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Ctrl+F5 Mumbai, 2016: A Practical Approach to Design Thinking by Simran Talreja


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Simran Talreja, Sr.Product Manager at Endurance International Group deepdives into Design Thinking and simplifies the concept with the help of design thinking methods and tools that everyone can use to build better products. In addition to this, she explains what else matters when it comes to Design Thinking Methodology and believes that with some alterations, each one of us can apply the 5 step design thinking process in their daily workflow.

Ctrl F5, powered by ResellerClub is a summit for elite web designers and developers looking to collaborate, network and share knowledge with some of the best leaders of the Internet presence industry in India.

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Ctrl+F5 Mumbai, 2016: A Practical Approach to Design Thinking by Simran Talreja

  1. 1. A Practical Approach to Design Thinking Simran Talreja Product Manager ResellerClub
  2. 2. Design Thinking
  3. 3. Web-BasedSolutions
  4. 4. Web-Based Solutions PROBLEMS
  5. 5. Design Thinking A Problem-Solving Approach that any and all businesses can apply
  6. 6. The Power of Design Thinking The Good Kitchen
  7. 7. The Problem 125,000 of Denmark’s senior citizens rely on government- sponsored meals
  8. 8. Yet… 60% Had poor nutrition 20% Were actually malnourished
  9. 9. The Project Fix The Menu The Municipality of Holstelbro hired Hatch and Bloom to
  10. 10. The Method Shadowing Delivery Boys into the homes of Senior Citizens Interacting with the Employees of the Kitchen
  11. 11. Key Discoveries Seniors were embarrassed to accept government assistance Loss of Control over their food choices was painful They ate alone and missed the taste of seasonal food The less they enjoyed their situation, the smaller their appetites
  12. 12. Key Discoveries The Workers were unmotivated and bored of creating the same meals day after day Making meals in a Government kitchen was a low status job
  13. 13. So What did Hatch & Bloom do? Shifted Mental Models What if the Food Delivery Service was a Restaurant?
  14. 14. The Solution This triggered a creative rush Kitchen Cooks Vehicles Description Restauran t Chefs Waiters Menu
  15. 15. The Result
  16. 16. The Result ‘The Good Kitchen’
  17. 17. The Result 500% Increase in meal orders in the first week alone
  18. 18. The Result
  19. 19. The Initial Solution Fix The Menu The Actual Solution Happier Seniors with Better Nutrition Motivated Employees taking pride in their work
  20. 20. Design Thinking is (and often times Innovating) Simply Put… A human-centered approach to solving problems
  21. 21. Another Interesting Example
  22. 22. As creators of Software… We’re not just building Technology We’re building Solutions for Human Beings
  23. 23. So… How To Do It?
  24. 24. The Process
  25. 25. Empathize Fully Understand the current experience of the user, - their functional and emotional needs and - what is meaningful to them. The best solutions come from the best insights into human behavior
  26. 26. Empathize Observation Interviewing Experiencing Do this by…
  27. 27. Define Formulate a ‘user’ centered statement of the Problem In most cases, this will come from unstated insights Framing the right problem is the only way to creating the right solution
  28. 28. Ideate Come up with a variety of solutions The higher the number, the more the chances of going beyond the obvious It’s not about coming up with the ‘right’ idea - its about coming up with the ‘most’ ideas
  29. 29. Prototype Visualize your Ideas Experience and interact with them and, in the process, learn and develop more empathy. Build to think, articulate and learn
  30. 30. Test Try out high-resolution versions of your prototypes nd get feedback to refine prototypes, learn more about the user, and refine your or Testing is an opportunity to learn about your solution and your user
  31. 31. Now Lets actually do it together!
  32. 32. Build a Learning Experience which is meaningful to your Partner Your Design Challenge
  33. 33. We’re going to go through each of these steps
  34. 34. Go back to the last time you tried to learn something
  35. 35. A interview s B 3 Mins
  36. 36. B interview s A 3 Mins
  37. 37. A Digs Deeper 3 Mins
  38. 38. B Digs Deeper 3 Mins
  39. 39. Take a Moment for Individual Reflection of what you have learnt 2 Mins
  40. 40. Synthesize your Learnings 1 Min
  41. 41. Be Radical Be Visual Go Beyond the Obvious 5 Mins
  42. 42. B Gives Feedback to A 2 Mins
  43. 43. A Gives Feedback to B 2 Mins
  44. 44. Focus On 1 Single Solution 5 Mins
  45. 45. A Captures Feedback from B 4 Mins
  46. 46. B Captures Feedback from A 4 Mins
  47. 47. Hopefully you have stumbled upon a new way of Learning :) Anyone want to share?
  48. 48. Thank You for Being a Wonderful Audience!