with the police, CSI’s retrieve, examine and investigate physical evidence to assist in tracing and gaining a conviction. 3.45pm: Conference Finishes