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A Set-Top Box (STB) is an electronic device that is used to decode digital signals received from satellite to TV sets. It basically is a compact computer system including a Central Processing Unit (CPU), memory, local storage, and input/output ports assigned, programmed and meant for specific task related to TV broadcasting at end-user level. STB market in India, which has been largely driven by DTH services, is all set to witness significant growth in consumption as digitization proceeds further for in India.

The report begins with ‘Introduction’ section covering overview of Set-Top Box which provides basic idea of the technology, its function procedure and formats, and STBs in various broadcasting environment.

The ‘Set-Top Box Market Overview’ section emphasizes on global & domestic market state of STB business. Global overview features various qualitative and statistical information including market share of STBs in terms of STB types, market size of STB business, yearly shipments of the same and other related information. India overview segment is accompanies by information such as market size in CAS area, TV household related statistical information, STB-relevant TV industry state, STB adoption state in metro cities, market share of STBs in India, revenue generation potential of STB business and other similar information.

Next, a ‘Government Initiatives’ section captures major steps taken by government which directly or indirectly affects the industry.

It is followed by ‘Drivers & Challenges’ section elaborating the major furtherance & impediments for STB in India. Both the ‘drivers’ and ’challenges’ are equally stressed upon to provide clear idea regarding the probable obstacles and rewards in the line of business and help vendors take necessary measures.

Next the recent developments and prominent trends in the market are captured under ‘Market Trends’ section.

The report continues with ‘Market Opportunities’ section where relevant areas for Set-Top Boxes are elaborated. Each of the opportunity areas are accompanied by statistical data for detailed analysis. The section also includes Porter’s Five Forces analysis and SWOT Analysis, The section ends with information regarding major Multi System Operators (MSO) and DTH service providers in India with their contact details.

In the ‘Set-Top Box Players’ section, the key STB manufacturers are profiled. It consists of information such as corporate & business highlights covering operational & recent information regarding each company’s contact information, location, key product and service offerings and key contacts for each of the players. It also provides financial performance for a period of time including revenue and profit, key ratios, financial summary and key financial performance indicators. Key business segment and key geograph

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Market Research Report :Set-Top Box Market in India 2012

