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  1. 1. PSYA1: Cognitive Psychology Memory “Multi-Store Model of Memory A02” Miss Russell
  2. 2. Re-create the multi store model from memory. Once you have finished write a story entitled ‘The Journey of a Memory through the Multi Store Model’. Use this to describe how the model explains memory.
  3. 3. Thinking Ladder… To & strengths and weaknesses of the Multi Store Model. To & how evidence can be used to support and challenge the model. To fully the Multi Store Model.
  4. 4. How will I know if I am learning? By the end of the lesson… E Will be able to identify strengths and weaknesses of the MSM. C Will be able to explain how evidence can be used to support or challenge the MSM. A Will be able to fully evaluate the MSM using a range of strengths and weaknesses and research evidence.
  5. 5. Which study did we reenact last lesson? What was the point of this study? What did it show? Extra Thought: Why is learning about memory important?
  6. 6.  You are about to see 20 words on the screen  They will appear one at a time  They will stay on screen for 3 seconds each.  You need to try and remember as many of these words as you can.  Once the screen goes blank recall the words  This is a free recall test (any order)  BE SILENT AS YOU SEE THE WORDS AND RECALL THEM...
  7. 7. Rabbit
  8. 8. Balloon
  9. 9. Report
  10. 10. Stand
  11. 11. Mistake
  12. 12. Point
  13. 13. Drug
  14. 14. Smart
  15. 15. Draw
  16. 16. Wire
  17. 17. Title
  18. 18. Power
  19. 19. Traffic
  20. 20. Insert
  21. 21. Motor
  22. 22. Lies
  23. 23. Mobile
  24. 24. Photo
  25. 25. Delete
  26. 26. Love
  27. 27. As we go through the results, create a graph. This is to show how many people remembered each word.
  28. 28. Rabbit Balloon Report Stand Mistake Point Drug Smart Draw Wire Title Power Traffic Insert Motor Lies Mobile Photo Delete Love
  29. 29. Which words were recalled the most? Which were recalled the least? Look at the position of the words. Is there a link between the position in the list and likelihood of being recalled? What could this suggest about memory?
  30. 30. Showed participants a list of 20 words, presented one at a time and then asked them to recall.  This is called the serial position effect... “When asking people to remember a list of words which is greater than the capacity of short term memory they have a tendency to remember words from the beginning and end of the list”
  31. 31.  It is comprised of the primacy effect... “The tendency for people to remember the first 5 or so words from the beginning of the list.  And the recency effect... “The tendency for people to remember the last 5 or so words from the end of the list.
  32. 32.  Why does this support the MSM? In pairs discuss the findings of this research and how you would use them to support the Multi Store Model of Memory...
  33. 33.  Why does this support the MSM? The primacy effect occurs because the first words are best rehearsed and transferred to LTM. The recency effect occurs because these are the last words to be presented. Therefore they are fresh and in STM at the start of recall. Therefore this supports the STM Store and the importance of rehearsal! 
  34. 34. Now summarise: 1) Aim 2) Method 3) Results 4) Conclusion 5) How this supports the MSM
  35. 35. Look at the research studies we looked at for the experiments lesson. Which of these could we use as research support for the Multi Store Model? Why?
  36. 36. How does the case study of Clive Wearing support the Multi Store Model? CLIP
  37. 37. Read the article on HM and consider the Q’s: Who was HM? What happened to him? How was his memory affected? Does this support or challenge the MSM of memory?
  38. 38. • Brain damage caused by an operation to remove hippocampus to reduce epilepsy. • Could no longer form long term memories, but could remember things from before surgery. • His STM was fine and he could remember things for the duration of STM. However he could not transfer these memories to LTM. This supports the MSM as it implies that STM and LTM are completely separate. So the study of brain damaged patients can help us to support MSM!
  39. 39. Sort the cards into two categories: Strengths and Weaknesses and summarise them in your notes!
  40. 40. Which information we have learned so far on the MSM can be used for A01, and which can be used for A02? Have we covered both A01 & A02? If so what might the next step be?
  41. 41. Complete the A02/A02 table for the Multistore Model.
  42. 42. Describe and evaluate one theory/model of memory other than Levels of Processing. A01= 6 Marks, A02 = 6 Marks
  43. 43. Describe and evaluate one theory/model of memory other than Levels of Processing. A01= 6 Marks A02 = 6 Marks Describe = Describe your knowledge of. So this is your A01! ‘Evaluate’ = Use your critical thinking skills. What are the strengths/weaknesses of? What evidence is there for? This is your A02!
  44. 44. In the exam a 12 mark question will be split into A01 and A02 marks. 6 marks = A01 6 marks = A02 So you need to make 6 relevant and accurate A01 points and 6 accurate A02 points for full marks. However you can also gain extra marks through effective elaboration! So you can write less points if you elaborate fully! You also get judged on the quality of your writing, punctuation and grammar!
  45. 45. POINT Make your point. EVIDENCE Support it with psychological research. EXPLAIN Explain what the research shows or suggests. LINK Link it back to your point or the question. The Multi Store Model describes memory as…. Peterson and Peterson tested this using… They found…. this suggests…. This supports the Multi Store Model of memory because…
  46. 46. Link Complete a PEEL elaboration ladder for one point using one piece of research we have studied on MSM. Explain Evidence Point
  47. 47. In pairs you are going to create a paper chain of your essay. Take each strip of paper. Write a point , study or piece of information you are going to include in your essay on each strip. Connect them together in the order you will write about them in your essay answer. Make sure the strips all link together in the appropriate place. They must form a logical, flowing essay structure!