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  1. 1. Further Explanations of Attachment – Bowlby’s Theory of Attachment. L.O. To understand and examine Bowlby’s Theory of Attachment. (1969). Key Study: John Bowlby’s ‘Maternal Deprivation Hypothesis (1951).
  2. 2. Are they in the correct order? What does each picture represent?
  3. 3. Comparing the Two Learning Theory (Group of Explanations) Bowlby’s Theory (1969) 5 Key Facts: 5 Key Facts:
  4. 4. Look at the images… What do they all have in common? What feeling do you get from them? What do you think his theory could be about from these pictures?
  5. 5. Bowlby’s Theory of Attachment • Bowlby’s Theory is an Evolutionary Theory. Babies/Children have an innate drive to become attached to a caregiver. • Infants are born with ‘social releasers’ which make people want to take care of them i.e. big eyes, crying, big heads & small bodies. Or the ‘Baby Face Hypothesis’. • Adults have an innate tendency to provide caregiving. Helped by the ‘Social Releasers’.
  6. 6. 5 Main Areas to Theory… Adaptive/Innate Monotropy Sensitive Period Secure Base Social Releasers Which one is most important to his overall explanation?
  7. 7. Sensitive Period What happens if there isn’t an attachment formed in this time? Can you think of some examples? Q#t=118 – MDH W4 Imprinting.
  8. 8. Turning an explanation into a Model Imagine this explanation as a model…. Create a model which represents Bowlby’s Theory of Attachment… Use labels and Diagrams.
  9. 9. What you’ve learnt • 1 Thing that your confident on… • 1 Thing that you are less confident on… • And a question or query you have?