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The Hospital Information System Market in India is a considerably big market already but has tremendous scope to grow further. Monitoring of a hospital by using Hospital Information System can provide the hospital administration the best insights of their business and help in assessing the functioning of various departments. In terms of effort and cost, figures are derived automatically from the routine HIS system that saves manual labour extensively. Infact, the system does away with the possibility of erroneous entries that is a big drawback of manual processing of hospital related entries.

The report begins with the introduction section that deals with the current and developing IT enabled healthcare systems in the market, followed by the functions and significance of the hospital information system software. The structure, workflow model of the software along with the vivid description of possible modules that can be incorporated in the software has been elaborately discussed.

The Market Overview section has highlighted the current market scenario with the future expected growth rate of the software market till the year 2015. Also provided is the overview of the top states of India leading in maximum number of Hospital Information System software installation in hospitals and top software manufacturers in the market.

The report provides the driving factors that are encouraging the hospital information system software market among which the booming healthcare market finds a prominent position. The ever growing medical tourism industry, till date low hospital information system software penetration in comparison to the number of hospitals in the country, health insurance market enjoying an unprecedented growth, government’s requirement of up to date methodical data and need of maintaining database for recording various medical cases are the possible reasons for the industry to prosper. A detailed analysis has been made of the drivers. The key challenges of the industry have also been analysed of which inadequate spending in Indian IT infrastructure is a primary reason. Others include lack of IT training of the hospital staff in their initial career stages and the lack in awareness about how the software can make the hospital work process smooth and well organised.

The report further discusses the emerging trends that are being applied for improved healthcare services that include aspects like Telemedicine and Cloud Computing.

The report further analyses the role of government in the market and how it can expand its role to enable automation of the healthcare industry with the help of information technology.

The competition section provides an overview of the competitive landscape in the market. The section includes Porter’s 5 Forces Analysis of the market. A diagrammatic presentation of state-wise percentage market share of the leading software comp

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Market Research Report : HIS Market in India 2012

