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Imagine 2009 Issue 1

  1. 1. Free INSIDE Membership news Republic Conferences Campaign updates Much more... 2009 | Issue 1 The voice of modern republicanism A New Home Republic gets a new online home, featuring news, video and much more See page 4 Republic featured in C4 documentary ! UG Commons queries Buck House spending M A E 10 ‘Standards’ campaign set for launch IN W PAG Back issues and more at
  2. 2. 2 | Imagine C4 exposes the princes In a hard-hitting documentary serious questions were raised about prince Andrew’s financial dealings and Buckingham palace’s lack of transparency, while William was accused of being lazy. The Dispatches programme, which featured interviews with Republic’s Graham Smith and Republic supporter Ian Davidson MP also looked at how William was failing to take his military career seriously. The normally loyal royal commentator James Whitaker told the programme: “I'm sorry, but as second in line to the throne, he (William) really should be doing more.” The programme accused William of laziness and using RAF as PR stunt. “William will also be head of the Church of England but he’s not the few he did many were little more than attending rugby matches as a going to go off and spend five spectator. Thompson also raised years as a parish priest.” more serious questions about prince Andrew’s financial dealings. Republic’s own investigations into online@ William’s abuse of RAF aircraft, reported in the last edition of Imagine, was explained in detail in the Dispatches episode. Graham Smith One of the central allegations was that replied to claims that William had to there were question marks over how NOW FULLY BOOKED serve in the armed forces because one the Windsor family were able to day he will be Commander-in-Chief by acquire and build on the land where Republic’s 2009 Spring Conference is saying: “It's nonsense. William will also Andrew’s former house, Sunninghill, set to take place in Bristol on Saturday be head of the Church of England but now stands. The sale of the house to April 18th. he's not going to go off and spend five a wealthy tycoon for £3m over the years as a parish priest.” market price also raised eyebrows and The conference, to be held in the City questions about possible corruption. Council House, will feature the launch Channel 4 News presenter Alex of our new Standards in Public Life Thompson, who fronted the show, The programme generated significant campaign. The new project will focus detailed the nature of prince William’s interest in Republic and helped to on the way in which the monarchy is public engagements, showing that of push up our membership. organised and managed, and will highlight the lack of transparency and accountability in the royal household. Do we have your email address? Full details of the agenda can be If we haven’t you could be missing out on important found online at campaign news and regular opportunities to help us spring. spread the word and tell the world about what Republic is doing and saying. Email Next year’s event will be in Hull.
  3. 3. Imagine | 3 So they say... The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the Send your letters to people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government - Well done to everyone involved in the I was fascinated to read about Bona lest it come to dominate our lives and re-launch of the Republic website. Vacantia on your new website. I interests. The design is clean, all the issues are can’t believe Charles and the Queen Patrick Henry clearly presented, and I think it take money and property left by — strikes exactly the right tone of those who have died on Duchy land Bernard Woolley: “Of course in the straightforward, rational argument. while intestate. We need to do service, CMG stands for Call Me God. something about this… it’s a And KCMG for Kindly Call Me God.” I'm really looking forward to seeing disgrace. James Hacker: “What does GCMG stand more Republic TV. Getting high- for?” profile supporters in front of the Peter Henson Bernard Woolley: “God Calls Me God.” camera should help a lot in nudging Liverpool Yes Minister a lot of nascent supporters into — becoming members. The position is inherited, which means I enjoyed reading the new page on that someone who is mad, bad or a monarchy and tourism on the new The quot;I'm a Monarchistquot; section is a complete waste of taxpayers' money website. Like Republic, I find it stroke of genius. It clearly sends out can become queen or king. I think that baffling that anyone thinks tourism the message that we are prepared to brings the whole purpose of having a is a good reason to keep the engage with those who take a head of state into disrepute. monarchy, or that tourism would not contrary view to our own, safe in the Louise Christian be just fine without it. Just look at knowledge that the monarchist — Versaille! position is completely indefensible. Art has never been more respected and yet the Royal Collection would Jim Hill I sense that the republican cause is only be tolerated by a deeply ignorant Taunton now beginning to gain an culture that thought paintings were unstoppable momentum. Keep up just decorations for palaces. the good work! Great new site. Can we have a page Jonathan Jones on the royal household? — Steve Smedley Nominate a quote by emailing Suffolk Angela English London Imagine For the first time Republic is holding a newly styled The magazine of Republic Annual Conference open to everyone, members and Republic non-members alike. The PO Box 69 conference is being held separately from our Brighton BN50 9GS Annual General Meeting, which will continue to be a 08708 508 825 members and guests only event in late October. We are delighted to Republic Annual Conference Back issues of Imagine and more announce that long- information about the magazine standing Republic supporter and veteran can be found online at 1pm - 5pm Saturday June 20th journalist Roy Greenslade Charity Centre will be chairing the 24 Stephenson Way London NW1 2DP conference. We are also Members pleased to welcome guest TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE speakers Johann Hari and Let us know if you would prefer £5 for members / £8 for non-members Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. your copy by post or email.
