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Resourcd File

  1. 1. Internalisation Definition of conformity Normative influence Compliance Clarke 12 Angry men Informational influence Asch line experiment Identification Zimbardo Prison experiment
  2. 2. • Identify key terms relating to conformity to check prior learning. • Understand how the SIT can explain conformity and apply it to your own behaviour • Justify Reasons for why we conform
  3. 3. Zimbardo prison experiment Definition of conformity compliance Asch – line experiment Internalisation Identification Clarke 12 angry men Normative Informational
  4. 4. • Outline and evaluate one or more explanations of why people conform. (support with relevant studies) / 12 marks
  5. 5. GROUP TASK You will be given a tub of play dough and you are in competition with an allocated group. • • You have to have a group name – write you group name on your stickers • You have to create a dinosaur and give it a name • Then you have to explain why your dinosaur is better than the competitive team • Make sure that you have the best dinosaur • The winning team is the one that works together and all contribute Michigan Buckley Chelsea Clark James Cork Ella Dalton Group C: Hannah Lewis Izzy Morris Lucy Rampling Dan Rayner Group B: Jack Ford Amy Herbert Gabi Hollow Laura Kneller Group D: Jack Robinson Maddy Rogers Sophie Selway Charlotte Stevens Group E: Group F: Jordan Stevens Jorja Stockle Chloe Taylor Natalie Tubb Chloe Vine Lauren Whenman Daisy Whetlor Frederica Spence Aquila Miah You have 8 minutes to make the best play dough dinosaur • Group A: Group G Group H
  6. 6. SOCIAL IDENTITY THEORY (TAJFEL) Minimal group experiments (1971) Boys aged 14-15 Allocated to groups based on their preference for one Artist or another Played a game in which they were able to give points (exchanged for money) to their own group or other Findings: gave group more points to own
  7. 7. SOCIAL IDENTITY EXPLANATIONS Importance of social belonging Referent informational influence: pressure to conform with the norms set by a group because we have defined ourselves as a member of that group
  8. 8. SOCIAL IDENTITY THEORY • People identify themselves as belonging to particular social groups •We favour our own group (in group) over any group to which we do not belong (out group). • We maximise the similarities within the group and the differences between our group and others. E.g. Provide rules/norms for that group
  9. 9. SOCIAL IDENTITY THEORY Our group membership shapes our behaviour through group norms The group norms are internalised so our behaviour is shaped even when we are not with other group members
  10. 10. PLENARY: MEAN GIRLS Why did the main character conform to the group?