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  1. 1. Milgram background summarySummarise what you remember about thebackground to Milgram‟s study in 5sentencesExtension: Reduce this to 8 words only.Select the top 3 words and justify why youhave chosen these
  2. 2. Core Studies - overviewSocial ApproachMilgram Reicher and Haslam Piliavin Individual Differences Approach Physiological Approach Developmental Approach Cognitive Approach
  3. 3. Lesson objectives• Describe the aim of Milgram‟s study• Describe the method of Milgram‟s study• Imagine the feelings of a participant during Milgram‟s study
  4. 4. Specific Aim To investigate what level ofobedience would be shown whenparticipants were told by anauthority figure to administerelectric shocks to another person
  5. 5. Method Laboratory experiment Any ideas for a strength of this method? Any ideas for a weakness of this method? Data recorded via observation The maximum level of shock the participantsadministered to the learner Most sessions were video recorded orphotographed through a one-way mirror Made notes on any unusual behaviour
  6. 6. Sample Recruited fromnewspaper and directmail adverts 40 males Between ages 20 and50 New Haven, USA Conducted at YaleUniversity Paid $4.50 for takingpartSamplingmethod?
  7. 7. Draw three body outlines on theleft hand side of your notes
  8. 8. Describe each „role‟ next to theoutlinesConfederate Two• The “Experimenter”• 31 year old• Biology teacher• Wore a grey lab coatConfederate One• The “Learner”• 47 year old• Accountant• Mild-mannered andlikeableParticipant• The “Teacher”• Participant wasintroduced to the learner.Drew lots for who was tobe the teacher and thelearner – but alwaysrigged so participant was“The Teacher”
  9. 9. Draw and label the contents of the tworoomsRoom one• Contained an electric shock generator• 30 switches (15 to 450 volts)• Descriptions near each switch (i.e.slight shock, strong shock, intenseshock, danger: severe shock and XXX)• „Experimenter‟ and „Teacher‟Room two• A chair• Restraining straps to administer electricshock to the „learner‟• Tape recording of the two responses tothe shock at 300 & 315 volts• „Learner‟
  10. 10. Complete the following questionsMake notes on the following: How was it decided who was playing the part of the „teacher‟ andwho was the „learner‟? How was this rigged? What happened after the role of „teacher‟ and „learner‟ wasdecided? What was the learning task? How was the „teacher‟ convinced the shocks were genuine? What happened if the „learner‟ made a mistake? What was the feedback from the „learner‟ at 300 volts? What did the experimenter do if the „teacher‟ didn‟t want tocontinue? What happened after the experiment?Extension: What things did Milgram do to standardise (keepingeverything the same for every participant) the procedure?
  11. 11. Imagine you were a participant:Write out a diary entry as if you were participant. Use the questions to guideyour diary entry.How do you think you would feel: When you see the advert in the newspaper? When arriving at Yale University? When drawing lots? When watching the learner being „strapped in‟ and hearing what they hadto do? When you were given the sample shock? When you started reading the word pairs? When you had to give the first electric shock? When the learner pounded on the wall at 300 volts? When the learner stopped pounding on the wall? When the experimenter refused to let you stop and refused to check onthe learner? When you were told that „the experiment must be continued‟? When you found out afterwards that you had been deceived?
  12. 12. Homework Complete the diary entry12C - Due Friday 14th September12D – Due Monday 17th September