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Resourcd File

  1. 1. Essay Writing AS Sociology Miss Russell Bilton School
  2. 2. To Start: Re-Cap What do we mean by AO1 & AO2? Why is learning how to structure an essay and meet the objectives important? Charlotte Russell Bilton School
  3. 3. Thinking Ladder… To & what skills are required to answer a 24 mark question. To how to structure a 24 mark answer. To knowledge of the Functionalist view of the family to a 24 mark question.
  4. 4. How will I know if I am learning? By the end of the lesson… E Will be able to identify what skills are required to answer a 24 marker. C Will be able to explain how to structure a 24 mark answer using the mark scheme. A Will be able to apply knowledge of the Functionalist perspective of the family, to a 24 mark essay and peer assess each other’s.
  5. 5. Interpretation This is about SELECTING the relevant material for the questions. • Not writing ‘EVERYTHING’ you know about it! • Using material which answers the question • Giving relevant examples e.g. from other areas in Sociology (family/education or in the media/current society. Charlotte Russell Bilton School
  6. 6. Application • Linking ideas together • Showing how the material is relevant to the question. Charlotte Russell Bilton School
  7. 7. Analysis • Comparing and contrasting ideas • Explaining how they are similar and different • Organising your ideas with a clear introduction and a logical line of argument from paragraph to paragraph Charlotte Russell Bilton School
  8. 8. Evaluation This is the ASSESS word in an essay Question. • Weigh up the arguments • Give arguments and evidence for and against a particular view. • Examine a theories view discussing the strengths and limitations of a theory/statement. • Put forward alternative views and perspectives Charlotte Russell Bilton School
  9. 9. Example Essay Plan… 0 No relevant points 1-9 Answers in this band will show only limited knowledge and understanding and show limited success in interpreting and applying material to meet the requirements of the question. 10-18 Answers in this band will show reasonable knowledge and understanding and will show reasonable success in interpreting, applying, analysing and evaluating material to meet the requirements of the question. 19-24 Answers in this band will show sound, conceptually detailed knowledge and understanding of sociological material. This will be accurately and sensitively interpreted to meet the demands of the question. The candidate will show the ability to organise material and to analyse and/or evaluate it explicitly so as to produce a coherent and relevant answer. Concepts and issues, analysis and evaluation may be developed, for instance through international comparisons, or locating the account within a theoretical framework Charlotte Russell 1) Assess the example essay plan. 2) How good is it? If this was written up what mark would they get? 3) Could they include more to make it better? Bilton School
  10. 10. Let’s Get Planning In pairs… use your exam plan from last lesson to create a more detailed plan on big paper/whiteboard paper. The rest of the group will assess it later so make it as detailed as possible. I want to see how you are going to connect/link it together, so consider use of I want to see lots of key words. You must include the following: Consensus, Nuclear, Extended, Function, Organ Analogy, Socialisation, Sexual, Reproduction, Economic, PreIndustrial, Post-Industrial, Functional Fit, Rose Tinted, Feminism & Marxism. Charlotte Russell Bilton School
  11. 11. Assess 1)Lay your essay plan on the table. You must now each go and read each others. 2)For each one… note down: - One thing that could be improved - One thing that you could steal and add to your plan/essay. Charlotte Russell Bilton School
  12. 12. Self - Assess 1)Go back to your own... 2)Look at the mark scheme 3)Complete a self assessment. - What mark band would your essay plan fall into? - What could you do/add to improve it? Charlotte Russell Bilton School
  13. 13. Functionalism and the Family What is Functionalism? What kind of theory is it? What do they say about Society? How does Society work? Human Organ Analogy… AO1:Murdock Application of Functionalism to the Family. What does Murdock say about the Family? What type of family is his theory based on? AO2: Murdock What evidence is there for Murdock? What are the strengths and weaknesses of his theory? AO1: Parsons What does Parson’s say? What type of families does he talk about? What are the Family’s functions according to Parsons and how do they compare to Murdock? AO2: Parsons What is the evidence for Parson’s theory? Is there any evidence against? Pick one piece of evidence for and one evidence again and explain! AO2: Strengths AO2: Weaknesses Directly address the question.
  14. 14. Something Extra If you want to hit the top marks it’s useful to make links to other areas of the course. For example… think about what you have been learning in Changing Patterns… Are there any statistics, examples or pieces of evidence you can present for: 1) The Family is functional for society and always maintains consensus? The Nuclear Family is the best for providing the functions? 2) The Family is not functional for society? The family no longer maintains consensus? Family patterns have changed and therefore the nuclear family is not the most functional anymore? Charlotte Russell Bilton School
  15. 15. Quality of Written Communication The quality of your written work can also impact on your marks. It is important to structure your essay in paragraphs with correct punctuation and grammar. It’s also important to connect your answer and encourage flow by using connectives and expanding sufficiently on points. Use PEEL to demonstrate your understanding! Now create one PEEL for one point you are going to include in your essay! POINT RE-PHRASE THE QUESTION OR INTRODUCE YOUR POINT Murdock Argues… EVIDENCE USE RESEARCH OR THEORY FROM SOCIOLOGISTS TO SUPPORT YOUR POINT Murdock found evidence for… ANALYSE YOUR EVIDENCE IN RELATION TO YOUR POINT This suggests that… LINK YOUR IDEAS BACK TO THE QUESTION AND POINT This supports the Functionalist view because.. EXPLAIN LINK Charlotte Russell Bilton School
  16. 16. PEEL (Murdock’s 4 functions) Charlotte Russell Bilton School
  17. 17. To Finish: Sentence Finishers Choose one of these sentences to finish: 1: ‘The most helpful thing I have learned about writing sociology essays is…’ 2: ‘The one idea I have learned and will take away with me to include in my essay is….’ You need to complete your essay in full and hand it in to me in this lesson next Monday! Charlotte Russell Bilton School