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Resourcd File

  1. 1. Miss Russell Bilton School Functionalist Theories of Religion ESSAY PLANNING
  2. 2. Charlotte Russell Bilton School The Essay Planning Dinner Party Welcome to the Sociology Essay Planning Dinner
  3. 3. Charlotte Russell Bilton School Before we start… Invitations “The Functionalist I would most like to invite to dinner is ……………… because…” (Link your answer to theories of Religion!)
  4. 4. Thinking Ladder… To & how the marks are awarded in a 33 mark question. To & how to structure a 33 mark essay answer. To knowledge and understanding of functionalist theories of religion, to an exam question.
  5. 5. How will I know if I am learning? By the end of the lesson… E Will be able to identify how the marks are awarded in a 33 mark question. C Will be able to understand how to structure a 33 mark essay. A Will be able to apply knowledge of functionalist theories of a religion to answer an exam question.
  6. 6. Charlotte Russell Bilton School The Question…
  7. 7. Charlotte Russell Bilton School Drinks: Checking out the Environment… What are the maximum marks that can be awarded for A01 and A02? Pick out the key words from the mark scheme. What do they mean? Describe the difference between the top mark band and the lowest mark band. Summarise what the examiners are looking for in a top mark answer
  8. 8. Charlotte Russell Bilton School Drinks: Checking out the Environment… Key Term What it means in the context of the Mark Scheme Knowledge & Understanding Showing that you understand the content (e.g. theories). Use of key terms to show understanding. Commonsensical Explanation that doesn’t demonstrate a detailed sociological knowledge. Depth Explaining a concept in considerable detail to demonstrate understanding. Use of examples, evidence and explanation. Application and Interpretation Use sociological evidence and explain accurately in the context of the question (from a range of sources) Juxtapose Compare and contrast two alternative theories. Analyse and Evaluate Demonstrate your critical evaluation skills. Present a range of strengths and weaknesses and explain them.
  9. 9. Charlotte Russell Bilton School Drinks: Checking out the Environment… Knowledge & Understanding Application and interpretation Analysis and evaluation
  10. 10. Charlotte Russell Bilton School Canapés: Introductions As any good host knows, the key to a successful drinks party is often effective introductions. How are you going to effectively introduce your essay answer? Write down some ideas to include in your introduction. Introduce yourself to another person in the class and exchange one idea!
  11. 11. Charlotte Russell Bilton School Main: Seating Plan The layout and structure of the tables is essential for a harmonious dinner party. Bulletpoint the main structure of your essay. List what will go in each paragraph…
  12. 12. Charlotte Russell Bilton School Main: Time for Food The main course arrives! The chef would like some feedback! Swap your plan with someone else. Assess the other person’s using the mark scheme. Have they included everything they could have? Give them some feedback.
  13. 13. Charlotte Russell Bilton School Main: Conversation A dinner party wouldn’t be a dinner party without maintaining some polite conversation. The person you are dining with asks you about one Functionalist Theory of religion. They want you to elaborate, giving evidence. Create a PEEL for one of the functionalism theories. P Make your point. What does the theory say? E Evidence. Describe evidence which supports it. E Explain why the evidence supports it. L Link it back to the original theory.
  14. 14. Charlotte Russell Bilton School Dessert: The Finishing Touch This is the finishing touch of your dinner party. It is the last thing your guests will taste and should leave a long lasting impression. What will you include in conclusion? How are you going to end your essay and complete your line of argument? How will you directly address the question?
  15. 15. Charlotte Russell Bilton School All Full Up! Conclusion (Dessert) Intro (Starter) Main (Main Paragraphs) Now that you’re all full up with ideas….split your plate into three sections and plan your essay in full!