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Strengthening Internet Access Across India


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Strengthening Internet Access Across India by M. Selvandran, Managing Director of MP State Electronic Development Corp

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Strengthening Internet Access Across India

  1. 1. Strengthening Internet Access Across India – Data Centre Cluster Madhya Pradesh’s efforts towards achieving the dream of a Digital India M. Selvendran Managing Director Madhya Pradesh State Electronic Development Corporation
  2. 2. Swadesh in Digital Age  Large number of people online -  73.9 million users  3rd Largest in the world  2nd in Asia Pacific  Growth in number of users phenomenal  31% year-on-year growth  fastest growing online population in Asia Pacific,  2nd in the world behind Brazil  Young users predominate –  75% of the Indian online population is under 35 yrs old  No gender disability  Women aged 35-44 are the heaviest internet users among all age/gender groups
  3. 3. Transforming India to Digital India HONOURABLE PRIME MINSITER- SHRI NARENDRA MODI " Our dream is, therefore, of “Digital India”. When I talk of “Digital India”, I don’t speak of the elite, it is for the poor people. You can imagine what a quality education the children in villages will get, if all the villages of India are connected with Broadband Connectivity and if we are able to give long distance education to the schools in every remote corner of the villages. If we create a network of telemedicine in the places where there is a shortage of doctors, we can have a clear guideline of the way in which health facilities have to be provided to the poor people living in those areas. The citizens of India have mobile phones in their hands, they have mobile connectivity, but can we walk in the direction of mobile governance? We have to move in a direction where every poor person is able to operate his bank account from his mobile, is able to demand various things from the government, can submit applications, can conduct all his business, while on the move, through mobile governance and if this has to be done, we have to move towards ‘digital India’ and if we have to move towards ‘digital India’ then we have a dream.“ NOFN- National Optical Fibre Network - 2,50,000 Gram Panchayats spread over 6,600 Blocks and 641 Districts are to be covered by laying incremental fiber.
  4. 4. Digital India Transform India into a connected knowledge economy by 2019.
  5. 5. Vision of Digital India • Digital Infrastructure as a Utility to Every Citizen • Governance & Services on Demand • Digital Empowerment of Citizens
  6. 6. Vision Area 1: Infrastructure as aa UUttiilliittyy ttoo EEvveerryy CCiittiizzeenn • High speed internet as a core utility • Cradle to grave digital identity -unique, lifelong, online, authenticable • Mobile phone & Bank account enabling participation in digital & financial space • Easy access to a Common Service Centre • Shareable private space on a public cloud • Safe and secure Cyber-space
  7. 7. Vision Area 2: Governance Vision Area 2: Governance && SSeerrvviicceess OOnn DDeemmaanndd • Seamlessly integrated across departments or jurisdictions • Services available in real time from online &mobile platform • All citizen entitlements to be available on the cloud • Services digitally transformed for improving Ease of Doing Business • Making financial transactions electronic & cashless • Leveraging GIS for decision support systems & development
  8. 8. Vision Area 3: Vision Area 3: DDiiggiittaall EEmmppoowweerrmmeenntt ooff CCiittiizzeennss • Universal Digital Literacy • Universally accessible digital resources • All documents/ certificates to be available on cloud • Availability of digital resources / services in Indian languages • Collaborative digital platforms for participative governance • Portability of all entitlements through cloud
  9. 9. Nine Pillars of Digital India
  10. 10. PPiillllaarr 11.. BBrrooaaddbbaanndd HHiigghhwwaayyss 1yr: 50,000 GP 2yr: 100,000 GP 3yr: 100,000 GP 1yr: 50,000 GP 2yr: 100,000 GP 3yr: 100,000 GP Changes in Rules to facilitate. Changes in Rules to facilitate. Integration of SWAN, NKN, NOFN. To be implemented in 2 years Integration of SWAN, NKN, NOFN. To be implemented in 2 years
  11. 11. Pillar 2. Universal Access ttoo MMoobbiillee ccoonnnneeccttiivviittyy Ongoing Programme Increased network penetration & coverage of gaps Ongoing Programme Increased network penetration & coverage of gaps
  12. 12. PPiillllaarr 66.. IInnffoorrmmaattiioonn ffoorr AAllll  Online Hosting of Information & documents  Citizens have open, easy access to information  Open data platform  Government pro-actively engages through social media and web based platforms to inform citizens   2-way communication between citizens and government  Online messaging to citizens on special occasions/programs  Largely utilise existing infrastructure – limited additional resources needed
