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Ryan Martis, SSLGuru

  1. 1. BECOME A... Speaker: Ryan Martis
  2. 2. We are SSLGURU  SSLGURU is focused venture into the SSL market from the people behind Domeny.PL, one of the largest web services company in Europe  From 1997, we have been in the European market but with SSLGURU we have now gone truly global  SSLGURU is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certified which ensures high class services and security of processed information
  3. 3. World's largest SSL technology provider  SSLGURU is the leading transaction platform for SSL certificate Sales  Our mission is to help consumers and companies who want a high level of Online security  Our products are made for every level of E-Business  We offer diverse options to cater to your online security needs  SSLGURU also delivers highly functional tools that effectively help you manage your SSL certificates
  4. 4. A Global Company  SSLGURU has branch offices in America, Europe & Asia. Our products and services are catered in a wide variety of languages, in over 60 countries world-wide
  5. 5. Products  The only company to offer you a large pool of options for your SSL needs  Along with a wide variety of vendors, we provide the most comprehensive and competitively priced package of products and services in the industry
  6. 6. Products  Require a SSL to suit your needs? We have the answer!  SSLGURU offers every level of SSL validation suited for each type of customer, ranging from small e-shop to big banks & multi-national companies
  7. 7. Products  Want to encrypt & secure Multiple Domains and/or Sub-Domain Networks?  We have solutions which also take care of your emails
  8. 8. Products  We offer every type of SSL including Code-Signing for Applications, securing Social Media & Mobile Websites  In this niche industry SSLGURU also provides a wealth of expertise and specialized support to their Partners
  9. 9. Join our Reseller Program  SSLGURU's global reach allows it to work with an extensive network of Resellers throughout the world  As a part of this franchise, our Resellers enjoy the following: i. A wide variety of SSL certificates from all of the major vendors ii. Customized and Unique Solutions to our partners needs iii. Easy and reliable access to the money deposited in your account iv. Proven methods and tools to help sell SSL certificates v. Technical Support offered 24/7 via Chat/Email/Call  If they can, so can you! Join Us, be a part of this Global Network
  10. 10. How Do You Profit For every ₹6500 you deposit, you can buy 15 Comodo SSL Certificates. Selling them at a regular price of ₹2000 ensures you are making a profit of around ₹1500 per certificate, that's a net profit of around ₹23000
  11. 11. The 3 Easy Steps  Step 1  Head to our website and choose your Partner Status  Step 2  Transfer the requisite funds to your account. As your volume grows so will your status, giving you better benefits  Step 3  Integrate your system through our API and sell SSL certificates directly to your Clients  Our Reseller Program was designed to maximize profits for each participating individual. Your comfort and satisfaction are very important to us, which is why we give you all the tools and solutions you need to build your business in a fast and effortless way.
  12. 12. V it our boothP for m inform is 7 ore ation, technical expertis e and$500s ignupbonus >>