Enhance Customer Experience Measurement (CEM) with Mobile Research


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February 2013 Webinar

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Enhance Customer Experience Measurement (CEM) with Mobile Research

  1. 1. Enhance CustomerExperience Measurement(CEM) with Mobile Research Steve von Bevern Vice President, Client Service & Operations February 27, 2013
  2. 2. Smartphones Now Dominate Mobile Share InMost Developed Countries• 2013 estimates say 1.4 billion smartphones and 268 million tablets in active use (not just units shipped) • Android leads in smartphones; iOS in tablets• End Of Year 2013 estimates: • 45 million Windows phones; 20 million Blackberries (3.2% and 1.4%, respectively) • Android = 798 million handsets (57% share); iOS = 294 million devices (21% share) 2
  3. 3. Why Mobile for CEM? Example: Capture impulse purchase & consumption in-the-moment• Capture the full cycle from purchase to consumption as it occurs • Capture c-store impulse purchases & consumption • Mobile website shopper intercepts • Comparison shoppers who visit websites or apps on a mobile while in stores• Do it more economically with deeper insights• Hard-to-reach consumers? Try mobile for younger audiences, Hispanics, IT professionals 3
  4. 4. How Does Mobile CEM Field Work Compare? Cash register receipts, F2F intercepts, online and mobile• Broader, representative samples • Online vs. mobile show comparable results • Online responders typically skews older while mobile skew younger • To reach a broad audience, both are needed • Reach a broader audience than cash register receipt surveys or F2F: • Non-purchasers as well as purchasers • Mobile typically generates 14 to 40% response rates• Faster • Mobile quant studies can close quota quickly—within 48 hours• Cost effective • Let smart phone owners be your field force and data entry team 4
  5. 5. How Can I Further Enhance Mobile CEM? For better insights, layer other mobile survey features Geo-Triggered Rich Media: Behavioral Data Invites: Capture:Reach consumers as Enable customer ‘self- Combine passive datathey shop, interact ethnography’ for with attitudinalwith sales associates, faster and more cost- surveys for 360◦or purchase from effective qualitative insights aboutcompetitor locations data collection purchasers and non- purchasers alike • Bar code scans • Pull up to 24 data• Catch consumers in- • Heat maps streams over the-moment…or later (likes/dislikes) of retail consumer’s smart• Catch consumers when photos phones before, during & after • Videos or audio open • Confirm attitudinal they shop ends survey responses with• Follow the complete behavioral data like path-to-purchase lat/long of store visits and…’path to consumption’ 5
  6. 6. Do Respondents Answer Differently WhenTaking Mobile Surveys? – Coupon UsageComparing Survey Data (Weighted to Demos) From A Recent U.S. Study On average, how often do Mobile Online Total you use coupons when you (N=472) (N=884) (N=1356) shop? Almost every time I shop 32% 34% 33% Occasionally 55% 51% 52% Rarely 12% 14% 14% Never 1% 1% 1% 6
  7. 7. What About Open-Ended Responses?Mobile consistently shows richer results. From arecent study in the U.S. with audio responsecapture on mobile vs. typed for online…. Mobile Online # Base % # Base % # of respondents 86 100 86% 656 663 99% with an answer Avg length 18 8 (non-zero mean) Those with 2 100 2% 139 663 21% 1-2 word response Those with 5+ word 68 100 68% 391 663 59% responses Those with 10+ word 43 100 43% 190 663 29% responses 7
  8. 8. Do Respondents Engage With Mobile?Mobile leads online in survey sat ratings Respondents who complete a survey on Only a tiny segment of mobile survey a mobile are more likely to rate the takers find surveys ‘somewhat’ (5%) or experience as ‘somewhat’ or ‘very fun’ ‘very difficult’ (1%) to complete. compared to those completing a more traditional online survey.70% 70%60% 60%50% 50%40% 40%30% 30%20% 20%10% 10%0% 0% Boring Neutral Very fun Online Online Mobile Mobile Total 8
  9. 9. 9
  10. 10. Geo Surveys 10
  11. 11. Retail SurveysHow does a major consumer goods company getshopper feedback on their in-store displays? CASEResearch Now Mobile created a mobile survey forshoppers, whose locations were validated by GPS STUDYdata, to complete while inside targeted supermarkets. • Respondents uploaded photos of in-store displays and scanned UPC barcodes of products • Geo-fencing ensured the survey was available only when respondents were in the store, ensuring strong validation and data quality • Rich In-The-Moment data and insights 11
  12. 12. Behavioral 12
  13. 13. Behavioral Insights How does a digital newspaper use passive data capture to gain deeper reader insights? CASE A digital newspaper that caters to STUDY tablet users through a newspaper app uses Research Now Mobile+ to send targeted surveys and overlays the survey data with behavioral data for deeper insights.  Behavior data like app downloads, music played, etc. are passively captured  Survey data is collected periodically by pushing surveys  Data from repeat surveys and passive data capture are tied together for deeper insights13 © 2012 Research Now
  14. 14. Rich Media Uploads 14
  15. 15. Home How comfortable are respondents are with Ethnography qualitative aspects of mobile research? Research Now Mobile invited 3,500 panelists to take part in a home ethnography study designed to understand respondents’ willingness to participate in qualitative parts of mobile studies, particularly media uploads.  679 completes in 2 days, despite the study being long & media intensive  97% scanned barcodes  99% uploaded pictures  82% uploaded audio  80% of those with pets uploaded videos15 © 2012 Research Now
  16. 16. Are There ‘Downsides’ to Mobile Research?• Geo locations are great, but plan wisely • Do not plan quick ‘drive bys’ without larger over-samples • Geo invites … do you have physical lat/long or street address? (Think malls) • Tradeoffs of battery life vs. accuracy of measurement• Shorter surveys may not let you capture all the attribute ratings you want for advanced loyalty modeling• Survey Length • We see wide length variation • Don’t shy away from longer surveys • 10 minutes (or longer) is fine with good design • Multiple point of engagement on mobile over course of time. Consider diaries: • multiple surveys fused together into one set of results (store visit, in-home use, etc.)• Native app is best confined to high share devices like iOS or Android • Blackberry, other small share devices: limit them to web app today• Be prepared to deal with rich media and passive data • Showing rich media or capturing rich media… • …Rich media generates a lot of data. • …Be prepared to code, tabulate and analyze audio, video and photos. 16
  17. 17. Conclusions 17
  18. 18. 18
  19. 19. Thank YouOn behalf of the entire Research Now Mobile team 19