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The Eve Phenomenon


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The report provides in-depth analysis of expression of the users who have published references about the training with Eve, a Polish fitness star.

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The Eve Phenomenon

  1. 1. The Eve Phenomenon
  2. 2. Executive Summary The report provides in-depth analysis of expression of the users who have published references about the training with Eve, a Polish fitness star. During the analysis took into account only the references published by Internet users (User Generated Content). The analysis also was enriched by verifying gender and age group of users. The study was based on a qualitative analysis of randomly selected references, which are sampling. Marked emotional attitude of the users posting entries. We analyzed published entries via Facebook, Twitter, forums, blogs, videos, and information portals (comments under articles). In addition, shows a list of the most popular channels on Facebook, forums and blogs and most active users. Almost 40% of the entries had a positive attitude, while negatively commented only 5% of users. Most involved in the discussion group were women aged 20-30 years. Users talked mostly about completed training, weight loss, and effects. Mentioned mainly Eve’s CD, but also seemed reviews on its publication. Social media are a places where the internet users can keep up to date of his achievements, and ultimately show their metamorphosis.
  3. 3. How and where to talk about training with Eve?
  4. 4. Examples of references – Facebook wall 14 days with scalpel + exercises for legs with Mel b. Additionally, adding still two more days to exercises the buttocks with Mel B, after which I feel that . . . I have a butt . Skin definitely became smoother and firm, such a visible effect is reducing cellulite. As for me, great! I hope that after such doses of sweating, exercise will become my addiction! I have a small question, if i don’t thigth my abdominals during training, do they develop anyway? Unfortunately, when i want to do this, i can’t breath. Can anyone advise me? First scalpel for me, in my case is about burning fat rolls , so i hope that this training will help me with this, sometimes i thought that i wasn’t capable to complete the exercises but i get to the end, i hope that my motivation don’t dissipate with the time  Another 30min workout pass!! I love the sweat pouring out of my back , Eve you are amazing!! Mother of God !! I died after 25min scalpel. Tomorrow the second day and approaching number 2. First 10 minutes warm up this time I don’t know why, but I deleted my post, so I am writing again  Today marks 8 weeks as I practice with you Eve!  I measure my self before and today . . . and i'm in shock 10 cm in my stomach-7 inches at the waist and-3. 5 inches in thighs! I am very happy and thank you, that one day my sister-in-law told me about you, because exercises withyou have change my body and above all my life!  Take girls and gentlemen this exercise, because really worth it!
  5. 5. Examples of references – Forum Girls I would like to ask for an advice! Well, from December 31, I exercise 6 times a week Eve Killer. I do regenerative day on Sunday. This is my (as you can see) first week, but my enthusiasm is growing and I would like to ask you whether these 45 min. with Eve are enough or maybe I should add something else. Let me add that I'm not a rookie, because in 2010 i lose 25 kg. I started to do scalpel but is for me too exhausting. Whether exercising daily 15-minute workout with stars with Eve and doing crunches, in addition, will give me some effect or it’s too little? I’m also training scalpel and I have a little problem, I’m not capable to do all reps:D But that is just my 2 traning , then i train everything ":) Tested - I’am very happy. Training is not so exhausting as the Killer, but it is not as light as scalpel. Talking on his behalf, because of the killer I practice every day my condition in fact is better. Generally, for me, very well. Killer is probably too intense for daily exercise. If you want to practice on a daily basis, it's better to practice scalpel, and killer as Eve says 3 x a week. Good luck! Yesterday, after a month of break from Turbo, I did it . . . without problems. It is amazing how much strength came to me by these 2 months training. When I started practice with Eve Turbo and killer was an abstraction, now performing this exercises do not cause me major problems.
  6. 6. Examples of references – Blog
  7. 7. Reviews of Users about training with Eve 01.01.2012 – 27.11.2013 • Almost 2/3 of the references-from neutral Internet users inform about training performance • Positive emotions (almost every third mention) into Internet users, who noticed the effects of hard work on your body. Among the enthusiastic explosions of joy from female internet users , popping up such expressions as I did it!, Eve you are amazing!, I feel great. • Negative feedback was the least, a bit more than 5% of the analysed entries. Users criticized the monotony during exercise, especially when compared the training with Mel B and Jillian Michaels. Woman beginning training with Eve from the most difficult exercise to the more demanding, felt demotivated. 37,1% 57,6% 5,3% Emotional results from analysed entries pozytywne neutralne negatywne
  8. 8. Who are the net users training with Eve? 01.01.2012 – 27.11.2013 1,3% 98,7% Users’ Gender Mężczyzna Kobieta 16,0% 63,6% 20,3% Age Group Users Dorośli Młodzi Młodzież With Eve exercise mainly women in the age group 20-30 years. When discussing his "training balance" directly from Eve and other training people, through Facebook forming the community of women FIT. Men, even if they practice, this is not commented on a public forum, and their statements among them coincided, questions like who is Eve or thanks for the change in their partners.
  9. 9. User activity considering the age group 01.01.2012 – 27.11.2013 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Trening z gwiazdami Killer Szok trening SkalpelTotal Fitness Turbo spalanie Skalpel II Favorite training devided by age groups Dorośli Młodzi Młodzież Killer workout dominated among young people. However, worth to pay attention to the set of exercises Scalpel and Total Fitness, which appear in their statements very often. Adults are most likely to benefit from training Scalpel II and the shock workout. Younger people preferably use the Total Fitness.