  13. 13. Do we have the infrastructure to achieve this dream
  14. 14. Madhya Pradesh
  15. 15. Overview Madhya Pradesh (MP) – State that means business  MP is the second largest State in the Country stretching over 308,000 sq kms.  The State is blessed with large mineral resources of coal, diamond, limestone, methane etc.  MP is among the top 4 states of the Country for industrial investments.  Average growth rate > 10.00 % per annum Advantage MP Madhya Pradesh has one of the upcoming industrial base in India  Total electricity generation capacity > 13,000 MW*  India’s first greenfield SEZ Indore SEZ  Industrial Centers 8  The State is centrally located  Investor friendly Government policies Economic Snapshot Madhya Pradesh is emerging as a key growth center for the Country Overview Power *Ministry of Power ( **Source: (as on 23 Feb 2006)
  16. 16. ROAD NETWORK AIRPORTS RAILWAY NETWORK • The State is well connected with the rest of India with almost 425 trains passing through the State on a daily basis. Of these 175 trains pass through the State capital Bhopal alone. • 25 airstrips.** • Convenient air links from key Indian cities like Delhi & Mumbai to Bhopal, Jabalpur, Gwalior, Indore and Khajuraho. • 5 operational airports. • Indore airport has the capability of handling international cargo. • An international airport proposed in Bhopal. • The total length of roads spanning MP is 67,600 kms.** • National highways of 5,200 kms run through the State.* • 18 National highways including trunk routes of Delhi-Mumbai, Delhi-Chennai, Delhi-Bangalore, Delhi- Hyderabad. • The total length of State highways in the State is 9,885 kms.** • Convenient linkages to western ports i.e. Kandla Port, Jawahar Nehru Port Trust. Enabling Infrastructure MP IS CENTRALLY LOCATED AND WELL CONNECTED WITH ALL MAJOR CITIES IN INDIA INDORE BHOPAL *Source: Department of Road Transport & Shipping ( **Source: JABALPUR GWALIOR KHAJURAHO
  17. 17. Third largest producer of cement in India* Madhya Pradesh: A Preferred Investment Destination 12 blocks with reserves totalling 2,585 million tons of coal has been identified 31% of the State under forest cover with a largely unexploited species of rare, valuable medicinal- herbal plants Largest producer of pulses and oilseeds in the Country (~75% of soyabean production) Over 2,000 kms of roads being developed with Private Partnership (BOT) Over 18,000 technical graduates and 230,000 graduates add to workforce each year Over 144 BCM of coal bed methane reserves available Over 100 agricultural farms with an area of over 20,000 acres is available on lease to investor India’s 1st operational Greenfield SEZ at Indore Favourable climatic conditions for cotton and over 40,000 power-looms are driving the textile industry Availability of coal and natural gas (G.A.I.L pipeline) along with support from Government to make investment in Thermal Power Plants lucrative Offers diverse tourists destinations catering to various segments of tourism such as religious (Bhojpur), eco/ adventure (Panchmari), heritage (Sanchi, Khajuraho) tourism etc. Various blocks available for power, cement, iron and steel units *Source: & Brochure: MP Means Business
  18. 18. Savings in Office Space Rates (A comparison of rates in Central Business Districts) Mumbai 150 100 50 0 Delhi Bangalore Chennai Ahemadabad Hyderabad Pune Bhopal Indore MP: The Right Place with the Right Environment DESTINATION MADHYA PRADESH Mumbai (780 Kms) (MPV - 1000) Pune Delhi (740 Kms) (MPV - 789.5) (800 Kms) (MPV - 206.51) Bangalore (1400 Kms) (MPV - 254.52) Hyderabad (840 Kms) (MPV - 257.9) Chennai (1430 Kms) (MPV - 362.84) Ahmedabad (570 Kms) (MPV - 220.63) Kolkata (1350 Kms) (MPV - 613.19) Key Markets (Distance From Bhopal) MPV – Market Potential Value MP is centrally located. The State is at an easy distance from all the key consumer markets in the Country. Fastest mover* in overall performance among the big States in the Country. Fastest mover in agriculture Fastest mover in infrastructure development. Ranks 2nd in terms of governance. Ranks 3rd in terms of law & order Cost of skilled labour is USD 2.4/day vis-a-vis USD 3.5 – USD 4.0/day in metros * Fastest mover is the State where the rate of improvement between 2003 & 2006 was greater than that between 1991 & 2003 **Source: India Today Bhopal and Indore have substantial cost advantages, even when compared to other Tier III and IV cities. Savings in Land Cost (Estimated Values for Multi-product SEZs) Vishakapatnam 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% Chennai Greater Noida Chandigarh Indore Jaipur The cost of land is one of the lowest in the Country. Even central hubs such as Indore and Bhopal fare well against other cities in terms of low land cost.