  4. 4. 4 | Imagine Republic’s new online home offers much more Bona Vacantia ver story . . . cover story . . . cover story . . . cover story . . . cove From the website There is no justification for the Queen or Charles to be given money and property left by those who have died without a will simply because they lived on Duchy land. If the New site: The blog, Republic TV and Twitter offer opportunities to engage. Duchies claim not to benefit from this deal they won't mind if it were The website is split into four clear After months of work Republic’s new brought to an end. sections, Who we are, What we do, website went live on Saturday 14th What we believe and Take Action. March. Did you know that if you die without a will there's a chance your property will Joining, donating and signing up for The new site now boasts video, a new end up in the hands of Prince Charles? our e-Bulletin have all been made look blog and a Twitter account, all simpler and more prominent on the aimed at providing supporters more In Britain everything must be owned site. opportunities to debate the issues and by someone - that's the law. If no keep up with what’s happening with rightful owners of property can be the campaign. traced then it is claimed by the “We have also added a lot more Treasury. That is unless the property News and blog posts are now more information and content happens to be on land owned by the prominently displayed on the home Duchy of Cornwall or the Duchy of covering a wide range of related page, and the site greets visitors with Lancaster, in which case it goes to a main title picture which leads to the topics.” them. hot topic of the moment. It's called Bona Vacantia, but could We have also added a lot more The new site has been designed to more accurately be described as a information and content covering a cater for all the various kinds of 'nice little earner' not only for the wide range of related topics, including visitors, whether staunch republicans, Crown, but also for the Duchies of pages on tourism, the royal art journalists or people who just want to Lancaster and Cornwall - the profits of collection, the constitution, public find out more. Even our opponents which are handed to the Queen and opinion and much more. are catered for with the I’m a Prince Charles respectively. monarchist… Get me Out of Here! Visitor statistics are already showing feature, which allows monarchists to Find out more at: visits and visit times jumping up since send us their views, with a promise to the launch. post their email and our reply on the site.
  5. 5. Imagine | 5 Republican Round-up REPUBLIC TALKS the report was full of praise for Just before Christmas Phillipa Andrew’s role he would be the first to Gregory, the British historical novelist, make it public. We can only draw our best known for The Other Boleyn Girl own conclusions about why he is joined our ever growing list of high keeping this secret.” profile supporters. Republic continues to visit schools, Republic attended the Convention on The new year got off to a bad start for clubs and societies to give talks and Modern Liberty in February and has the royals, with Harry being accused presentations on what we do and continued to make it onto the of being racist. Republic’s response what we stand for. We also airwaves, with interviews and debates was widely reported, particularly participate in organised debates. on radio and TV. following similar allegations about Charles. If you would like to invite Republic Ex-footballer Stan Collymore joined to give a talk please call Graham the campaign after inviting Graham Later that month Republic called for Smith on 07747 608 770. onto his Talk Sport radio show for a Buckingham palace to be “fully debate on the monarchy. nationalised” following reports that it In the talks we cover the key issues, is struggling to pay for maintenance why we campaign for the abolition Despite the new website dominating and repairs. of the monarchy and what the our time recently we have continued alternatives are. to take the campaign to an ever wider We were in the news again when the audience. Mail on Sunday reported that prince We also talk about what Republic Andrew was refusing to release an does, how we campaign and what Don’t forget, all events information audit report into his role as trade plans we have for the future. can be found online at ambassador. Republic’s Graham Smith told the Mail: “I am sure that if Message from the Chair New site a hit but much more to do John Campbell What a hectic few a wealth of new information and enough. You can help us turn up the months it's been at analysis. Crucially, it is very easy to volume by making a donation today – Republic! add new content so it can grow with it's easier than ever to contribute to the campaign. our campaign fund at First came 'The Problem Princes', the “This is a fight between two Dispatches documentary which The Republic team is looking forward critically examined the roles of princes to another busy few months: our rival campaigns. We know we Andrew, William and Edward. The Spring and Annual conferences are can win the argument, but only campaign team were inundated with scheduled for April and June, Republic new supporters and donations as a Day is back on the republican if our voice is loud enough.” result. It goes to show that there are calendar, an exciting new fundraising many thousands of republicans out campaign is set for imminent launch