Build Your Hosted Cloud Offerings using Microsoft - Aviraj Ajgekar, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft India.


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Build Your Hosted Cloud Offerings using Microsoft - Aviraj Ajgekar, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft India.

  1. 1.
  2. 2.  Growth opportunity of the cloud Service Provider Hosting Opportunities Microsoft Partner Network & Call to Action Resources Q&A
  3. 3. The Hosting Service Provider OpportunitySMB Market to Hit 161 Billion Dollars Web Hosting is growing at 8% Migration to the cloud in SMB Estimated market size of Web161 market is expected to reach $161B in 2015 AMI –Partners 2012 48B hosting in 2012 is $48B with a CAGR of 8% over the next 3 years AMI –Partners 2011BHosted Desktops by 2015 By 2015, the estimated Cloud Leadership Microsoft server revenue from5.6B market size for Desktop Virtualization is $5.6B and an estimated 75% in session-based computing 451 Research 2012 3X Service Providers is growing at 3X faster than the revenue growth of on-premises. Microsoft Spring 2012
  4. 4. Worldwide SMB IT/Telecom Spending: The migration to cloud in SMB market is accelerating and expected to reach to $161B in 2015 (see chart)AMI-Partners;, 2012 Firms with 1 to 999 employees
  5. 5. Your customers are moving to the cloud. Be sure you are in a position to grow with them!Source: Edge strategies SMB Survey, Microsoft
  6. 6. ServiceStickiness
  7. 7. • Websites as a • Windows Server • SQL Database • Hosted Desktop • UC HostedEnd User Service Hosted and apps • Content Offers • Database-as-a- • Business Apps Management and Service • High Availability/DR Collaboration • ExchangeCustomers Target Small and Medium BusinessesCustomers Target Enterprises
  8. 8. Why Microsoft?: • Increase your websites performance: • A high density and highly scalable environment with Windows Server and IIS • Ability to develop on any popular platform • Extend business offers on the same infrastructure with SharePoint, Dynamics, and other apps • Interactive with HTML, Flash, and Silverlight applications • A FREE, simple and powerful web development tool for Service Providers and customers.1 Source: AMI-Partners;, 2H2011 Routes to Market Report
  9. 9. T
  10. 10. Scenarios
  11. 11. Why Microsoft?• Fastest growing hypervisor and management platform (Share of Shipments YTD: Hyper- V 27.6% vs. Vmware (ESX/vSphere) 53%)2• Huge installed base running on Windows Server means potential revenue opportunities• No hidden costs and unlimited virtualization provides higher profit opportunities• Huge customer install base as well as fast growing Software-as-a-Service market drives the demand for hosted Windows servers and cost effective management toolsMicrosoft Internal Analysis, Spring 2012 / 2IDC Q4 FY12 Virtualization Report
  12. 12. Let me Web APIs Add Multi- use my to enable tenancy to existing Hosted System customer- IaaS Center facing UI Portals Manage across Customize Remove Value-add multiple and extend need for servicesinstances offerings to me to such asof System differentiate manage monitoring Center tenant or backup networks
  13. 13. Tenant Admins Provider’s Other Systems Tenant’s Apps, Scripts, Tools Service Provider FoundationSelf-service Users REST OData Aggregation Automation API Tenant Admins Tenant’s Apps, Scripts, ToolsSelf-service Users
  14. 14. Virtual MachinesVirtual Machine Manager
  15. 15. Why Microsoft?• SQL Server 2012 is a comprehensive cloud-ready information platform• 99.9999% uptime and mission critical data protection• Up to 10-100x improvements in performance• The most up-to-date software without the need for expensive upgrades or lengthy service pack updates1 Microsoft Internal Analysis, 2012
  16. 16. Why Microsoft?• Comprehensive end to-end solutions• Access from any device• Up-selling opportunity based on the large Hosted Exchange installed base• High growth opportunity• High revenue and margin• Built-in customer loyalty (high switching costs)
  17. 17. Customer Challenges TodayService Providers can address with Microsoft technology
  18. 18. • Websites as a • Windows Server • Hosted Database • Hosted Desktop • UCEnd User Service Hosted • Database-as-a- and apps • Content Offers Service • Business Apps Management and • Business Collaboration Continuity • ExchangeCustomers Target Small and Medium BusinessesCustomers Target Enterprises
  19. 19. Resources Hosting Service Provider Campaign32
  20. 20. • To get started visit the MPN home page:• In the top tool bar, click Membership and select the “Enroll in the network” drop down.• Visit Microsoft Hosting Portal
  21. 21. Start your journey Take offer to market
  22. 22. Windows Web App Gallery: Windows Server 2012 Launch: SQL Server 2012: •Hosted Desktop & Windows Server - Tech Ed presentations (Partner ready): ver/en/us/default.aspx • (Web Development hEd/NorthAmerica/2012/WCL303Tool): Windows Server Hosting Platform: Business Intelligence SQL 2012: • s/solutions/webplatform.aspx hEd/NorthAmerica/2012/VIR314 ver/en/us/solutions-Web Hosting Gallery Microsoft’s IaaS Solution for technologies/SQL-Server-2012-( advertisement Service Provider’s cloud: business-intelligence.aspxtool free when you support s/solutions/ Platform
  23. 23. aviraj@microsoft.com