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A Pragmatic Approach to Global Rollouts


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Deploying an application to multiple locations in one city is significantly different than deploying to multiple locations across the globe. There are best practices for deployment and maintenance of your applications that can make your life much easier. Learn how to avoid some pitfalls and increase deployment success of your applications.

Presentation by:
Sharon Riley, Senior Project Manager – Professional Services, Resolver Inc.
Dale Yushchyshyn, CPP, Senior Solution Consultant – Professional Services, Resolver Inc.

Published in: Business
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A Pragmatic Approach to Global Rollouts

  1. 1. I am a Senior Security Consultant at Resolver @dyushy
  2. 2. I am the Perspective Program Manager at Resolver
  3. 3. • Scope of what we consider ‘Global Rollout’ - Not necessarily ‘Global’ • Gotcha’s in Project Management • Gotcha’s in Consulting / Training • Project’s over, so am I??
  4. 4. also known as…
  5. 5. 50+ end users More than 1 location Multiple training sessions required
  6. 6. Normal project management gotcha’s. . . well…
  7. 7. We all work for the same company so we all work and think the same. We all have the same project goals. If I can’t see you, I don’t know you are working.
  8. 8. Use a common technology to manage the project – on the cloud! Know the nuances of the different cultures in the project team and draw upon their strengths. It’s key to get the understanding and “buy in” for both the project team and the consumers of the project. Learn to work virtually – you might never shake their hand but you can work effectively together! Use different mediums. Ensure all regions have a project champion! Ensure all business units are represented.
  9. 9. ▪ Decisions… decisions ▪ You mean, I don’t know everything?? ▪ Ch-ch-ch-changes ▪ Busy, busy, busy
  10. 10. The project is done!
  11. 11. All configuration documentation, test scripts/results, custom made guides, etc New hires, refresher, application updates 2-3 versions per year… Don’t get left behind Always review your processes, adjust, modify, add, remove as necessary I have some budget available, I’ve always wanted to do…
  12. 12.