  1. 1. Insert Cover Image using Slide Master View Do not distortHospital Information System Market in IndiaFebruary 2012
  2. 2. Executive Summary Hospital Information System market in India was valued INR xx.x mn in 20-- and is expected to reach INR yy.y mn by 20-- Market The market is highly competitive due to low entry barrier There are numerous players in the market both foreign and domestic Drivers: Challenges: – Booming healthcare industry – Low spending in IT infrastructure LE Drivers & – Growing Medical Tourism – Lack of IT training in initial career stages – Low HIS penetration – Lack of awarenessChallenges – – – MP Growing health insurance market Government requirement for methodical data Need for database for recording medical cases Trends Role of Telemedicine Cloud Computing SA Lacking initiative by the government healthcare Expected role of the governmentGovernment Major Players Domestic Companies Foreign Companies Organisations Player 1 Player 1 Player 1 Player 2 Player 2 Player 2 Player 3 Player 3Competition Player 4 Player 4 Player 5 Player 5 Player 6 Player 6 Player 7 Player 8 HOSPITAL INFORMATION SYSTEM MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 2
  3. 3. • Introduction IT in Healthcare HIS and its Significance LE• Structure of HIS P Broad overview of Modules Workflow of Modules•• A Market OverviewM Description of general modules in HIS S Drivers & Challenges• Trends• Role of Government• Competition• Strategic Recommendation• Appendix HOSPITAL INFORMATION SYSTEM MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 3
  4. 4. Applications of Information Technology in Healthcare -Summary Hospital Information System (HIS) PLE SAM IT Enabled Healthcare Personal Health Record Electronic Medical Record (PHR) (EMR) Increasing application of Information Technologies in healthcare is aiding to the betterment of treatment procedures and patient services HOSPITAL INFORMATION SYSTEM MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 4
  5. 5. HIS to solve hospital information related issues Introduction Hospital Information System (HIS) is the breakthrough technology for the effective management of information storage and flow of routine hospital services which helps in managing medical, administrative, financial and also legal aspects of a hospital LE Various titles that refer to the aspect of managing information storage and flow in respect to routine hospital services include Healthcare Information System Clinical Information System Patient Data Management System MP SA Significance of HIS • A single data base that will help in storing diverse data related to demography, gender, age as well as past medical records of the patients • A big support system for doctors that will enable them to take quick and effective decisions regarding compatible and incompatible drugs along with allergy warning if any of specific patients • HIS is programmed to send reminders to prescribes drugs and administer vaccines • Helps in information integrity and avoid manual errors in entries • Help in reducing time and effort of staffs in filling up documents thereby freeing resources for other critical workSource: HOSPITAL INFORMATION SYSTEM MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 5
  6. 6. Variety of modules in HIS for effective hospital management HIS has capability to make hospital administration very methodical Registration • Effective management of front desk activities including registration, appointment, availability of doctors with patients’ personal, physical, clinical and demographic information & • Provides enquiry assistance of admitted patients Appointment • Appointment scheduling with reminders via sms Electronic PLE • Helps in record and access to clinical details of patients • Real time recording of tests and medication M Medical Record • Organised data record with least scope of incorrect entries Emergency Unit Management • • • • SA Patient is monitored from his arrival, course of action undertaken and the further clinical follow up Provides guidance to critical patients from the emergency ward to the respective bed Alerts are sent to the concerned department and doctors for efficient handling and care of such patients Further consulting, pharmacy and surgical details provided • Manages transfer and allocation of bed for patients ADT • Effective evaluation of patient condition with follow up of medication from doctors and nurses Management • E-prescribing medication • Helps in appropriate discharge of patients alongwith a comprehensive discharge summary • Keeps a check on the hospitals available Ambulance • Manages the scheduled and emergency services Availability • Manages emergency facility provided in ambulances • Provision of communication facilitiesSource: HOSPITAL INFORMATION SYSTEM MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 6
  7. 7. Increasing focus towards the betterment of the patient services will help the Indian Healthcare IT market to flourish Market Overview Market Size and Growth •The world healthcare IT market was valued at INR x.x in 20-- and is expected to reach y.y in 20-- INR XX A6 •India has the fastest growing healthcare IT market 10,000 X% A5 in Asia, with an expected growth rate of x%, A4 LE 8,000 followed closely by China and Vietnam A3 6,000 A2 A1 •In 20-- the potential for IT in health market is forecasted to reach INR xx.x •In 20-- the estimated market size of HIS in India MP 4,000 2,000 was close to INR xx.x, growing at an approximate growth rate of m% is expected to reach INR yy.y mn in 20-- •Top 3 states with highest number of hospitals SA 0 20-- 20-- 20--e 20--e 20--e 20--e N.B. Fluctuations due to changes in the exchange rate have been taken into consideration having HIS installed are State A, State B and State C while eastern belt of India is lagging behind in On a year-on-year basis the market has always projected a growth rate higher than x% and experienced a growth number of HIS installations rate of as high as y.y% from 20xx to 20xx •The market is segmented dominated by regional local players across states State A based Company A and State B based Company B has a massive market share in their respective regionsSource: HOSPITAL INFORMATION SYSTEM MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 7
