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Ctrl+F5 Banaglore 2017:How to build website of the future by Ronak Samantray


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Ronak Samantray, Co-founder at NewFloats talks about the issues faced by websites in terms of optimization whether its on-page or off page. He elucidates why fresh content forms the backbone of a good website and how it ought to communicate with its users. The sessions further reveals why moving the website to serverless architectures is important and why page load speed for customer retention is key.

He also speaks about optimizing the website for discovery and how Cloud Hosting ( plays a key role when it comes to future of hosting with its high scalability and flexible pricing.

Ctrl F5, powered by ResellerClub is a summit for elite web designers and developers looking to collaborate, network and share knowledge with some of the best leaders of the Internet presence industry in India.

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Ctrl+F5 Banaglore 2017:How to build website of the future by Ronak Samantray

  1. 1. How to build websites for the future? Ronak Kumar Samantray Co-Founder, NowFloats INK Fellow 2013, Forbes 30 Under 30 (Asia)
  2. 2. Issues with websites today…
  3. 3. #1 Not optimized for Discovery
  4. 4. What is done today – to drive discovery? 1. Off – Page Optimizations 2. Basic On-Page Optimizations
  5. 5. How to optimize for Discovery ? 1. A blind man’s content strategy 2. Content Layout/Representation 3. Explanation of content for the Search Bots (Semantic Tagging – 4. Load Time & Responsiveness on mobile/desktop 5. Social Reach 6. Secure channel for information exchange (if applicable)
  6. 6. #2 Not iterated enough for maximizing conversions
  7. 7. How to optimize for conversions? 1. Enable more than one form of Call-To-Action 2. Push to provide personalized service to every visitor.
  8. 8. #3 90% websites not optimized for peak loads
  9. 9. How to optimize for load? A shift from ‘server based’ to Serverless Architecture.
  10. 10. #4 Not optimized for Differential Loading
  11. 11. How to enable Differential Loading? 1. Optimize HTML code into common headers, footers. 2. Optimize stylesheets & scripts based on universal vs page wise assets 3. Enable immutable public caching 4. Plan for easy file-update and cache-invalidation.
  12. 12. THE RECOMMEND PROCESS of developing a website
  13. 13. • Plan for all types of content to be displayed Web Content • Which content/page links to which other pages ? • URL format for every details page Content Layout • Static HTML with sample content A Static Prototype • Framework/ Theme Approach • Build your Own DB/API Static to Dynamic • Simplicity of Updating Content! CMS • Google Analytics, Piwik • NewRelic Analytics • Website as a Service! Hosting & Go- Live • CDN • Browser Caching Differential Loading • Crawl Stats & Indexing • Minimize Bounce Monitor & Iterate
  14. 14. Introducing the new Fox, in the web industry – KITSUNE
  15. 15. The reach of Kitsune, today
  16. 16. 1. Powers the backend of NowFloats – a 200,000 websites hosted 2. 0.5 Billion requests server over last 1 year. 3. From small static websites, to fully dynamic websites with monthly traffic of 1Million users.
  17. 17. How to get started?
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Kitsune Dashboard
  20. 20. Key Features 1. A web platform that adds value to your website, and reduces your time to develop. Try it out now with your existing website URL. 2. Supports simple static websites to fully dynamic website with in-built CMS. 3. Pay As you go – No monthly / yearly commitment. 4. Just Rs 5/day (for every 10,000 requests). Experience the new way of dealing with web platforms. 5. Access to Developer Advocates/Support. 6. Monthly developer meet-ups and events across various cities. 7. New features rolling out every month.
  22. 22. Questions
  23. 23. thanks @rokrsa