  1. 1. Set‐Top Box Market in India (Sample)October 2012
  2. 2. Executive Summary  Around x1 mn TV‐household additions are expected in India in the next x2 years, generating  Set‐Top Box  huge demand for STBs Market  In terms of digitization, city1 leads amongst the metro cities while city2 has been lagging  behind E   L Drivers: Challenges:  Complete digitization of TV Services  Low‐Cost STB Imports and Low  Drivers &  Challenges P  Emerging Middle‐Class and Rising  Disposable Income Domestic Production  Shortage and Supply Backlog of STBs Penetration AM  Increase in Television And TV Service  S  Increase in Sales of LCD and LED TVs  Trend1Market Trends  Trend2  Trend3 Major Players Set‐Top Box  Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. Pace Plc Changhong Electric Co. Ltd. Player Profiles Skyworth India Electronics  Humax Electronics India  Indieon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. SET TOP BOX MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 2
  3. 3. • Introduction• Set‐Top Box Market Overview• Government Initiatives• Drivers & Challenges• Market Opportunities• Market Trends• Set‐Top Box Players• Strategic Recommendations• Appendix SET TOP BOX MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 3
  4. 4. Introduction (1/2)Set‐Top Box (STB) – Overview• A Set‐Top Box (STB) is an electronic device that is used to decode digital signals received from satellite to TV sets    STB is connected to an external source of signal, like satellite, cable, terrestrial or internet  STBs are also referred to as consumer Integrated Receiver Decoder (IRD) L E• Basic objective of STBs are to demodulate broadcasted signals into audiovisual contents that can either be displayed  on TV or alternate display device, or be captured and recorded for later viewing purpose P• It basically is a compact computer system including a Central Processing Unit (CPU), memory, local storage, and  input/output ports assigned, programmed and meant for specific task related to TV broadcasting at end‐user level AM  Some of the key components inside STBs include a microprocessor, memory, device interfaces (analog and digital), conditional access  module card, a network interface (tuners and transmitters), and a user interface S• STB usually runs software to allow the user to interact with the programs shown on the television as user desiresFunction Procedure of STB 4 5 When a particular  The channels are  STB is connected to  The STB picks up the  The video feed  carrier has been  stored according  a coaxial cable  MPEG‐2 stream and  transport stream  successfully  to the order of  supplied by cable  tries to lock onto  is transmitted  locked, the  the broadcasting  operator or to a  the pre‐registered  via coaxial cable  channels present  carriers and  satellite dish‐ or programmed  or dish‐antenna are extracted and  thereby  antenna via a cable carrier stored numbered SET TOP BOX MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 4
  5. 5. Global Set‐Top Box market size is expected to reach around INR x1 tr by 20‐‐ despite of projected aspect1 from 20‐‐Market Overview – Global (2/2) Set‐Top Box ‐ Market Size and Growth INR bn +F% • Global  STB  market  size  in  terms  of  revenue  is  expected to reach around INR x2 tr by 20‐‐   c d e b • The growth rate is likely to slow beyond 20‐‐ to  E a x3%  Y‐o‐Y  while  the  same  is  expected  to  be  P L around x4% between 20‐‐ and 20‐‐  This  is  largely  due  to  the  aspect2  in  region1  and  region2 AM Set‐Top Box ‐ Yearly Unit Shipment S • Yearly  unit  shipment  of  STBs  across  the  globe is expected to retain steady growth of  x5% CAGR between 20‐‐ and 20‐‐ mn g h m j k l • Market  is  driven  by  specific1  across  the  world  and  product1  and  service1  adoption  in the region3 SET TOP BOX MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 5
  6. 6. In terms of digitization, city11 leads amongst the metro cities while city12 has been lagging behindMarket Overview – India (5/7) Set‐Top Box Adoption in Metro Cities – India Total TV DTH Cable TV Cable TV Digitization Metro Household Penetration Subscribers Subscribers STBs Achieved in Cities (‘000s) (%) (‘000s) (‘000s) (‘000s) Cable Service (%) Mumbai X1 X5 X9 X13 E  X17 X21 L Kolkata X2 X6 X10 X14 X18 X22 Delhi Chennai X3 X4 X7 X8 X11 X12 P X15 X16 X19 X20 X23 X24 City1 City2 AM City3 City4 S a b c SET TOP BOX MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 6
