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Competitive intelligence project


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Competitive intelligence project

  1. 1. PETSMART, PETCO, AND PETLAND Competitive Intelligence Project
  2. 2. INDUSTRY OVERVIEW Pet stores sell: Pet foods. Pet supplies: collars, leashes, health and beauty aids, shampoos, medication, toys, pet containers, dog kennels and cat furniture. Pet services: such as grooming, training, photography, and insurance. Pets themselves: including dogs, cats, rodents, reptiles, fish, and birds.
  3. 3. PETSMART EXECUTIVES Title Name Chairman and CEO Robert Moran Managing Director Thomas Malley Managing Director Erin Alex President and COO David Lenhardt EVP and CFO Lawrence Molloy Donald Beaver SVP and CIO SVP and Chief Marketing Officer Chief Information Security Officer Chief Security Officer John Alpaugh David Eslick Gary Heuer
  4. 4. PETCO EXECUTIVE S Title President Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising Office Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Senior Vice President, Bus Development Senior Vice President, Merchandising Vice President, General Counsel And Corporate Secretary Assistant Vice President Vice President Logistics Vice President / Chief Content Officer Vice President Indirect Name Charles Piscitello Brad Weston Razia Richter William Woodard Robert Brann Darragh Davis Jimmy Kranz Stephen Gartner Greg Seremetis Reginald Holden
  5. 5. PETLAND EXECUTIVES Title President Vice President HR Executive Sales Executive Exec Officer Finance Executive COO Chairman Name Frank Difatta Joe Watson Stacy Hopkins Jim Whitman Brian Winslow Lisa Musser Greg Hudson Ed Kunzelman
  7. 7. FINANCIALS Petland Revenue 2014: 13.3 Million
  8. 8. STRENGTHS and Strategies
  9. 9. Strategies and Strengths: Adoption policy. (No puppy mills.) Pet Hotels. Have 200. Want 400. 12/year. New locations. 125/last 3 years. PetPerks Loyalty Program. Social Networking. PetSmart website has community feature. IN 2012 spent $118 million in advertising. Higher quality food than grocery stores. Many training classes at various times and levels. Most stores have grooming and daycare facilities.
  10. 10. Strategies and Strengths: Adoption first policy. (No puppy mills.) The Petco Foundation—companion animal donations. Supporting animal-welfare groups. Petco Certified Nutrition—better food choices. Sustainable business practices. Pals Rewards. New Focus/Re-organization. “Where the healthy pets go” tagline. New and re-modeled locations. Focus on natural and organic products. Padre Petco ballpark. Getting into more services like photography and insurance. Free puppy play time.
  11. 11. Strategies and Strengths: International Markets: Japan, South Africa, China, Canada and Mexico. 15 new stores expected this year. Aquarium Adventure: an aquatics-only store. 4 locations in larger cities. Better trained/educated staff. Better store presentation and sanitation. Better selection of pets and supplies. –According to Petland. Public education on spaying/neutering. Petland therapy. Children/seniors. Charitable donations to animal care groups.
  12. 12. WEAKNES SES These may make you want to hug your animals when you get home.
  13. 13. ’s Complaints and Allegations: Bird Mills. Mouse-trap and rodent selling (double standard). Rainbow World Exotics—Animal Cruelty.
  14. 14. There are 4 Facebook groups advocating people boycott PetSmart (one is specifically about their pit-bull ban), 5 for Petco, and 6 for Petland. There are also internet petitions asking for Petland to stop supporting puppy mills and a petition
  15. 15. CUSTOMER PERCEPTION I’m not sure anyone wins.
  16. 16. THE END