Market Research Report : Telecom equipment market in india 2013 sample


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Market Research Report : Telecom equipment market in india 2013 sample

  1. 1. Telecom Equipment Market IndiaTelecom Equipment Market ‐ India July 2013
  2. 2. Executive Summary Market Overview  As per 20‐‐ ‐ ‐‐, telecom equipment worth INR x1 bn was consumed in India  Segment1 accounts for around x2% of the total telecom equipment industry in India  Telecom equipment import had grown at a CAGR of around x3% between 20‐‐ and 20‐‐ Drivers:  Currently segment2 generates maximum revenue, though future of segment3 looks promising Challenges:  Security Concerns Growth in Wireless Subscriber Base Drivers &  Challenges  High Telecom Equipment Imports Next Generation Voice and Data Services  Government Initiatives and Progressive  Reforms in the Industry  IPv4 to IPv6 Migration Market Trends  Telecom Equipment Certification  Android Smartphones and Tablets  Strengthening of R&D Competitive  L d  Infrastructure Sharing Major Players Company A Company B Company C 2TELECOM EQUIPMENT MARKET IN INDIA 2013.PPT Landscape Company D Company E Company F
  3. 3. •Economic Indicators•Economic Indicators •Introduction •Market Overview•Market Overview •Drivers and Challenges •Market Trends•Market Trends •Competitive Landscape St t i I i ht•Strategic Insights •Appendix 3TELECOM EQUIPMENT MARKET IN INDIA 2013.PPT
  4. 4. Introduction Telecom Equipment ‐ Overview • Economic and social development of India is significantly influenced by its telecom industry • Modern and robust telecommunication systems demand state‐of‐the‐art telecom equipmenty q p • Cellular network technology such as 3G and 4G, broadband internet services, telephony services, network  requirements and other telecom products and services has led to increased demand for telecom equipment • Telecom equipment can be broadly classified in carrier equipment enterprise equipment and user devices segments• Telecom equipment can be broadly classified in carrier equipment, enterprise equipment and user devices segments • Alternatively, it can also be classified in two categories in terms of type of consumer  End‐user equipment are meant for general consumers and telecom network equipment find its takers amongst industrial and  institutional consumers • In telecom network equipment category fixed and mobile switches base stations routers & transmissionIn telecom network equipment category, fixed and mobile switches, base stations, routers, & transmission  equipment largely represent active equipment, whereas towers, shelters & cables falls under passive equipment Category1 Segment1 Telecom  Equipment Category1 Segment3 Segment2 4TELECOM EQUIPMENT MARKET IN INDIA 2013.PPT Category2 Segment4 Segment5
  5. 5. Majority of the countries are import‐dependent excepting  few which supply telecom equipment to the rest Market Overview – Global •Global telecom equipment market is expected to be affected by aspect1 in the coming years  Spending on element1 will be around INR x1 in 20‐‐, as compared to INR x2 in 20‐‐ •The country1, country2, country3 are the few countries distinctively leading in global telecom equipment production •Country4, country5, country6 and country7 are the major countries driven by exports •Majority of the other countries including country8 country9 country10 country11 and country12 are largely import•Majority of the other countries including country8, country9, country10, country11 and country12 are largely import  dependent Telecom Equipment Import‐Export, Production and Usage Levels – Global Country Imports Exports Production Consumption China Low/Medium/High Low/Medium/High Low/Medium/High Low/Medium/High France Low/Medium/High Low/Medium/High Low/Medium/High Low/Medium/High Germany Low/Medium/High Low/Medium/High Low/Medium/High Low/Medium/High Japan Low/Medium/High Low/Medium/High Low/Medium/High Low/Medium/High South Korea Low/Medium/High Low/Medium/High Low/Medium/High Low/Medium/High 5TELECOM EQUIPMENT MARKET IN INDIA 2013.PPT UK Low/Medium/High Low/Medium/High Low/Medium/High Low/Medium/High US Low/Medium/High Low/Medium/High Low/Medium/High Low/Medium/High
