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Webinar Tracker ABCs


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Rapid advancements in Digital, Mobile and Social technologies are offering great opportunities for market researchers to collect attitudinal, behavioral and conversational data. In this webinar we would like to help you explore the impact that these technologies can have on your tracking studies and how to integrate them into your projects.

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Webinar Tracker ABCs

  1. 1. Tracker ABCsAttitudinal. Behavioral. Conversational.A collection of case studies.#RNwebinars
  2. 2. Tracker ABCs January 2012 Webinar on Trackers  Research Design Considerations  Survey and Sampling  Stability  Sourcing, Demographic, and Field Practices  Changing a Tracker  Purpose, Plan, Parallel, Partner  Mitigating RISK  Research Plan  Instrument Design  Sample Plan  Knowledgeable Partners#RNwebinars 2
  3. 3. Tracker ABCs Tell us: Which one of the following trends are you seeing most for 2013 trackers? a) Continued shift of trackers from offline to online b) Beginning of a shift from online to mobile c) Change in sourcing of sample for trackers (i.e., new partners or including river) d) Layering in other sources of data into the analysis (social media listening, search, etc.) e) None of the above — our trackers are remaining stable f ) Not applicable — we don’t run trackers#RNwebinars 3
  4. 4. Tracker ABCs Today’s Agenda  Data Streams and Layering  Benefits and Value Proposition  Attitudinal Case Studies  Behavioral Case Study  Conversational Case Study  Q&A#RNwebinars 4
  5. 5. Tracker ABCs Data Streams  Attitudinal Data  Online Surveys  Mobile Surveys Attitudinal  Hybrid Research Data Epicenter  Behavioral Data  Online Meters  Mobile Meters  Conversational Data Behavioral Conversational  Social Comments  Sentiment Scores#RNwebinars 5
  6. 6. Tracker ABCs The Benefits of Layering  Validation  When attitudinal survey scores move, see if social media sentiment scores also changed.  When brand awareness scores increase, see if mentions, search, and visits also grew.  Investigation  If an attribute score moves unexpectedly, analyze and code social media content to understand why.  Use behavioral data to explore where shoppers went just before and after they left your store (mobile geo tracking) or site (online meter).  Track category behaviors by tagging all of the stores or sites in your category that frequented by population.  Interpretation  Make confident recommendations using complete data.  Combine “who, what, when, where, why and how” into one holistic data set and 360-degree view of a topic.#RNwebinars 6
  7. 7. Tracker ABCsAttitudinal Tracking: Online The Case: Auto Intenders Tracker The Challenge: To accommodate an increased sample size, new sources of respondents needed to be introduced into the sample frame. Question F The Solution: Blend RiverSelect and the e-Rewards Panel to increase the sample universe. Run Question E simultaneous, replicate studies and model the data differences. Build a data adjustment scheme to Question D support future year reporting. Question C The Outcome: Modeling showed an increase in scores of +3-5 percentage points for the new Question B sample across all demographics. Differences were significant at a 95% confidence interval, so an Question A adjustment was made to prior year scores to sustain trending. Data remained stable in future 0% 50% 100% months, with changes in scores directly attributable to marketplace events. Sample B Sample A 7
  8. 8. Tracker ABCsTell us: Which one of the following aspects ofmobile research is the most interesting to youor your company?a) In-the-moment research (while they are eating or shopping)b) In home ethnographic researchc) Geo-fencing research (tagging them at a theater)d) Mobile behavioral research (analyzing mobile usage, search and website visits)e) Mystery shopper and shop-a-long research (bar code scanning and the use of media)f ) Qualitative components (getting audio, video and imagery uploaded)g) Quantitative surveys that are mobile friendly, and can replace or enhance traditional online surveysh) In-app intercept surveysi ) None of the above 8
  9. 9. Tracker ABCs Attitudinal Tracking: Mobile  The Case: Moviegoers Tracker  The Challenge: Reduce recall error and increase reliability of data by surveying moviegoers closer to the event.  The Solution: Utilize RN Mobile geo-fencing capabilities, a mobile-friendly survey, and automatic triggers to identify recent moviegoers and survey them about their experiences.  The Outcome: Research Now Mobile placed geo-fencing around 40 theater chains. Panelists triggered the survey once they entered the radius of the theater. During the first weekend, nearly 500 panel members received surveys, with just over a 62% response rate.  Data was combined with the existing general population research to subsidize the insights for recent movie-goers.#RNwebinars 9
  10. 10. Tracker ABCs Attitudinal Tracking: Hybrid  The Case: Automaker dealing with brand controversy  The Challenge: Be able to identify in real-time a key intender or brand advocate who is at risk.  The Solution: Based on demos entering the survey, attribute scores, and open-ended comments, trigger a real-time iModerate chat mid-survey to probe on key topics.  The Outcome: Each wave, qualitative depth discussions are layered into the quantitative report focusing on voice of the customer comments about the brand, word on the street insights, and service/purchase experiences.#RNwebinars 10
  11. 11. Tracker ABCs Behavioral Tracking  The Case: Niche retail clothing store quarterly tracker  The Challenge: Increase the base size of hard to find retail brand shoppers to extend the value of the tracker.  The Solution: Use the proprietary RN online behavioral tracking meter to identify panelists who recently shopped online at the brand website and target them for a survey.  The Outcome: The brand was able to gather more completes by including behaviorally targeted e-shoppers. Behavioral targeting resulted in much higher incidence and a previously under- represented audience. Other behavioral elements we also able to be delivered.#RNwebinars 11
  12. 12. Tracker ABCsConversational Tracking  The Case: Chick-fil-A Perception Tracking  The Challenge: Find insights for questions you can’t ask.  The Solution: Listen rather than ask. Use the Research Now Conversition platform to monitor social media chatter.  The Outcome: Brand sentiment scores and comments specific to sensitive social issues were monitored in social media rather than introduced in the surveys.Five strong themes emerge… Sentiment Score1. Waiving food payment: Notable instances of staff waiving the payment for food where they consider a customer has been waiting too long. 52. Positive associations with Christianity: Chick-fil-A is an overtly Christian 4 organization (for example, it doesn’t open on a Sunday which is considered a day of rest) and this is noteworthy for a number of customers. 33. Service footprint extends beyond the 4 walls of the store: Noted examples include employees taking orders outside the store, handing orders 2 from the service window to the car window, and marshalling cars in busy car parks. 14. Exceptional politeness of the staff: Large number of mentions relating to the politeness, cheerfulness and overall positive attitudes of the employees. 05. Paying it forward: Some mentions of a phenomenon of “paying it forward”; potentially a social meme that is playing out in the Quick Serve Restaurant category. 12
  13. 13. Tracker ABCs Imagine the Possibilities#RNwebinars 13
  14. 14. Tracker ABCs Research Now leveraged the 2012 Olympics as a “data lab” to learn how multiple modes of digital data collection can be combined to tell a more complete story about consumers.  The integration of these capabilities provides unique potential for achieving holistic data collection  Data sources include: Being discussed at the CASRO Online conference in March 2013.#RNwebinars We hope to see you there! 14
  15. 15. Thank you! For more information: Melanie 15