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A Survey on Energy Efficient Cross layer Solutions for problems in WSNs


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A Survey on Energy Efficient Cross layer Solutions for problems in WSNs

  1. 1. Department of Information Science & Engg Acharya Institute of Technology Soldevanahalli, Bangalore, India -nurturing excellenceA Survey on Energy Efficient Cross Layer Solutions for problems of WSN Presented by Under the guidance of, Reshma Asst Prof. Prathibhavani P M Mtech CNE
  2. 2. Overview• Wireless Sensor Networks• Applications• Problems in WSNs• Interaction of different layers• Cross Layer Design• Conclusion Dept of I.S.E , A.I.T 2
  3. 3. Wireless Sensor Network• Large number of heterogeneous sensor node devices spread over a large field. Dept of I.S.E , A.I.T 3
  4. 4. Smart Sensor Nodes• Low power devices• Small Physical Size• Consist one or more sensors, processor, memory and a power supply Dept of I.S.E , A.I.T 4
  5. 5. Applications Of WSNs• Monitoring• Tracking Dept of I.S.E , A.I.T 5
  6. 6. Problems in WSNs• Energy efficiency• End to end delay• Security Issue• Quality of Service Dept of I.S.E , A.I.T 6
  7. 7. Interaction of Different layers Dept of I.S.E , A.I.T 7
  8. 8. Transport Layer Dept of I.S.E , A.I.T 8
  9. 9. Network Layer Dept of I.S.E , A.I.T 9
  10. 10. Data-Link Layer - Data rate Flow control Access control Dept of I.S.E , A.I.T 10
  11. 11. Cross Layer Design• Cross-layer design is recognized approach for wireless sensor network protocol design because it provides the means to adapt all layers to the limited node resources as well other requirements. Dept of I.S.E , A.I.T 11
  12. 12. Cross layer Approach Application layer Application layer Cross layer Transport layer Melting Network layer MAC layer Physical layer Over view Traditional Approach Dept of I.S.E , A.I.T 12
  13. 13. Cross Layer Design Dept of I.S.E , A.I.T 13
  14. 14. Cross layer Solutions• LRC (Link distance Reliability Cost) based Cross layer route to improve delivery ratio and decrease the energy consumption• Cross Layer scheme Cost Link Based (CLB) to improve the end to end delay. Dept of I.S.E , A.I.T 14
  15. 15. Cont…..• TCLM Model to achieve security.• Cross layer probabilistic data aggregation method for good quality of service. Dept of I.S.E , A.I.T 15
  16. 16. Conclusion Cross Layer Approach will be the better solution for the discussed problems in the Wireless Sensor Network. Dept of I.S.E , A.I.T 16