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Resourcd File

  1. 1. PSYA1: Cognitive Psychology Memory “Multi-Store Model of Memory” Miss Russell
  2. 2. Is this an accurate representation of London? What is a Model? Can memory be represented in this way?
  3. 3. Thinking Ladder…
  4. 4. How will I know if I am learning? By the end of the lesson… E Will be able to define the parts of the model. C Will be able to describe the multi store model. A Will be able to explain how the parts link together to explain memory.
  5. 5. Can you create the model?? Using the cards in front of you, try and put the model together. Think about what we know already about memory! Be prepared to explain your decisions.
  6. 6. Maintenance Rehearsal Environmental Stimuli Retrieval Sensory Memory (SM) Attention Short-Term Memory (STM) Long-Term Memory (LTM) Elaborative Rehearsal Animation Information retrieval
  7. 7. The sensory store is composed of several stores – eyes, ears, nose, fingers, etc and corresponding areas of the brain. These stores constantly receive information but most of this receives no attention and remains there for a brief time. If attention is focused on this information, then it will be transferred to the next store… STM.
  8. 8. • Information here will disappear (decay) if it isn’t rehearsed. • Information will also disappear if new information enters STM and pushes out the original information due to STM’s limited capacity. This is called displacement. • Recap: What’s the capacity of STM again?
  9. 9. • Information is moved from STM to LTM via rehearsal. • Initially rehearsal just maintains the information in STM but the more something is rehearsed the lasting the memory will be. • This is called ‘maintenance rehearsal’ which is verbal. • Remember: LTM has an unlimited capacity.
  10. 10. Memory according to this model is a series of three separate stores. Attention and rehearsal explain how information flows through the memory stores.
  11. 11. Use the materials around the room to create your very own representation (model) of the Multi Store Model of Memory. Be as creative as you like but ensure that you consider how you will represent: 1)The capacity of the stores. 2)The nature of the stores. 3)How information is transferred between them.
  12. 12. In your workbooks, annotate the diagram of the MSM to help you understand how it works and explains memory.
  13. 13. Pick one of the following practice exam questions to answer. 1) Jamie wanted to contact his doctor. He looked up the number in his telephone directory. Before he dialled the number, he had a short conversation with his friend. Jamie was about to phone his doctor, but he had forgotten the number. Use your knowledge of the multi-store model to explain why Jamie would not remember the doctor’s number. (4 marks) 2) The multi-store model of memory proposes that there are separate short-term and long-term stores. Explain two differences between short-term memory and long-term memory in this model. (4 marks)
  14. 14. According to the MSM rehearsal is needed to keep information in the STM or transfer it to LTM. The conversation with his friend will prevent Jamie from rehearsing the phone number. Reference to the limited capacity and duration of STM would also be relevant. Candidates may explain one of these in reasonable detail or refer to more than one more briefly. 1 mark for a very brief or muddled explanation e.g. He can’t rehearse it. Further marks for elaboration.
  15. 15. Candidates are likely to identify capacity, duration and encoding as ways in which STM and LTM differ. Processes are acceptable e.g. putting information into the stores or keeping information in the stores. For each difference:1 mark for identifying the difference e.g. STM holds less than LTM or LTM lasts longer than STM. 2nd mark for accurate elaboration eg the capacity of STM is limited to 7 +/- 2 items whereas the capacity of LTM is unlimited.