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Resourcd File

  1. 1. Edexcel GCSE 9-1 Psychology Topic 11 Research Methods Hypotheses (p 135) Learning objectives: 1) To learn the meaning of a null hypothesis and how to write one. 2) To learn the meaning of an alternative hypothesis and how to write different ones. Key terminology: try to write it in your own words! Try to draw a picture or a key word/phrase to help you remember each in the right hand column. Task 1: Null hypothesis Alternative (experimental) hypothesis Directional hypothesis Non-directional hypothesis Experimental hypothesis Task 2: 1) What is a hypothesis? 2) Write an example of a null hypothesis for the following investigations: a) A study to see whether trained rats can run a maze faster than untracined rats. Null hypothesis: b) A study to look at the relationship between hours spent on social media and exercising. Null hypothesis: 3) What is the difference between directional and non-directional hypotheses?