there who are looking for an and various talks and debates are But it's not just the staff and Directors organisation like Republic. Our task is planned across the country. And the who love the new site - hundreds of to reach out to them. Scottish campaign is being actively you contacted us to say how much you developed with a series of meetings liked it. Thank you for your messages One key way of doing that is with our scheduled which I’m confident will of support. website, which was recently re- lead to an active new organising launched after a full-scale review and committee being established. As our public profile grows, so does re-design. the need to develop and expand. As We simply couldn't do all this without James Gray points out on Page 8, this The Board of Directors and I are your support. On behalf of the Board is a fight between two rival thrilled with the new site, which is of Directors, thank you! campaigns. We know we can win the much easier to navigate and includes argument, but only if our voice is loud
  6. 6. 6 | Imagine Our case for a republic This is your country. It is your future. Your democracy. Your choice. The case for a republic is clear - aspiration, responsibility and A quick look at what’s happening democracy, or an unaccountable at and around political system at the heart of the internet. which is an institution based on inheritance and exclusive privilege. Of course the big news online is the launch of our new website. Some of Britain deserves the best. That means the content from the website has the best democracy we can create, a From the been reproduced in this edition of democracy that genuinely puts you, website Imagine. us, in charge. Our children should be inspired to believe they can achieve Features include the all-new anything they want and our democracy is the issue of princes and palaces, the Republic TV, a series of video blogs should reflect that sense of aspiration. accountability of the tax-funded royal providing you with the latest news, We should all be encouraged to take household, what a hereditary head of views and commentary, as well as responsibility for our own political state means for Britain and the interviews with our high profile and affairs, and our democracy should problems with leaving such an eminent supporters. embody that responsibility. important office to chance. Both these sides of the debate raise serious We have also improved the payment questions about Britain and our “The monarchy is the heart of forms for new and renewing constitution. For both issues members, with a focus on asking republicanism provides powerful and the British constitution and as supporters to make monthly persuasive answers. such it denies us the best contributions rather than single annual payments. Our constitution is fundamentally democracy we could have.” undemocratic. Sure, it has some The Blog and In the News posts are features of a democracy - for example now featured on the home page, and we are permitted to elect just under The monarchy does none of these we’ve set up a Twitter account, half of our parliament - but at its core things. It embodies a spirit of which allows you to follow what British politics concentrates deference and dependence on others. we’re doing online. unaccountable and unlimited power in It robs us of aspiration, telling us that the hands of a few, at the top. even the wisest and most talented A lot more information has been commoner is no match for even the added and you can find this by using Some people will tell you that the most unpleasant and immoral royal. the Find out more menu which is monarchy is little more than a Most crucially though, the monarchy is featured on most pages. You can harmless decoration, a novelty left the heart of the British constitution also easily print any page, or choose over from our past. It isn't. It is the and as such it denies us the best to print all the ‘find out more’ pages basis and the heart of our democracy we could have. It keeps as a single document - perfect for constitution. This is why the abolition from us the power to rule ourselves, it using as an information sheet for of the monarchy is the most important crushes the democratic spirit in order talks and presentations. of all possible political reforms. It will to justify its own existence. lead to a unique opportunity to deal The site is not cast in stone - we will with all the problems in our political Our case for a republic comes in two continue to review and develop our system. forms. There is the issue of power and online presence and suggestions are politics, how the monarchy is the most welcome - just send an email to centre of our constitution and what it the usual address. means for our democracy. And there Continued opposite