  7. 7. After completion of digitization in India, a yearly x1% growth in revenue can be expected from the STB marketMarket Overview – India (7/7) Market Potential of Set‐Top Box Industry – Market Size INR bn c1 c2 b1 b2 E   a1 a2 P L AM Minimum Potential Average Potential Maximum Potential S • India is a specific1 market where type1, type2 and type3 STBs have specific2 opportunity • Revenue potential of STB industry has been drawn from x2 perspectives depending upon minimum, maximum and  average specific3 of presently available set‐top box devices • As per study, specific4 set‐top box available to consumers costs INR y1, INR y2 and INR y3 without any service  bundle • Beyond 20‐‐, a yearly revenue growth of y4% can be expected in STB market valuation between 20‐‐ and 20‐‐ SET TOP BOX MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 7
  8. 8. Drivers & Challenges – Summary   Drivers Challenges Low‐Cost STB Imports and Low  Complete digitization of TV Services Domestic Production Emerging Middle‐Class and Rising  Shortage and Supply Backlog of STBs Disposable Income Increase in Television And TV Service  Penetration Increase in Sales of LCD and LED TVs SET TOP BOX MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 8
  9. 9. Market Trends • TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText • TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText Trend1 • TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText • TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText • • E   TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText L Trend2 • TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText P • TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText Trend3 • • AM TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText S • TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText • TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText • TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText • TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText Trend4 • TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText • TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText SET TOP BOX MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 9
  10. 10. DTH has already penetrated the Indian market and is only poised to become a common name in Indian household Direct To Home (DTH) Service• DTH services refer to the distribution of multi‐channel programs in Ku‐band through the usage of satellite system • Programs transmitted through DTH can be directly received through small dish antennas installed at convenient  locations at homes  • Ministry is the licensing authority for granting license for the operation of DTH services in India• Current overall share of DTH households among total TV households of India is pegged at x1% opportunities for DTH players L E• Government of India’s aim for complete digitization of TV broadcasting by 20‐‐ has provided ample growth  P DTH ‐ Market Size & Growth AM DTH ‐ Market Share (20‐‐) S hINR bn g j +a% 30% f k e l d c 18% m b n 15% SET TOP BOX MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 10
  11. 11. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis Impact Threat of New Entrants • TextText TextText TextText • TextText TextText TextText • TextText TextText TextText • TextText TextText TextText   Impact Impact E Impact Bargaining Power of Suppliers• TextText TextText TextText• TextText TextText TextText P LCompetitive Rivalry • TextText TextText TextText • TextText TextText TextText Bargaining Power of Buyers • TextText TextText TextText • TextText TextText TextText M• TextText TextText TextText • TextText TextText TextText • TextText TextText TextText• TextText TextText TextText • TextText TextText TextText • TextText TextText TextText S A Threat of Substitutes Impact • TextText TextText TextText • TextText TextText TextText • TextText TextText TextText • TextText TextText TextText SET TOP BOX MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 11
  12. 12. SWOT Analysis of STB Market Strengths Weaknesses• TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText E   • TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText L• TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText • TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText• TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText • TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText P• TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText • TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText AM SWOT S Analysis Opportunities Threats• TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText • TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText• TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText • TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText• TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText • TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText• TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText • TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText SET TOP BOX MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 12
