Market Research Report: Used Car Market In India 2010


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Demand for used cars is rising with the middle income group aspiring to own cars. This has lead many OEMs to enter the used car market, giving it an organized outlook. Many luxury car manufacturers are also entering the market while existing players in the market are expanding their number of used car outlets.

The report begins with an insight to the sales of used cars (in volumes) and growth, comparison of ratio of used car sales to new cars in India and the rest of the world as well as the sales of new cars vs. old cars through the years. This is followed by the segmented share of the market and their brief description.

An analysis of the drivers highlights growth factors such as growth of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in used car market, favourable demographics, changing lifestyles and consumer preferences, easier availability of loans, and online portals increasing awareness among consumers. The key challenges identified include the launch of less costly cars in new car segment, limited choice and used car buyers having to incur extra cost and hassle of checking various documents.

Competition section provides a snapshot of the players in the market including information regarding their launch, business highlights and financials, expansion plans providing an insight into the existing competitive scenario.

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Market Research Report: Used Car Market In India 2010

  1. 1. Used Car Market - India April 2010
  2. 2. Executive Summary Used car market in India witnessed sales volume of A mn units in 20--; Expected to grow at B% p.a. till 20-- Market Organized sector accounts for merely C % of the entire sales of used cars Demand for used cars has increased D % in the last E years LE Drivers Challenges P Entry of original equipment manufacturers Launch of less costly cars in new car (OEMs) in used car market segment Drivers & Challenges AM Favourable demographics Changing lifestyles and consumer preferences S Easier availability of loans Online portals increasing awareness among Limited choice Used car buyers may have to incur extra cost consumers Market is growing with many original equipment manufacturers foraying into used car segment Luxury car manufacturers are also gradually entering the used car market With rising demand in the used cars market car manufacturers already into the used car segment Competition are planning to expand their number of outlets Major Players Foreign Players • Company 1 • Company X • Company 2 • Company Y • Company 3 • Company Z USED CAR MARKET INDIA 2010.PPT 2
  3. 3. •Market Overview •Drivers & Challenges •Competition •Key Developments USED CAR MARKET INDIA 2010.PPT 3
  4. 4. Used car market is picking up in India with used car sales almost equal to new car sales Market-Overview Sale of Used Cars (Volume) • Growing middle class consumers opting for used cars has lead to the increase in demand for used cars mn Z% Y • Earlier the used car sector was characterized by the 2.5 LE lack of choice and transparency 2.0 X • Scenario has changed due to gradual shift from 1.5 unorganized to organized sector car market MP • Mini and compact cars account for a-b % of the used 1.0 0.5 Ratio of sales: used cars to new cars SA Top five used cars in 20__ were Brand A,Brand B Brand C 0.0 2008 New Car vs Used Car Sales in India 2013e p:q mn New Car q New Car 2.0 Old Car r f g Old Cars 1.5 k s i l m:n 1.0 j p n 0.5 m 0.0 India Rest of the World 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 USED CAR MARKET INDIA 2010.PPT 4
  5. 5. Drivers & Challenges - Summary Drivers Challenges Entry of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in used car market Launch of less costly cars Favorable demographics Limited Choice Changing lifestyles and consumer Used car buyers incur extra cost and preferences hassle of checking various documents Easy availability of loans Online portals increasing awareness among consumes USED CAR MARKET INDIA 2010.PPT 5
  6. 6. •Market Overview •Drivers & Challenges •Competition •Key Developments USED CAR MARKET INDIA 2010.PPT 6
  7. 7. Major Players(1/4) Company Description Company A • Company A was launched in April 20-- in Bangalore, but was discontinued after a few years due to poor response from the market • The initiative was first in India, in which Company A India along with Company X would buy, recondition and sell used cars from different manufacturers Company B • Company B launched its used car business in India in May 20-- • It was launched as a pilot project to speculate the response it achieve a record number of sales of over z cars Expansion Plans • It is planning to open x more used car outlets throughout the country by end 20-- to have a total of y used car outlets Company C • Company C is Company M’s one stop facility for exchange and used car purchase • It helps exchanging an existing car for a brand new Company C car, or for purchasing a good quality pre-owned Company C car • Company C is planning to increase focus on its used-car business, as it expects at least q % of its total revenues to come from this segment as obtained from 20-- • Its contribution to the Indian operations of Honda was around p % of the total revenues of the SAMPLE company in 20-- USED CAR MARKET INDIA 2010.PPT 7
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