  7. 7. Imagine | 7 Citizens your power the give it the best. This is Continued from opposite our country, these decisions are ours Lottery We will also then address the issue of to make. Do you want your children the monarchy itself, the question of and grandchildren to still be living what a hereditary head of state says with the monarchy in 100 years time? Formerly the 100 Club about Britain, the way we leave the Or will we together make the decision The Winners Are important choice of head of state to to end this now and give Britain the chance and how accountable and democracy it deserves? A Davies - £102.00 (Nov) transparent the royal household really is. Some will tell you that this is all too E Newbigging - £106.80 (Dec) difficult, that we should accept the We have a choice. We can leave things monarchy as fact and just look to D Bennington - £109.60 (Jan) as they are and face the prospect of a smaller, more achievable reforms. We politically active King Charles residing don't believe in surrendering to those Since 2006 members have been in an unaccountable and wasteful who benefit the most from our winning cash prizes in Republic’s palace. We can continue to tolerate undemocratic constitution. We mustn't very own lottery fundraiser. nepotism, corruption and abuse of abandon our responsibility to improve privilege at the heart of our our country for future generations. It’s very easy to do, just complete constitution, we can continue to tell the form which came with your our children they will never be good This is our country and our Welcome Pack when you joined or enough to be our head of state... or democracy. If a reform is important - request a form and we’ll pop one in we can opt for the change this country and this is the most important reform the post for you. needs. of all - then is it worth fighting for. We believe it is a fight that can be won, Every month a prize ticket is drawn. Britain deserves the best, and its in and won soon, with your help. You can enter as many times as you like by setting up a standing order Monarchy doesn’t work to purchase regular tickets - each pound paid is equal to a ticket in the draw. The monarchy is damaging to those Remember, the more tickets sold caught up in it, it is unaccountable the bigger the prizes! and it acts as a drag on our democratic process. This is a broken BE IN IT TO WIN IT! institution that long ago abdicated all responsibility for power but continues to take what it can from the taxpayer. purpose. There are some powers she The monarchy is a 'broke' institution. can and has used, but on these Constitutionally it has abdicated all occasions we are reminded why the From the responsibility. For most of the time monarchy is unacceptable in a modern website the Queen is both powerless and democracy. The Queen can, for pointless. example, play a role in choosing our prime minister. It's a job an elected “The most talented and There is a cosy arrangement in place president could play if we had a hung accomplished commoner is which allows the government of the parliament, but an unelected, day to exercise the Queen's power in unaccountable monarch has no right expected to defer to princes return for political support for the to interfere in our political process. Harry and William.” monarchy. Officials use euphemisms to hide the true nature of this deal - It's not just the institution that is they say the Queen acts quot;on the advice dysfunctional. In it we have a family of about the Queen owning land, palaces of the prime ministerquot;, meaning she fairly ordinary, uninspiring individuals and priceless art quot;in trust for the does what she is told. We hear debate who represent the very worst of Britain nationquot;, which simply means we pay about the quot;royal prerogativesquot;, which - snobbish, elitist and utterly out of for them and she keeps them. can be more accurately described as quot;prime ministerial powersquot;. They talk Politically the monarch serves little Continued on page 9
  8. 8. 8 | Imagine ‘Standards’ campaign set for launch at conference Republic is to launch a campaign on The purpose of the campaign is to ‘standards in public life’ at this year’s expose the monarchy’s waste, Spring Conference. The aim is to extravagance, lack of accountability, apply the same standards which are self-serving secrecy and dishonest demanded of politicians, public financial reporting. officials and other public authorities to the royal household. We will be using Freedom of Information requests and other The official standards, which are research methods to illustrate how the monitored by the Committee on royal household falls short on every ‘Seven Principles’ of Selflessness, Standards in Public Life, are summed one of the seven principles of Integrity, Objectivity, Accountability, up in what the Committee calls its standards in public life. Openness, Honesty and Leadership. Fundraising news For every £1 Republic spends on James Gray from getting our message across, the monarchy currently spends at least The last month has are minimal. £33. Over the next few weeks and seen two major events months we're going to be asking you in the life of our And who can blame them? After all, to help close that gap. campaign. The airing the monarchy works very, very hard to of the highly-critical give that impression. “We have thousands of hugely Dispatches committed and enthusiastic documentary 'The Problem Princes' But the monarchy isn't still here and the re-launch of our website. because the British public are supporters prepared to dip into inherently anti-democratic or because their own pockets.” The surge in support that resulted we truly adore the royals. The from these events highlights the monarchy is still here because it importance of communication – spends hundreds of thousands of getting our message across to the pounds campaigning. Think of the monarchy and Republic right people at the right time. as two rival presidential campaigns. Ultimately, it's a battle of ideas, online@ principles and values. But often it’s “For every £1 Republic spends who can outspend the other that decides the result. on getting our message