  6. 6. Significant demand exists for telecom equipment in India  but they are being catered by element1 Market Overview – India (‐/‐) G th i t l t h bl d t l i t i t fl i h i I di dl f 1•Growth in telecom sector has enabled telecom equipment companies to flourish in India, regardless of segmen1,  segment2 or segment3 • While majority of the domestic telecom equipment companies started off as entity1, the focus is gradually shifting to element2 •As per 20‐‐ ‐ ‐‐, telecom equipment worth INR x1 bn was consumed in India •Segment1 accounts for around x2% of the total telecom equipment industry in India •Country1 and Country2 telecom equipment products dominate the market in India at present INR bn b1 Telecom Equipment – Market Size & Growth Telecom Equipment – Domestic Consumption b1 a5 a4 a3 a2a1 6TELECOM EQUIPMENT MARKET IN INDIA 2013.PPT 2016e2015e2014e2013e2012 c2c1
  7. 7. Drivers & Challenges Drivers Growth in Wireless Subscriber Base Next Generation Voice and Data Challenges Security Concerns Next Generation Voice and Data  Services Government Initiatives and  Progressive Reforms in the Industry High Telecom Equipment Imports IPv4 to IPv6 Migration 7TELECOM EQUIPMENT MARKET IN INDIA 2013.PPT
  8. 8. SAMPLE Market Trends (‐/‐) SAMPLEMobile Battery • Finding 1  Sub‐finding 1 • Finding 2 • Finding 3 Telecom Equipment  Certification • Finding 4 Fi di 5 Strengthening of  • Finding 5 • Finding 6 g g R&D • Finding 7 • Finding 8 • Sub‐finding 2 • Finding 9 8 • Finding 9 TELECOM EQUIPMENT MARKET IN INDIA 2013.PPT
  9. 9. SAMPLE Porter’s Five Forces Analysis SAMPLEThreat of New Entrants Impact Impact Impact Impact Competitive Rivalry Bargaining Power of BuyersBargaining Power of Suppliers Impact Threat of Substitutes Impact 9TELECOM EQUIPMENT MARKET IN INDIA 2013.PPT
  10. 10. Competitive Benchmarking (‐/‐) Public Trading Comparables (FY 20‐‐)  Company1 Company2 Company3 Market Capitalization (INR mn) X1 Y1 Z1 S Share Price (INR) X2 Y2 Z2 SAMPLEEV/EBITDA (x) X3 Y3 Z3 /EV/Revenue (x) X4 Y4 Z4 PE Ratio X5 Y5 Z5 10 Note: Top 3 Public companies based on the Market Capitalization; Market Capitalization and product segments, Share Price and PE ratio is as of ‐‐/‐‐/20‐‐ TELECOM EQUIPMENT MARKET IN INDIA 2013.PPT
  11. 11. Competitive Benchmarking (‐/‐) Key Ratios of Top 3 Companies – Operational Basis (FY 20‐‐) (‐/‐) a % a d c b e •Finding 1•Finding 1 •Finding 2 •Finding 3 •Finding 4 11 g TELECOM EQUIPMENT MARKET IN INDIA 2013.PPT
  12. 12. Major Public Companies – Summary  Profit/Loss (INR mn) Size of the Bubble represents Market  Capitalization in INR mn Total Income (INR mn) 12 The list is not exhaustive company1 company2 company3 company4 TELECOM EQUIPMENT MARKET IN INDIA 2013.PPT
  13. 13. SAMPLE Public: Domestic Company – company1 (1/4) Company Information Offices and Centres – India  Corporate Address Company Address Tel No. +91‐xx‐ yyyyyyyyy Fax No. +91‐ww‐zzzzzzzz Website Year of Incorporation 19‐‐ Products and Services p Ticker Symbol ‐‐‐‐‐‐ Stock Exchange Exchange Name Head Office Key People Products and Services Category Products/Services • Product 1 N D i ti Service Product 1 • product 2 • product 3 Name Designation Person 1 Designation Person 2 Designation Person 3 Designation 13 Note: The list of products and services is not exhaustive TELECOM EQUIPMENT MARKET IN INDIA 2013.PPT