  13. 13. Public: Foreign Company – Company 1 (‐/‐)Company Information Offices and Centres – India Corporate AddressTel No.Fax No.  Website EYear of IncorporationTicker SymbolStock Exchange P L India Head Office MProducts and ServicesCategorySet‐Top Box Products Products/Services • S1 S A Key People Name Designation Person 1 D1  Person 2 D2  Person 3 D3  SET TOP BOX MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 13
  14. 14. Public: Foreign Company – Company 1 (‐/‐)Financial Snapshot Key Ratios Total Income Net Profit/Loss y‐o‐y change  Revenue Profit Particulars  2011 2010 2009 2008 (2012‐11) INR mn INR bn s Profitability Ratios Operating Margin ‐1.10 14.68% 15.78% 16.93% 19.72% r Net Margin ‐0.91 13.23% 14.14% 15.55% 18.61% p q Profit Before Tax Margin ‐0.83 15.25% 16.08% 17.46% 20.62% Return on Equity 7.60 60.51% 52.91% 34.43% 47.18%   Return on Capital Employed 8.09 67.13% 59.05% 37.48% 49.96% 0 0 Return on Working Capital 75.43 150.07% 74.64% 44.18% 58.13% E 20‐‐ 20‐‐ 20‐‐ 20‐‐ Return on Assets 3.58 24.34% 20.77% 18.93% 24.74% L Return on Fixed AssetsFinancial Summary  28.31 319.77% 291.46% 227.97% 346.05% Cost Ratios P• The company incurred a net profit of INR  ‐ bn in FY 20‐‐, as  Operating costs (% of Sales) 1.06 85.23% 84.17% 82.96% 80.08% compared to net profit of INR ‐ bn in FY 20‐‐ Administration costs (% of  0.49 10.10% 9.61% 9.11% 7.41% Sales)• The company reported total income of  INR ‐ bn in FY 20‐‐, as  M Interest costs (% of Sales) 0.01 0.01% 0.00% 0.00% 0.01% compared to INR ‐ bn in FY 20‐‐ Liquidity Ratios A• The company earned an operating margin of ‐ per cent in FY 20‐‐, an  Current Ratio ‐12.79% 1.27 1.46 1.95 1.90 increase of ‐ percentage points over FY 20‐‐ Cash Ratio S ‐8.37% 0.60 0.65 1.21 1.18• The company reported debt to equity ratio of ‐ in FY 20‐‐, a decrease  Leverage Ratios of ‐ per cent over FY 20‐‐ Debt to Equity Ratio ‐4.03% 1.49 1.55 0.82 0.91Key Financial Performance Indicators Debt to Capital Ratio NA NA NA NA NA Interest Coverage Ratio ‐82.25% 2219.40 12502.34 11161.05 2901.67 Indicators Value (28/06/2012) Efficiency RatiosMarket Capitalization (INR bn) A  Fixed Asset Turnover 16.94% 24.03 20.55 14.57 18.41Total Enterprise Value (INR mn) B  Asset Turnover 24.95% 1.83 1.46 1.21 1.32 Current Asset Turnover 45.65% 2.41 1.65 1.38 1.46EPS (INR) C  Working Capital Turnover 114.30% 11.28 5.26 2.82 3.09PE Ratio (Absolute) D Capital Employed Turnover 21.89% 4.55 3.73 2.20 2.51 Improved Decline SET TOP BOX MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 14
  15. 15. Public: Foreign Company – Company 1 (‐/‐)Key Business Segments Key Geographic Segments k1 k2 k3 k4 k5 k6 k7 k8 E   L 20‐‐ 20‐‐ 20‐‐ 20‐‐ 20‐‐ 20‐‐ 20‐‐Key Information PDescription  Details AMOverview S • C2 designs, manufactures, and markets mobile communication and media devices,  personal computers, and portable digital music players • It also sells software, services, peripherals, networking solutions, and third‐party digital  content and applications worldwide • C3 operates in India via its subsidiary, C4 SET TOP BOX MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 15
  16. 16. Private: Domestic Company – Company 2 (‐/‐)Company Information Offices and Centres – India India Head OfficeTel No. E   LFax No.Website P MYear of Incorporation India OfficeProducts and Services Category S A Products/Services Key People Name DesignationSet‐Top Box Products •S1 Person 1 D1  Person 2 D2  Person 3 D3  SET TOP BOX MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 16
  17. 17. Private: Domestic Company – Company 2 (‐/‐)Financial Snapshot Key Ratios y‐o‐y change  Particulars  2011 2010 2009 2008 Total Income Total Income Profit (2012‐11) INR mn Profit / Loss INR mn  Profitability Ratios W Operating Margin ‐1.10 14.68% 15.78% 16.93% 19.72% Net Margin ‐0.91 13.23% 14.14% 15.55% 18.61% V Profit Before Tax Margin ‐0.83 15.25% 16.08% 17.46% 20.62% Return on Equity 7.60 60.51% 52.91% 34.43% 47.18%   Return on Capital Employed 8.09 67.13% 59.05% 37.48% 49.96% Return on Working Capital 75.43 150.07% 74.64% 44.18% 58.13% E U Return on Assets 3.58 24.34% 20.77% 18.93% 24.74% L T Return on Fixed Assets 28.31 319.77% 291.46% 227.97% 346.05% 0 0 Cost Ratios P 20‐‐ 20‐‐ 20‐‐ 20‐‐ Operating costs (% of Sales) 1.06 85.23% 84.17% 82.96% 80.08% Administration costs (% of  0.49 10.10% 9.61% 9.11% 7.41%Financial Summary  Sales) M Interest costs (% of Sales) 