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Resourcd File

  1. 1. Family Structures
  2. 2. Complete the worksheet about the family • The family is a basic unit of society, a group of people living together who are married or co-habit or are related by birth/adoption. • A family provides a secure and stable environment, good role models and appropriate routines • They give encouragement and praise which develops self esteem and confidence. • Love and affection • Food, clothing and other basic needs • Culture and socialisation
  3. 3. • The structure of the family in the UK is changing • There is a diverse range of family structures
  4. 4. Nuclear • Where mum, dad and any children that they have live together
  5. 5. Lone parent • Either mum or dad who raise child/ children alone
  6. 6. Blended or Step Family • Following a separation from a previous relationship • When a couple live together with children from previous relationships • All live together as one family • Fulltime or occasionally
  7. 7. Extended • Where family members of all ages may live together • There will be different generations living in one household
  8. 8. Same Sex Family • Couples of the same sex living together and raising children as a family
  9. 9. Adoptive • Family who have legally adopted a child or children • They will live with them permanently Foster • Live as a family, often short term
  10. 10. • What was the most common family structure 50 years ago? • What is the fastest growing family structure today?
  11. 11. For your child study • Investigate what type of family the child you are studying belongs to. • Comment on what effect this may hae had on the child. For example culture, has a step family affected the child. Does extended family look after or care for the child, how might this affect their development.
  12. 12. NEXT WEEK ( single lesson) • Bring with you materials to create a wall display showing family structures. You may do this in small groups but will need pictures etc. to make the display eye catching.