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Turmoil Breathing Skill - Getting into Flow


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Turmoil Breathing Skill - Getting back into Flow
When we start to feel over whelmed it can cause us to leave our Flow Zone or Flow State and have us move into the Fright and Fun Zone.

This exercise can assist us lower or energy, leave the hyper vigilant state and get back into or closer to being in Flow.

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Turmoil Breathing Skill - Getting into Flow

  1. 1.         Deepening our capacities to thrive Page 1 of 1 416-229-4655 • Toronto ON M2K 1B8 CANADA   Turmoil Breathing WHAT IS TURMOIL BREATHING? > Outcomes Turmoil breathing is a process and skill set for staying calm and clearheaded during very challenging situations. It is used by the several sectors of society – First Responders, Military, and Emergency Room professionals to help themselves function well in fast and loud energy situations. So you are very likely to find it very useful in dealing with the trying situations we tend to encounter in everyday life and dealing with BIGStuff situations. There are many variants of Turmoil Breathing. I suggest you use this one: > Steps > Focus on Your Breathe / Release Tension as You Exhale Breathe in slowly to the count of four. No Pause after the inhalation, exhale slowly to the count of seven. No Pause after the exhalation, breathe in slowly to the count of four. Continue this method of breathing for five to ten minutes. If you find this too hard to do, start with shorter durations of inhalation and exhalation, e.g. inhale to the count of three; exhale to the count of five. You can also shorten how long you continue sessions of Turmoil Breathing until you become more comfortable with it. In any case, do not pause between inhalation or exhalation. > Repeat an Affirmation “My mind and body are becoming relaxed. I feel heavier and warmer with each breath. “My body is completely heavy loose and relaxed” “I am calm and in control” To be able to use this while you are in turmoil, at first you should practice it frequently, whether you are feeling stressed or not. During that time, practice at least two or three times a day five or six times a week. This will help you create a deeper reservoir of practice to call upon once you need it. Just one of the valuable mind/body exercises from the acclaimed Imagine Yourself™… Energy Management for Life program for ages three to 103.