0.01 0.01% 0.00% 0.00% 0.01%• Company incurred a net profit of INR ‐ bn in FY 20‐‐, as  Liquidity Ratios A compared to net profit of INR ‐ bn in FY 20‐‐ Current Ratio ‐12.79% 1.27 1.46 1.95 1.90 S Cash Ratio ‐8.37% 0.60 0.65 1.21 1.18• It reported total Income of  INR ‐ bn in FY 20‐‐, as  Leverage Ratios compared to INR ‐ bn in FY 20‐‐ Debt to Equity Ratio ‐4.03% 1.49 1.55 0.82 0.91 Debt to Capital Ratio NA NA NA NA NA• The company earned an operating margin of ‐ per cent in  Interest Coverage Ratio ‐82.25% 2219.40 12502.34 11161.05 2901.67 FY 20‐‐, a decrease of ‐ percentage points over FY 20‐‐ Efficiency Ratios• The company reported debt to equity ratio of ‐ in FY 20‐‐,  Fixed Asset Turnover 16.94% 24.03 20.55 14.57 18.41 an increase of ‐ per cent over FY 20‐‐ Asset Turnover 24.95% 1.83 1.46 1.21 1.32 Current Asset Turnover 45.65% 2.41 1.65 1.38 1.46 Working Capital Turnover 114.30% 11.28 5.26 2.82 3.09 Capital Employed Turnover 21.89% 4.55 3.73 2.20 2.51 Improved Decline SMARTPHONE MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT SET TOP BOX MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 17
  18. 18. Private: Domestic Company – Company 2 (‐/‐)Key Recent DevelopmentsDescription  Details • O1 is a leading player in technologies including real‐time bidding, data marketplaces, big Overview data, algorithms and targetting in o2 • Its engine is manned by over ‐ people across o3, o4, o5, o6, o7 • The company works closely with top publishers across the global platform including o8  and o9 E   • It constitutes an exclusive reseller of o10’s premium inventory in India, Thailand,  LExtended Product  Indonesia and PhillipinesPortfolio P • It also has partnership with technology vendors namely o11, o12, o13, o14 • Its list of investors include names such as Nexua Venture Partners, Helion Venture  M Partners, Norwest Venture Partners and Draper Fisher Juvertson,  S A SET TOP BOX MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 18
  19. 19. Strategic Recommendations (1/2) Companies need to focus on specific1 and specific2 early to leverage on specific3 Recommendation1 E   • TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText  L TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText  TextText TextText TextText P • TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText  TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText AM • TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText  TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText S • TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText  TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText • TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText TextText SET TOP BOX MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 19
  20. 20. AppendixRatio Calculations Ratio Calculations (Operating  Current Assets / Current Operating Margin Current Ratio Income/Revenues)*100 Liabilities Net Margin (Net Profit / Revenues) *100 {(Cash & Bank Balance +  Cash Ratio Marketable Securities) / Current  (Income Before Tax / Revenues  Liabilities)} Profit Before Tax Margin *100  Total Liabilities / Shareholders  Debt to Equity  (Net Income / Shareholders  Equity Return on Equity (ROE)  Equity)*100  {Total Debt / (Shareholders  Debt to Capital Ratio EBIT / (Total Assets – Current  Equity + Total Debt)} Return on Capital (ROCE)  Liabilities)*100  Interest Coverage Ratio EBIT / Interest Expense (Net Income / Working Capital) Return on Working Capital *100 Fixed Asset Turnover Sales / Fixed Assets Return on Assets (Net Income / Total Assets)*100  Asset Turnover Sales / Total Assets Return on Fixed Assets (Net Income / Fixed Assets) *100  (Operating Expenses / Sales)  Current Asset Turnover  Sales / Current Assets Operating Costs (% of Sales) *100 Administration Costs (% of  (Administrative Expenses / Sales)  Working Capital Turnover Sales / Working Capital Sales) *100  Capital Employed Turnover  Sales / Shareholders Equity Interest Costs (% of Sales) (Interest Expenses / Sales) *100  SET TOP BOX MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 20
  21. 21. Sources of Information Secondary Research Primary Research Print Medium InterviewsLeading Newspapers Leading Industry VendorsConsumer Electronics and Technology Journals /  Industry StakeholdersMagazines Industry Experts Business Magazines General Consumers Electronic Medium Online Social MediaCompany WebsitesGovernment Websites / ResourcesOnline Consumer Electronics MagazinesOnline Technology and Gadget Journals / ArticlesPremium Databases SET TOP BOX MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 21
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