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India. Are We There Yet?


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General Manager at ResellerClub, Shridhar Luthria gives you a closer look at the Internet and where the market is today. He covers the key drivers, and how you can be a growth hacker & benefit.

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India. Are We There Yet?

  1. 1. India. Are We There Yet? Shridhar Luthria General Manager, ResellerClub
  2. 2. There? Where?
  3. 3. Domain Names & Hosting Statistics 40% ARE HOSTED Country Population (2014 Est.) Internet Population (30th June 2014) Penetration Domains Hosting (40%) USA 32,25,83,006 27,98,34,232 87% 7,67,44,981 3,06,97,992 UK 6,34,89,234 5,70,75,826 90% 60,60,370 24,24,148 China 1,39,37,83,836 64,16,01,070 46% 1,06,27,820 42,51,128 Brazil 20,20,33,670 10,78,22,831 53% 8,57,321 3,42,928 Turkey 7,58,37,020 3,53,58,888 47% 20,39,832 8,15,933 India 1,26,74,01,849 24,31,98,922 19% 18,62,455 7,44,982
  4. 4. Some More Useful & Useless Stats in India  Number of Languages Spoken: 22 Officially. 780 Dialects*  Internet Population growth in the Last 2 Years : 56%  Consolidation between Top 3 Registrars: 80%  Number of Resellers in the Country: 23,500  Average No. Of Domains Registered In The Country: 110k (/pm)  Average Number of Domains / Reseller: 4.68
  5. 5. The Problem Is... ... Product Sales Have NOT Grown Fast Enough, But The Competition Has
  6. 6. So Is This The End?
  7. 7. Well... Not For Everyone!
  8. 8. The Only Survival Tactic You Need To Use: Growth Hacking
  9. 9. What Is Growth Hacking?
  10. 10. What People Say A Growth Hacker is a person whose true north is growth. Everything they do is scrutinized by its potential impact on scalable growth." - Sean Ellis (entrepreneur, angel investor, startup advisor) "Growth Hacker is the new VP in Marketing. A Growth Hackers is a hybrid of a marketer and coder, one who looks at the traditional question of 'How do I get customers for my product?' and answers with A/B tests, landing pages, viral factor, email deliverability, and Open Graph." - Andrew Chen (writer tracking Silicon Valley updates) "A set of tactics and best practices for dealing with the problems of user growth." - Mattan Griffel in Growth Hacking or: Lean Marketing for Startups
  11. 11. So, Basically It is a Concept Developed for Technology Startups It is Largely a Component of the Technology Available to you to Grow It focuses on Lean Marketing - Growth first, Budgets later
  12. 12. It Includes, But is Not Restricted to  Product Management  User Experience  Partnerships  SEO  Press Releases  Analytics  Behavioral Economics  Landing Page Optimization  Email Marketing  & More
  13. 13. All of this, Leading to a Better Social + Online Presence & Viral Impact
  14. 14. Most Importantly, It Does Not Cost Much!
  15. 15. It's Been Here For A While... ... Let's Take A Look At Examples!
  16. 16. Stories That Worked  Hotmail, inserted an email signature at the bottom that turned every email sent by one of its users into a pitch for new users - PS: I Love You. Get Your FREE Email at Hotmail  AirBnB, integrated with Craigslist - which allowed its hosts to use Craigslist as a sales platform  Groupon, used a "Refer 3 Friends, And Get The Deal Free" offer
  17. 17. Why Did These Companies Do This?
  18. 18. Humble Beginnings  They did not have the Money!  They did not have the Experience!
  19. 19. Growth Hacking for Designers, Developers & Hosts in India!
  20. 20. You Have 4 Aims 1. Get More Traffic 2. Get More Users Converted 3. Get Existing Users to Buy More 4. Get (Make) More Revenue & Profits!
  21. 21. Growth Hacking Is All About Moving Users From Each Step To The Next, And Everything That Comes In Between!
  22. 22. Strategic Partnerships  Look at tie-ups with relevant schools and colleges  Look at other educational or general institutions like medical associations  Look at partnerships with government bodies  Try popular local websites that could pass on web infrastructure requirement enquiries to you  Celebrities or popular websites can endorse you Get More Traffic
  23. 23. Examples got Virat Kohli to Endorse them Consider the Free Advertising Spotify Gets on Facebook When it Shows You the Songs Your Friends Listen to
  24. 24. Targeted SEO & EMAIL  Focus on niche keywords that target a specific need or specific segment  Focus on generic keywords with lesser competition, thereby getting better rankings and results  Focus on discussion topics like Support and ensure that you have good content around it Get More Traffic
  25. 25. Examples Resellers are Today Targetting Spanish keywords around 'cheap websites' and pitching a 'website development outsourcing' model to deliver a cost effective way for Spanish SMBs to get their website built
  26. 26. Referrals  Incentivize your current base to get more users - refer 3 friends and get a month off your hosting package  Create an illusion of exclusivity by only providing offers or even newer products through referrals  Focus on affiliate programs where the model is CPA based Get More Traffic
  27. 27. Examples So many of you have been relying on word-of- mouth marketing. Some that I know have also started incentivizing Customers to do that
  28. 28. Analytics  Understand Where your Traffic is Coming from  Understand the Quality of your Traffic  Understand Bounce Rates Get More Traffic
  29. 29. Examples Apart from Google Analytics, there are a Bunch of Other Great Options Out There
  30. 30. Landing Page Optimization  Make sure that if you're targeting keywords through SEO and SEM, the landing pages include extremely relevant content  Try to ensure that there is a clear path of action chalked out on the page for the visitor  Keep minimal noise on the page - your User Experience needs to be top-notch Get More Users Converted
  31. 31. Examples Unbounce is a Great and Simple tool for A/B Testing How A/B Testing Proved that Adding A Third Step hindered Registrations
  32. 32. Onboarding  Provide step-by-step guides on what your users need to do  Maintain great documentation with FAQs for users to refer to  Make sure that the user is welcomed by top management (via automated mails)  Use live chat tools for visitors to get the fastest possible answers  Tools like deliver happiness to users Get More Users Converted
  33. 33. Examples Tools like Deliver Happiness to your users Dropbox Simply Plays a Video and Ensures a Sign Up
  34. 34. Cross Selling  Take a list of your domains and run them through other TLDs where the same string is available  Create tools to automatically cross sell the right TLD to the right user  Look at providing alternative portfolio management solutions if the value exists Get Existing Users to Buy More
  35. 35. Examples Behavioral economics based upsell
  36. 36. Email Campaigns  Build an email campaign around improving renewal rates - showing the importance of maintaining ownership, comparing it to real estate, etc.  Continue providing offers for value added products and ensuring that users are picking up more  Run package deals where greater discounts are given on bundles or more purchases Get Existing Users to Buy More
  37. 37. Make More Revenue & Profits!
  38. 38. Thank You!