  14. 14. SAMPLE Public: Domestic Company – company1 (2/4) i i l S h K iFinancial Snapshot Key Ratios Net Profit/LossTotal Income j kia Revenue INR mn Profit INR mn d Particulars  y‐o‐y change  (2011‐10) 2011 2010 2009 2008 Profitability Ratios Operating Margin ‐2.99 35.05% 38.03% 47.29% 49.95% 20‐‐ 20‐‐20‐‐ h g f b c e 20‐‐ Net Margin ‐3.81 30.66% 34.47% 39.25% 45.23% Profit Before Tax Margin ‐2.07 31.01% 33.08% 38.38% 49.98% Return on Equity ‐0.50 23.82% 24.33% 38.05% 31.21% Return on Capital Employed 1.34 17.73% 16.39% 23.84% 16.70% Return on Working Capital 0.41 18.62% 18.21% 24.31% 19.18% Return on Assets ‐0.53 12.87% 13.40% 18.29% 14.25% Financial Summary  • The company earned a net profit of INR  x4  mn in FY 20‐‐, as  compared to net profit of INR  x3 mn in FY 20‐‐ • The company reported total Income of  INR y4 mn in FY 20‐‐ registering an increase of x% over FY 20 Return on Fixed Assets 156.69 296.80% 140.10% 232.55% 173.54% Cost Ratios Operating costs (% of Sales) 7.62 17.84% 10.22% 16.89% 16.51% Administration costs (% of  Sales) ‐1.24 11.68% 12.93% 8.55% 5.13% Interest costs (% of Sales) ‐1.67 4.27% 5.93% 6.09% 2.32% registering an increase of x% over FY 20‐‐ • The company earned an operating margin of p% in FY 20‐‐,  a  decrease of y percentage points over FY 20‐‐ • The company reported debt to equity ratio of q in FY 20‐‐, an  increase of r% over FY 20‐‐ Interest costs (% of Sales) 1.67 4.27% 5.93% 6.09% 2.32% Liquidity Ratios Current Ratio ‐40.67% 5.05 8.52 10.97 13.98 Cash Ratio 1.02% 3.54 3.51 5.06 11.04 Leverage Ratios Debt to Equity Ratio 4.39% 0.85 0.82 1.08 1.19 b l Key Financial Performance Indicators Indicators Value (dd/mm/2013) Market Capitalization (INR bn) z1 Total Enterprise Value (INR bn) z2 EPS (INR) Debt to Capital Ratio ‐10.53% 0.35 0.39 0.48 0.52 Interest Coverage Ratio 28.66% 8.40 6.53 8.02 22.36 Efficiency Ratios Fixed Asset Turnover 137.15% 9.47 3.99 5.74 3.69 Asset Turnover 7.52% 0.41 0.38 0.45 0.30 Current Asset Turnover 4.02% 0.48 0.46 0.55 0.38 14 EPS (INR) z3 PE Ratio (Absolute) z4 Improved Decline Working Capital Turnover 14.45% 0.59 0.52 0.60 0.41 Capital Employed Turnover 9.64% 0.76 0.69 0.94 0.66 TELECOM EQUIPMENT MARKET IN INDIA 2013.PPT
  15. 15. SAMPLE Public: Domestic Company – company1 (3/4) Key Business Segments Key Geographic Segments i j kh xyzabcabc Company filed revenue e f g n i m j p kh ld c a b Company filed revenue  under single  business  segment Key Information g 20‐‐20‐‐20‐‐20‐‐20‐‐ c Description  Details Overview • Company1 engages in the manufacture and sale of telecommunication equipment  primarily in India Extended Product  Portfolio • It offers a range of telecom products and solutions, including switching, transmission,  access, and subscriber premises equipment • The company offers global system for mobile products, such as Base Trans‐Receiver  Station (BTS), BTS Shelter, roof top towers, transceivers, code division multiple access  15 products based on digital wireless technology to provide mobile communication TELECOM EQUIPMENT MARKET IN INDIA 2013.PPT
  16. 16. Public: Domestic Company – company1 – SWOT Analysis  (4/4) •Strength 1 •Weakness 1 S W •Strength 2 •Strength 3 •Weakness 2 •Weakness 3 S W TO TO •Threat 1 •Threat 2 •Opportunity 1 •Opportunity 2 SAMPLE •Threat 3•Opportunity 3 16 SAMPLE TELECOM EQUIPMENT MARKET IN INDIA 2013.PPT
  17. 17. Strategic Insights (‐/‐) •Finding 1 •Finding 2 •Finding 3 Recommendation1 Finding 3 •Finding 4 •Finding 5 Finding 6 Finding 7 Finding 8 17TELECOM EQUIPMENT MARKET IN INDIA 2013.PPT Finding 9
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