October 2011 Webinar: Beyond the Traditional


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October 2011 Webinar: Beyond the Traditional

  1. 1. Beyond the TraditionalHow do your digital campaigns measure up?Kyle GollinsClient Development ManagerResearch Now, Media Division - Americas#rnwebinars
  2. 2. ADimension TM Obtain a universe of insight#rnwebinars2 © 2011 Research Now
  3. 3. What Makes ADimension Unique ADimension  Single Sourced Panel Based Solution  Ad Tracking with direct measurement technology  Combines Audience Measurement, Panel and Survey Data#rnwebinars3 © 2011 Research Now
  4. 4. Trusted and Responsive Panels Research Now Canada Operating the world’s leading global online research panels  Over a decade of experience in online sampling and data collection  22 offices worldwide  More than 1,000 employees Trusted by 95% of the worlds top market research firms#rnwebinars4 © 2011 Research Now
  5. 5. Gold Standard in Audience Measurement Quantcast Canada Million U.S. per month, and 240+ seen more than 800x Internet Users “The de facto standard over 1.3 Billion worldwide for measuring web audiences” 500+ Billion / Month  Global data collection architecture media consumption events per month handling hundreds of billions of transactions per month  Used by tens of millions of web 100+ Million 14+ Billion Daily destinations worldwide directly measured consumption events web destinations directly recorded 10 of the top 10 media agencies use Quantcast#rnwebinars5 © 2011 Research Now
  6. 6. Research Now Panel Overview  Over 6 million members worldwide  Covering 38 Countries  Localized member portals  Over 3.2 million US members  1.5 millions US panelists opted-in for ad tracking  Recruited from 300+ partners  Industry leading response rates  Consumer, Business Professional, Healthcare and Specialty Audience targeting  Over 350+ target criteria#rnwebinars6 © 2011 Research Now
  7. 7. Recruitment Methodology “By-invitation-only” recruitment We partner with globally recognized brands to invite individuals into the panel. Individuals have pre-existing relationships with the company that invited them. This recruitment approach allows us to:  access hard-to-reach consumer and business audiences  build a well-rounded, normalized panel  ensure higher quality panelists.#rnwebinars7 © 2011 Research Now
  8. 8. Research Now Partners with Leading Brands#rnwebinars8 © 2011 Research Now
  9. 9. ADimension - Gaining the whole picture Combining Audience Measurement with Opt-in Panels#rnwebinars9 © 2011 Research Now
  10. 10. ADimension Addresses Previous Challenges Challenge Solution  Frequent cookie drops by multiple Cookie Deletion publishers reduces panel churn and allows panel provider to gain legacy data before they drop a new cookie or between cookie clearance Tracking individual users  Minimized by “cookieing” all machines to ensure panelist will be exposure across multiple tracked on their exposure regardless computers of what machine they use  Non-response Bias  Campaign universe definition for weighting is based on all individuals exposed not just the survey respondents#rnwebinars10 © 2011 Research Now
  11. 11. Requirements For Panel Based Solutions Key Requirements Research Now Solution  Widely accepted by online  Quantcast’s service widely used throughout the industry publishers.  Large opt-in Panel for ad  Research Now maintains the largest panel in the industry and have over tracking. 1.5 million panellists opted-in to track their ad exposure.  High Response Rates  Research Now has some of the highest response rates in the industry, on average 15-30%, which is 50 times higher than intercept recruitment.#rnwebinars11 © 2011 Research Now
  12. 12. Requirements For Panel Based Solutions Concerns with Research Now Single-sourced multi-sourced panels Panel Solution  Duplication. Utilizing cookied panels  Due to the vast size of our cookied panel, across several providers opens up the our respondents come from a single source risk of surveying the same person with proven de-duplications measures more than once  Lack of control due to finite  Research Now’s solution is powered by resources. With a limited number of our own proprietary panels, which respondents cookied across multiple enables us to have complete control panels, providers of ad measurement over the survey fielding and sampling tools are competing for panelists to process. survey, creating complexities that have yet to be addressed.  Data Quality. Sourcing respondents  Research Now has earned a reputation from multiple panels creates quality for delivering the highest quality issues due to inconsistencies in panel respondents in the industry. Our management and recruitment cookied panel members are processes. permission-based and future proofed against internet privacy regulations#rnwebinars12 © 2011 Research Now
  13. 13. #rnwebinars
  14. 14. Step 1 First, we review your media plan with you and find out exactly what you need to know.#rnwebinars14 © 2011 Research Now
  15. 15. Step 2 We embed tags in your online creative to capture campaign details.#rnwebinars15 © 2011 Research Now
  16. 16. Step 3 Every time a panelist is exposed to your ad, we log it#rnwebinars16 © 2011 Research Now
  17. 17. Step 4 We add rich demographic profiling data on exposed panelists#rnwebinars17 © 2011 Research Now
  18. 18. Step 5 Tailored surveys are sent to exposed and unexposed panelists#rnwebinars18 © 2011 Research Now
  19. 19. How it works – Step 6 Combined data sets are delivered for you to derive insights#rnwebinars19 © 2011 Research Now
  20. 20. #rnwebinars20 © 2011 Research Now
  21. 21. Questions? Kyle Gollins Research Now, Media Division - Americas 212-805-2809 kgollins@researchnow.com21 © 2011 Research Now