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Resourcd File

  1. 1. Edexcel GCSE 9-1 Psychology Topic 11 Research Methods Issues of reliability and validity(pp. 139-140) Learning objectives: 1) To learn about issues of reliability and validity in samplingmethods, experimental design, and quantitative andqualitative methods. Task 2: Thinking back to the studies we have looked at, complete the following table. Topic Studies Reliable sampling? Reliable design? Valid sampling? Valid design? Qual or Quan data? Objective or subjective? 1) Development Piaget & Inhelder (1956) ‘Three Mountains’ task Gunderson et al. (2013) Parent Praise to 1-3 Year Olds Predicts Children’s Motivational Frameworks 5 Years Later
  2. 2. 2) Memory Bartlett (1932) The War of the Ghosts Peterson and Peterson (1959) Short-term Retention of Individual Verbal Items 3) Psychological problems Caspi et al. (2003) Influence of Life Stress on Depression: Moderation by Polymorphism in the 5-HTT gene
  3. 3. Young (2007) Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with Internet Addicts: Treatment Outcomes and Implications 4) Brain & neuropsychology Damasio et al. (1994) The Return of Phineas Gage: Clues About the Brain from the Skull of a Famous Patient Sperry (1968) Hemisphere Deconnection and Unity in Conscious Awareness
  4. 4. 5) Social Influence Pilavian et al. (1969) Good Samaritanism: An Underground Phenomenon? Haney, Banks and Zimbardo (1973) A Study of Prisoners and Guards in a Simulated Prison 6) Criminal Psychology Bandura, Ross and Ross (1961) Transmission of Aggression through Imitation of Aggressive Models
  5. 5. Charlton et al. (2000) Children’s Playground Behaviour Across Five Years of Broadcast Television: A Naturalistic Study in a Remote Community 9) Sleep and dreaming Freud (1909) Little Hans: Analysis of a Phobia in a Five- Year-Old Boy Siffre (1975) Six Months Alone in a Cave