across, And make no mistake, the royals and the monarchy currently spends their PR team are running a relentless If our marketing budgets were that bit campaign. Think of Charles' recent closer, the fight would really be on. at least £33.” jaunt to South America where he lectured us on climate change and The monarchy may have an almost bothered elderly tortoises. Think of This is something the monarchy has unlimited source of funds – you, the William and Harry going on an African known for many years, of course: a taxpayer. But we have thousands of adventure to raise a few quid for team of twenty PR people work full- hugely committed and enthusiastic charity (while charging the taxpayer time to promote the royals, at a cost supporters like you who are prepared many times that amount for security). of around £1 million every year. to dip into their own pockets and help Think of the Queen visiting Google or drive forward change. telling Lewis Hamilton what a fan of F1 We tend to think of the monarchy as a she is. passive institution, something that is James Gray is Republic’s full-time simply there. Even some republicans Development Manager, with These stunts make the evening news believe that monarchy is so deeply particular responsibility for fundraising and membership because of months of expensive embedded in British society and development. behind-the-scenes manoeuvring. culture that the chances of shifting it
  9. 9. Imagine | 9 The British Constitution Monarchy doesn’t work Continued from page 7 * Common Law touch with the rest of the country. The * Conventions Windsors just keep on taking from the * Royal Prerogative taxpayer and give very little back. * Works of authority Despite doing little and achieving even less, they demand respect and This means it requires a considerable deference from everyone. The most amount of study and probably a talented and accomplished commoner degree in politics or law to fully is expected to defer to princes Harry understand how Britain is governed. It and William. Scientists, architects and is one of the least intelligible, least a host of other professionals, who democratic and least accountable From the have earned doctorates and constitutions in the democratic world. website professorships, are lectured and Contrast this with, say, Ireland, which patronised by Charles, who demands has a simple and readable written he be heard and taken seriously for no constitution, clearly setting out who We enjoy some features of a reason other than his rank. has what power, how they got it and democracy, but our constitution is how they can be removed from office. profoundly undemocratic. It is quot;not worth the paper it's not written onquot; “The Windsors employ a huge In any constitution, power has to come according to one MP. Professor PR team who work around the from somewhere and must reside with Stephen Haseler once described it someone. In Britain it comes from the as quot;whatever the government wants clock to promote the royal Crown and resides with the it to bequot;. brand.” government and parliament. The people barely get a look-in, being The British constitution is unwritten given only the occasional chance to or, to be more precise, 'uncodified'. Desperate to defend their privilege the participate in the formal political This means that, unlike in most Windsors employ a huge PR team who process. modern democracies, there is no work around the clock to promote the single document which explains how royal brand. Unable to point to any One key feature of the constitution is we are governed. meaningful purpose the Windsors the continuation of arbitrary, claim simply to quot;work hardquot;, despite unlimited and unaccountable power - Instead constitutional experts point to the evidence. They repeatedly remind all of which derive from the Crown. a number of treaties, laws and us of what they do for charity, Most of these are exercised by the conventions (another word for 'habits') although what they do is of government, some continue to be which together make up the questionable value and could be done exercised by the Queen. constitution. These include: without the royal titles and the hundreds of servants. Read more at * Acts of Parliament britishconstitution * Treaties It's not all their fault though. Let us * EU law spare a sympathetic thought for the Windsor family. They are dysfunctional Republic Day ‘09 ▪ June 2nd and eccentric because of the bizarre institution into which they have been Republic Day is back! This year we’ll be asking you to take just one campaign born. It is a cruel abuse that starts action on June 2nd, to mark the day when we celebrate the republican tradition from birth, always being told what and the contemporary campaign. More details will be posted online soon and they cannot do, who they cannot sent to you in a Campaign Alert email. marry, what careers they cannot pursue. Always being surrounded by the evidence of his own academic “REPUBLIC TOWN” coming soon sycophants and lackeys who never say record. The monarchy is as damaging 'no' or offer them any criticism or A new community campaign to the Windsors as it is to our scheme - Republic Town - is being honest guidance. No wonder Charles democracy. developed. The scheme is aimed at believes he has the answers to the providing opportunities for world's problems - he's always been Read more at members to get involved, wherever told how brilliant he is, regardless of monarchy you live.
