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Thinking Globally. Acting Globally.


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Thinking Globally. Acting Globally.

Your business is global, yet often your government only thinks local. What can you do about that, and how does it affect your business?

This will not be a boring lawyer talk, but an interactive discussion where we work together to understand how to make government policy better. You will learn how you can become active in a group that has had significant influence on the laws of the United States, and on the global stage, and how you can use your enthusiasm and love for the industry to help change policies in India and the world.

This dynamic discussion will present an overview of the legal landscape of laws, regulations and policies pertinent to your business. We will draw attention to areas and policies that the Indian government is moving forward on the global stage that make running your business difficult.

Finally, we will work collaboratively to come up with possible avenues to address these issues, using the Internet Infrastructure Coalition – India, as the industry’s voice.

David Snead
Attorney at Law & Co-Founder
Internet Infrastructure Coalition

Published in: Technology
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Thinking Globally. Acting Globally.

  1. 1. Doing Business Globally: What Governments Make You Do, and How to Change That. HostingCon India Mumbai, December 2014 W. David Snead Attorney + Counselor – Washington, D.C. Tactical Legal Advice for Internet Business Aaron Phillips Chief Business Officer CPanel
  2. 2. • Indian legal issues • Indian Government Proposals • Working together to change the world
  3. 3. • General law: Information Technology Act • Includes almost all types of technology • May not send “offensive messages” • No disclosure of private information • Restrictions on hosting pornography • Facilitation of “cyber terrorism” • Copyright infringement issues • Electronic signatures recognized
  4. 4. • Tracing communications • Tie IP addresses to location • Route domestic traffic locally
  5. 5. What is this worth to you? $10,000? $5,000? $1,000? $20,000? $100,000?
  6. 6. $500/annual That’s how much it can cost a small business to join! $42/month
  7. 7. Branding Opportunity • On website – • At over 37 Trade shows and Events • Social Media & News Coverage Networking Opportunity • Meet likeminded members through networking events (New Biz) • Participate in ad-hoc committees and special groups • Annual visits to Washington DC to get in front of senators and politicians.
  8. 8. Let our voice be heard We (Hosting, Cloud, Data Center providers) have a unique voice and it is through the Internet Infrastructure Coalition that we get our specific messages, concerns, and political issues to the right people. Our voice on issues such as Net Neutrality, ECPA Reform, SOPA, PIPA are represented as a unified message to key decision makers.
  9. 9. CES NamesCon State of the Net Conference iCANN 49 WHIR Networking Event CDT Tech Prom WHIR Networking Event SXSWi World Hosting Days Data Center World WHIR Networking Event Parallels Summit WHIR Networking Event Computers, Freedom & Privacy HostingCon WHIR Networking Event iCANN 50 Tech Week IGF-USA NNEDV Safety Nets Technology Summit WHIR Networking Event cPanel Conference OX Summit Tech Week Data Center World WHIR Networking Event WHIR Networking Event M3AAWG iCANN 51 HostingCon EU WHIR Networking Event WHIR Networking Event IGF - Brazil PLI Conference Dell World HostingCon India Where your branding could have been seen in 2014! Cost for Branding: $28 per show!
  10. 10. Recap For a mere $42/month (paid annually) your company receives the following: • Branding opportunities for about 30-40 conferences. • Networking with 70 other members. • Participation Member Working Groups • Opportunities to meet with Congressional members at annual Internet Advocacy Day • Our voice heard at global meetings such as ICANN, IGF and ITU The best $500 line item in your 2015 budget. Marketing. Networking. Good Cause.
  11. 11. • Signup via • Come grab a business card • Email • Tell your friends and colleagues about i2C to increase the power of our collective voice • Put your marketing dollars to work and get involved! Now what?
  12. 12. W. David Snead Attorney + Counselor – Washington, D.C. Tactical Legal Advice for Internet Business Aaron Phillips Chief Business Officer CPanel