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Planning a move from Perspective to CORE

  1. Planning a move from Perspective to CORE
  2. Hello! I am Jeff Sieben Product Manager at Resolver @jeffsieben
  3. And, I am Ryan Thiessen Director, Security Products at Resolver @RThiessen
  4. “By about Intersect 2018 we’ll be in a position to do some migrations from Perspective. Will Anderson, CEO May 23, 2017
  5. What We’re Learning
  6. Platform Journey 2016 New platform has initial release. Focus on Risk Management, Internal Audit, Loss Prevention, SOX Compliance. 2018 Incident Management Application created (IM). Perspective Learning Project kicked off. Full-featured Migration Program execution by end of 2018. 2006 Perspective introduced. It is the most used incident management software in fortune 1000 and is used globally. Late 2018 Migration Program in full swing.
  7. Incident Management - Feature Overview INCIDENT REPORTING Flexible Portals. Dynamic Triage. Simple Capture. REPORTS & METRICS By Location. By People. By Risk. INCIDENT INVESTIGATION Evidence. Root Cause. Industry Use Cases. SECURITY RISK Location and Asset Profiling. Security Risk Identification. Risk Dashboards. WITH SECURITY RISK APPLICATION
  8. Perspective Migration Learning Project
  9. “I used you since IRIMS (2005 and before). Perspective Customer
  10. “I need my team to report on Android. Perspective Customer
  11. “There is one thing that the 4 people in this meeting have in common… we all love Perspective. Perspective Customers (onsite)
  12. “I hate having to reset people’s passwords all the time. Perspective Customer
  13. Gains INCIDENT-CENTRIC INVESTIGATIONS Investigators can share outcomes and findings, track time spent on tasks, document evidence collected, and record interviews conducted. IMPROVED ACCURACY OF INCIDENT CAPTURE Documenting the Who What Where When in an easy to follow, streamlined, and guided approach, from any source or incident type. RISK AWARENESS & CULTURE Better understanding of the relationship of incident data to your risks – enabling you to make data-driven decisions and investments to further reduce your organization’s security risk. SITUATIONAL UNDERSTANDING Related people, places, and incidents create a network to enable quick and effective identification of trends. WITH SECURITY RISK APPLICATION
  14. Customers generally like Perspective, but…
  15. Migrations
  16. IM Application Standard Incident Management App with minimal changes. Standard migration of PSV data into the App. IM + More Incident Management Application and migration, along with blueprinted adjustments. IM + ERM IM Application with standard migration, plus ERM Application (not ESRM). Full Redesign Fully custom configuration from the ground up. PERSPETIVE MIGRATION PATHS PSV to IM Application
  17. PRODUCTS + APPS Mix and match apps with your existing products to expand and fit your needs. INCIDENT MANAGEMENTPerspective Command Center INCIDENT MANAGEMENT
  18. Timing, Training?
  19. Thanks! Any questions? @Jeffsieben @RThiessen