  8. 8. Drivers & Challenges - Summary Drivers Booming healthcare industry PLE Challenges M Growing Medical Tourism Low spending in IT infrastructure Growing health insurance market Government requirement for methodical data SA Lack of IT training in initial career stages Lack of awareness Need for database for recording medical cases Low HIS penetration HOSPITAL INFORMATION SYSTEM MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 8
  9. 9. Major Public Companies - Summary PAT 1,000 Size of the Bubble represents Market 0 R Capitalization in INR XX -1,000 -2,000 -3,000 Q PLE -4,000 -5,000 -6,000 -7,000 SAM -8,000 -9,000 P-10,000-11,000 Revenue -500,000 0 500,000 1,000,000 1,500,000 2,000,000 2,500,000 3,000,000 3,500,000 R Q P HOSPITAL INFORMATION SYSTEM MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 9
  10. 10. Public: Domestic Company – P Company (1/4)Company Information Offices and Centres – India 49, X RoadCorporate Address BangaloreTel No. +91 xx xxxxx xxxxxFax No. +91 xx xxxxx xxxxx LEWebsite PYear of Incorporation 19-- MTicker Symbol xxxxxx AStock Exchange NNN City CProducts and ServicesCategory Products/Services S City A City B Head Office Regional OfficesInformation Software application development, Key PeopleManagement notebooksServices Name DesignationConsumer Goods Personal care, F&B Person M Founder Person N CFO Person O Head Person Q President HOSPITAL INFORMATION SYSTEM MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 10
  11. 11. Public: Domestic Company – P Company (2/4) Financial Snapshot Key Ratios Particulars y-o-y change 20-- 20-- 20-- 20-- Revenue Revenue Profit INR mn INR mn Profitability Ratios q Profit / Loss t r p Operating Margin s Net Margin s n r Profit Before Tax Margin LE n p Return on Equity m o 0 q t Return on Capital Employed 0 -m P Return on Working Capital 20-- 20-- 20-- 20-- Return on Assets M Financial Summary Return on Fixed Assets Cost Ratios • The company incurred a net loss of INR xx mn in FY 20--, as compared to net profit of INR yy mn in FY 20-- • The company reported total income of INR xx bn in FY 20--, registering an increase of yy per cent over FY 20-- • The company earned an operating margin of x per cent in FY 20-- a SA Operating costs (% of Sales) Administration costs (% of Sales) Interest costs (% of Sales) Liquidity Ratios Current Ratio decrease of y percentage points over FY 20-- Cash Ratio • The company reported debt to equity ratio of x in FY 20--, an Leverage Ratios increase of y per cent over FY 20-- Debt to Equity Ratio Debt to Capital Ratio Financial Summary Interest Coverage RatioIndicators Present Value Efficiency Ratios Market Capitalization (INR) X mn Fixed Asset Turnover Total Enterprise Value (INR) Y mn Asset Turnover Current Asset Turnover EPS (INR) Z mn Working Capital Turnover PE Ratio (Absolute) A Capital Employed TurnoverSource: Improved Decline HOSPITAL INFORMATION SYSTEM MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 11
  12. 12. Public: Domestic Company – P Company (3/4) Key Business Segments Key Geographic Segments m n o x y z x x x LE x x x x y x y y y z y z y z y z y MP z 20-- z 20-- z 20-- z 20-- A 20-- 20-- 20-- 20-- Key Recent Developments Overview Description S Specification •Company P has 17 offices in city A, city B and city C • In 20-- it launched XXX product and came in the global list of top 20 most innovative Recent Activities products •Has installed HMIS in 12 hospitals of India till now HIS •Covers 20 most important modules for hospital administrationSource: HOSPITAL INFORMATION SYSTEM MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 12
  13. 13. Public: Domestic Company – P Company (4/4) Brand Modules Specification • Online charge capturing and tracking Registration of all billable services Admission, Discharge and • Operates back office tasks Transfer • Inventory management through LE Consumption Entry accurate estimation of demand, timely procurement and distribution Out-patient billing module/IP P Hospital Information System MP billing module Auto-discharge summary of medical and non-medical items • Seamless integration with medical equipment. SA Management information system module Security and Identity • Improved patient satisfaction through reduced turnaround time at points of care • Online availability of information Management across departmentsSource: HOSPITAL INFORMATION SYSTEM MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 13
  14. 14. Thank you for the attentionThe Hospital Information System Market in India report is part of Research on India’sHealthcare Industry Series.For more detailed information or customized research requirements please contact:Tamojit RoyPhone: +91 33 4064 6215E-Mail: tamojit.roy@netscribes.comResearch on India is a product of Netscribes (India) Pvt. Ltd. Research on India is dedicated to disseminating information and providing quickinsights on “hot” industries in India and other emerging markets. Track our new releases and major updates in these industries onAbout NetscribesNetscribes is a knowledge-consulting and solutions firm with clientele across the globe. The company’s expertise spans areas of investment &business research, business & corporate intelligence, content-management services, and knowledge-software services. At its core lies a truevalue proposition that draws upon a vast knowledge base. Netscribes is a one-stop shop designed to fulfil clients’ profitability and growthobjectives.Disclaimer: This report is published for general information only. Although high standards have been used the preparation, Research on India,Netscribes (India) Pvt. Ltd. or “Netscribes” is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from use of this document. This document is thesole property of Netscribes (India) Pvt. Ltd. and prior permission is required for guidelines on reproduction. HOSPITAL INFORMATION SYSTEM MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 14