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Resourcd File

  1. 1. Write down a list of all the forms of gambling you knowForms of gambling
  2. 2. 1. The stake2. The predictability of the event3. The oddsWhat is gambling?
  3. 3. Social ApproachMilgramReicher and HaslamPiliavin et alIndividual Differences ApproachRosenhanThigpen and CleckleyGriffithsPhysiological ApproachDevelopmental ApproachCognitive ApproachCore Studies - overview
  4. 4. Lesson Objectives Identify strategies used to win when gambling Define the term ‘heuristics’ Define the term ‘cognitive bias’ Explain the link between ‘heuristics’ and ‘cognitive bias using examples
  5. 5. • Gamble any amount
  6. 6. What strategies (heuristics) did youuse?£180 and under Over £200
  7. 7. Key words -Heuristics and cognitive biasHeuristics – a strategy used to work something out or solvea problem (e.g. rules, educated guess or common sense)Gambler uses wrong heuristicsCognitive bias – distorted thinking about the way a personperceives the world
  8. 8. Why do people gamble?Which type is the most dangerous?
  9. 9. Mark GriffithsAs a Professor of GamblingStudies at Nottingham TrentUniversity, Mark Griffiths arguedthat fruit machine gambling isparticularly dangerousIt might be seen as a “hidden”addiction, which is not asobservable as alcoholism ordrug dependency.
  10. 10. Link between gamblers’ perceived skill(heuristic) and gamblers’ mind (cognitivebias) is central to addictionHeuristic – 1) Illusion of controlGamblers think they have agreater chance of winningthan probability wouldsuggestGamblers think skill influenceschance of winningHeuristic – 2) Flexible attributionGamblers consider success is dueto their own skillBut failure results fromEXTERNAL INFLUENCESGamblers describe a loss as a‘near win’
  11. 11. Write a recipe that shows how a gambling addict is created. If ithelps, imagine that a gambling addict is a cake weighing 1kg… Whatingredients do you need…? What ingredients are more influencing thanothers…? What order are the ingredients poured into a mixing bowl…?1) Write a list of all the ingredients you think are needed to make a gamblingaddict from today’s lesson and your wider psychology knowledge2) Add a weight to each ingredient to show the influence of the ingredientin the formation of a gambling addict (must equal 1000g or 1kg)Extension: Write a procedure showing the order that the above ingredientsneed to go in in order to create a gambling addict (use words likemix, whip, dash of, fold, drizzle etc!!)Gambling AddictRecipe