  10. 10. 10 | Imagine Republic Replies Republic answers the most common monarchist arguments. They say: “The Windsors work hard for Britain!” REPUBLIC REPLIES The new website prominently features the all-new Republic TV. The online TV series will include comment and Let's assume for a moment that the analysis from Republic staff, vox-pops Windsors do work hard, is this an ‘Engagements’ are not hard work. on the street and interviews with our argument for the monarchy? Should high profile and eminent supporters. we appoint a head of state, MPs or Windsors are very good at working other officials based on who works the We received an excellent response three days a week, five months of a most hours in the year? from members and supporters earlier year and making it look as though in the year, when we asked for they work hard.” More recently the Nurses, teachers, manual workers, suggestions for who we could invite Channel 4 Dispatches programme police officers and even City bankers - onto Republic TV for interviews. showed just how little work the royals these are people who work hard. To Republicans and non-republicans alike do. They tell us they do lots of compare the royals' lifestyle with were suggested, including: Michael ’engagements’ each year, but as the theirs is absurd. The royals are paid Rosen, Tony Benn, Eddie Izzard, Boris documentary showed, those astronomic hourly rates for their Johnson, Benjamin Zephaniah, Jack engagements amount to very little Straw and Richard Dawkins. actual work. Many are sporting or “Windsors are very good at cultural events, such as watching a working three days a week, five The very first interview was with rugby game. Few last for more than author and journalist Joan Smith, who an hour. months of a year and making it talked about her republicanism and look as though they work hard.” why she refused an OBE. That Importantly, at no time do the interview and one with John Cole are Windsors have to do anything for now online. which they will be held accountable. quot;workquot; and yet accept none of the Every detail of every engagement is risks of redundancy or formal planned and organised for them - all performance appraisals, and do not WIN A MUG they have to do is turn up. If they say have the same chores and or do the wrong thing there are no Q responsibilities the rest of us face at Which of the three armed consequences for them. They are home. services does not swear never required to make serious an oath of allegiance to decisions affecting the lives of others. The simple truth is that they do very the Queen? They play at working, much like little. Mark Bolland, former press children play at ’doctors and nurses’. officer for Prince Charles, was quoted A The idea the Windsors actually work on Janet Street Porter's BBC Answers to the usual hard is an insult to those who do. programme in 2005 as saying quot;the address or email by April Stan Collymore joins live on air 20th. Sports commentator and former website Graham footballer Stan Collymore publicly asked if he would backed Republic during a live debate like to be added on Talk Sport radio. Stan had invited to the list. Stan Graham Smith onto his radio show to agreed debate the monarchy and made his immediately and own views clear during the discussion. the lively debate When he pointed out a number of our continued. high profile supporters listed on our
  11. 11. Imagine | 11 Swedish take on their monarchy Board Republicans in Sweden launched a News new campaign in January, with a striking advert carried in the national press contrasting their head of state by Gareth Robson with the election of Obama. Scotland, Canada and Sweden were all The republican group has been in topics of discussion at our last Board touch with Republic and we will be meeting. The Republic Scotland working on building an alliance in due project continues with a parliamentary course, similar to the Common Cause reception in late March and plans for a alliance we have with our counterparts new organising committee to be set in the Commonwealth. up in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Sweden is facing a renewed debate We were delighted to hear the Swedish about their monarchy as they gear up campaign had been in touch and fully for an expensive and high profile royal supported any joint projects our wedding in 2010. teams think will further our common cause. We were also more than happy The republicans explain the nature of to show solidarity with our their monarchy on their website counterparts in Canada and welcomed No we can’t: The Swedish advert. ( - in English as well as the idea of asking members to email Swedish). They say: messages of support for