  19. 19. Our Goals To be best state in harnessing information To navigate into a global city that is internationally recognised To generate 360 degree growth in IT sector in MP
  20. 20. 6 T’s of Madhya Pradesh Technology Topography Temperamen t Telcom & Power Talent & Taskforce Tax
  21. 21. Flexible Policies Surplus Electricity Land Bank MP's advantages
  22. 22. Current Status of IT investments in MP
  23. 23. The Concept of Data Centre Cluster (DCC)
  24. 24. Data & Cloud Cluster Data & Cloud Cluster is an aggregation of leading data centre players of the market leveraging common regional space and facilities for hosting their data.
  25. 25. Datacenter Growth Prints Singapore Leader in Asia Dublin Ireland Dallas US MP 18 top datacenter firms onboard Google & ,top 10 INC, Serving EMEA HUB in US , accounts for world’s 35% DATA DCC (Proposed)
  26. 26. 300% Growth in Cloud Data The market 500 million internet users by 2017 $1.5 billion Market expansion by 2017 500 million Indian Internet users by 2018 300% Growth in Cloud Data $181 billion Market expansion by 2016
  27. 27. Thinking BIG! Current Global competition Our Dream Aim high! Imagine Lets make MP a global state Largets datacenter of the world is in China 6.3 million sq.ft only Create India’s largest Data centre cluster 10 million sq.ft. is equal to 2 PENTAGON PREMISES put together India has around 18 datacenter all together, while the world has 500+ datacenters. LAGGING TOO BEHIND! This cluster proposes all the datacenters together in one roof, inviting all form the world MP alone will have more datacenters than the entire world. MP has the capacity to host datacenter 13000MG watt electricity We only need 100MGv watt of electricity for 10 million sq.f.t We have a capacity of three , that gives MP edge over other states.
  28. 28. DCC Served area Midde East South Africa Europ e AP AC Middle East
  29. 29. The Benefits of Clustering Better innovation through collaboration and networking opportunities Data centre design and build The opportunity to play on a global stage Reduced costs of development and production - economies of scale Driven entry to world hardware solutions World-leading providers to choose from within the cluster network Legal, tax and accounting services Generating employment & affecting skills & education system positively One Stop Solution for all data center needs South Africa
  30. 30. Advantages
  31. 31. Advantages to the State Redefining Madhya Pradesh as a technologically transformed state Reposition IT Services Sector, Hardware and Telecommunication sector thereby empowering skilled resources Drive 5 billion dollars of investment from domestic and international investors
  32. 32. Uplift the standard of living of people and education at rural level Advantages to the Citizens Growth of Medium skilled workforce. Setting up of Hardware Training Centers across the state Creating Employment Opportunities across Real Estate, Telecommunication, Infrastructure and Hardware Companies
  33. 33. Advantages to the Investors Data Centre Friendly Land- Strategically Located Subsidized Power Supply IT Flexi-Policies FDI-friendly policies, specially infrastructure structure Skilled Manpower Solar Power Support- Green Energy Connectivity to all major airports Domestic & International National Representation & Branding Single window Clearance
  34. 34. Land • About 100 acres of land identified near Indore • Falls in a Seismic zone acceptable for Data Centres • Close to an airport • Land to be developed by MPSEDC • Provided at 25% of the market rate • Cost of land – 1/10th to 1/20th of that in Mumbai
  35. 35. Telecom and Internet Connectivity • Have held discussions with all major ISP’s • ISP’s have evinced keen interest in setting up fiber termination points at the proposed DCC • Competitive costs due to economies of scale
  36. 36. Power • Madhya has surplus power • 24 x 7 x 365 – uninterrupted power supply • Good quality power • Power from two different grids • Cost advantage of at least 25-30 % over other locations
  37. 37. Labor Laws • Best labor laws in the country • Extensive revamp of labor laws • No surprise inspections • Single return to be filed • Reduction in paper work by more than 80% • Women can work in night shifts
  38. 38. Manpower • Indore is the educational hub of MP • More than 40 engineering colleges – Indian Institute of Technology – Indian Institute of Management – Indian Institute of Information Technology • Good quality manpower • Cost of HR is very competitive – At least a 30% advantage
  39. 39. Facilitation • Single window clearance system – All clearances under a single window – Building permission, Environmental clearance etc – Investment relationship managers to provide hand holding for each project • Chief Minister is available to meet investors on Monday every week without prior appointments
  42. 42. Partner us in achieving the Dream of Digital India THANK YOU