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Resourcd File

  1. 1. GCSE Psychology 9-1 Topic 11 Research Methods Checklist Topic Pages Completed Independent and dependent variables Situational variables and extraneous variables 132-134 Hypotheses 135 Methods of sampling 136-137 Research and experimental designs Issues of reliability and validity 138-140 Ethical issues in psychological research 141-142 Understanding research methods Lab, field and natural experiments Interviews Questionnaires Correlations Case studies Observations 143 144-146 146-147 147-148 148-149 149-150 Data analysis 151-152 Maths skills Ratios, fractions, percentages 153 Descriptive statistics Range, mean, median, mode 154-155 Representing and interpreting data Normal distributions Bar charts 156-158 Representing and interpreting data Scatter diagrams and correlations Estimations and results of scatter diagrams Plotting variables and interpreting graphs 158-160 160 Types of data Primary and secondary data Qualitative and quantitative data 161-2 Issues and Debates Ethical issues 163-165