the Canadian legal challenge against their oath of on foreign affairs. “According to the Instrument of allegiance for citizenship. I ▪ He or she is the foremost Government from 1974, the Swedish understand this scheme attracted a lot representative of the Swedish monarch should fulfil the following of interest from our supporters. defence establishment and holds duties: supreme rank in each of the service The Board continues to keep a close arms, as well as being honorary ▪ eye on our finances and I hope you The monarch is the head of state. commander (Colonel-in-Chief) of will all take particular notice of the ▪ certain military units. He or she heads the special cabinet fundraising section in this edition of ▪ council held when there is a As Sweden's foremost Imagine. change of government, and also representative in relation to other the regular quot;information councilsquot; countries, the monarch receives with the members of the the credentials of foreign Director Government. ambassadors and signs those of ▪ Sweden's ambassadors. He or she opens the Riksdag, the Profile Swedish parliament, every year. The formal authorities of the Swedish ▪ He or she chairs meetings of the monarch are greatly restricted, but Advisory Council on Foreign NAME: Naomi Phillips looking at the list above that does not Affairs, the members of which are DIRECTOR SINCE: Oct 2008 mean that the head of state lacks appointed by the Riksdag to hold Naomi works for the British Humanist political significance.” consultations with the Government Association, following a spell Commons questions Buck House working in a policy team at the Ministry of Justice. The Public Accounts Committee palace couldn’t be more open to She has gained recently grilled managers from tourists. Conservative Edward Leigh awards from both the University of Buckingham palace over the state of MP told the palace officials: quot;you Manchester and the LSE for her their finances and their recent cannot close the entire Palace because academic achievements in the fields demands for more cash. the Duke of York is sitting in his flat of Social Policy and Gender. upstairs.” Naomi joined the Board at last year’s Ian Davidson MP and others were not Annual General Meeting. pleased with excuses as to why the
  12. 12. Republic is a campaigning organisation supported by thousands of British citizens around the country. It’s easy to get involved. This regular page shows you some of the simple things you can do to help promote Republic and make the case for change. online@ Joining Facebook can spread the word far and wide JOINING IS EASY Facebook is one of the major phenomena of the internet age. With Republic’s campaign work relies on over 175 million active users, and with the support of people like you, each user on average linking their citizens who are committed to the idea of a republic. If you’re not a profiles with 120 other ‘friends’ it is member already you can join online no wonder the site has attracted the or over the phone. attention of campaigners and politicians. - 08708 508 825 Republic signed up to Facebook eighteen months ago and has an active page and TOP TIP a number of groups set up. While there is a lot we can do to continue to promote Republic via Facebook, there Sign up to Twitter, the new is a lot more you can do too. social networking site. It’s easy to do from the Republic Tell the World website… then ‘follow’ what Republic is doing online and Visit our “On Facebook” page at to find out more about how you can use the site to promote our campaign. ‘re-tweet’ the latest news. Some of the ideas are pretty simple and allow you to tell all your Facebook From Kim Thomas friends about us at the click of a button. Republic member Every page on Republic’s website has its own ‘Share’ button, allowing you to instantly post the page on your Facebook profile. You can also lend us Send your Top Tip to your status updates - next time we’re launching a campaign or we’re in the news, why not tell the world about it with your Facebook status update? Find out more online at Imagine: how far can yours go? Did you know, this magazine is a You could even leave it lying around valuable promotional opportunity in waiting rooms or staff canteens. waiting to happen? Help spread the word and promote Once you’ve read it, don’t file it in Republic with your copy of Imagine. the bin, pass it on to friends, family Leave your copy around for or work colleagues. someone to discover. Republic Campaign Ltd is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee operating under the name ‘Republic’. Registered number: 05891072. Registered address: Dalton House, 60 Windsor Avenue, London SW19 2RR. Find out more at