  10. 10. Users chat topics Dominated entries about training -every second reference contained information about carried out exercises. This type of mention meant that a user profile has the form of a diary. Additionally , Internet users in abilities were mentioned in references to proposed set of training. If you feel the need to share with others information about training, also during the discussions on daily activities. Some users who already have some time rehearsing with the coach, joined by additional exercises usually for two reasons. The first concerned the dependence on physical activity and the need to spend more time on training. The second reason was related to the boredom. Internet users felt that the workouts are static and tedious, so they searched for other combinations with more energy and movement. 01.01.2012 – 27.11.2013 56.9 24.3 10.6 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Wzmianki Users chat topics Treningi Odchudzanie Efekty/wyniki Problemy zdrowotne Metamorfoza Rzeźbienie ciała Samopoczucie
  11. 11. In references about weight loss female net users clearly specify their motivation to exercise. The loss of weight was the most desired effect they wanted to achieve , from what they started a diet before the training with Scalpel. Some physical activity with a balanced diet, respectively, for faster results. Active female net users have divided into two groups. The first were women, which planned to lose weight before an important event, such as for example. wedding, but also before the holidays. The second group were those who planned to change the lifestyle of a more active and healthier. Exercises with Eve were also recommended by net users after the holiday season gluttony or after childbirth. The Users were measured with great diligence circuits of different parts of the body, and have been checking the weight, often juxtaposing it with time, which is devoted to regular exercise, or the number of performed training. Almost 40% of the statements about weight loss had a positive attitude. In addition, nearly 10% of the reviews have a negative connotation. There were also entries in which net users do not want to lose weight, their goal was firming and body sculpting. User chat topics
  12. 12. The effects/results: users willingly share information about the effects related to the regular charge of training and a balanced diet. Photos of their figures were presented before and after metamorphosis. Net users sought the motivation for this, to get rid of unwanted pounds. Committed customers was not only the silhouette of the same Eve but also the metamorphosis and achievements, which claimed a proud woman after transformation. Very encouraging for net users was a rapid effect in just a few days or weeks, which influenced on frequent recomendations for Eve exercises. In addition, Internet users connected different physical activity. Women describe exactly what effects noted-reduced cellulite, tonifier and shaped body. Appeared also on health issues, which experienced Internet users after training with Eve. Most of them mentioned problems with joints, as well as appearing blood from the nose during training. Their most common cause was excessive exercise, not adapted to the possibilities of the body active users. The dream of an athletic silhouette had to be postponed in time, giving priority to treat the injury. Consequently, there were requests for special sets of exercises for people with problems with joints. Some forcefully questioned whether the proposed sets of exercises properly affect the body. A part of the net users considered the influence of exercise during diseases for example diabetes. User chat topics
  13. 13. Some entries were entirely dedicated to metamorphosis, which experienced internet users. This type of information was put down frequently on Eve’s fanpage or on blogs. There were also information about users' well-being. After the workout, publish a mention in which describe their well-being and a burst of energy. In many cases, it was also a way to discharge stress. Among the analysed mentions there were also information on accessories and training equipment. They discussed about the bands advertised by trainers (Internet users searched for the opinion, or actually working) and on proper footwear. Some people asked for help in the selection of training, because they could not decide on the appropriate. There were also publications in which were presented the types of Chodakowska’s fans, or the discussion about this trainer’s phenomenon Users chat topics
  14. 14. Ranking of the most popular workouts of Eve Eve 01.01.2012 – 27.11.2013 45.2% 21.4% 11.4% 6.7% 5.9% 4.8% 4.6% 0.0 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0 Skalpel Killer Turbo spalanie Trening z gwiazdami Skalpel II Szok trening Total Fitness The most popular workouts of Eve Wzmianki Almost half of the analysed content was published in the context of training Scalpel. The most popular set of exercises characterized by ease in their execution. Scalpel was, in the opinion of the Internet users the perfect workout for people who need basic exercises. Some users started training and master it to perfection, then passed to the next. Secondly, the most frequently chosen was the Killer, who according to net users require greater physical fitness, but also gave more satisfaction. Others were looking to make a few practice sessions, or use individual exercises from different sets.
  15. 15. Other physical activities that came up during internet users discussions 01.01.2012 – 27.11.2013 References were analysed, in which Internet users have mentioned additional exercises, diversifying workouts from Eve, that after a long time became monotonous. This type of information are popping up in every quarter of the entries. Mostly these were the trainings of Mel B that were attached to the exercise sets of the users The users often pay attention to the limited time during the day and the lack of a regular occurrence in the organized activities. In some mentions Internet users declared that they drop out of training with Eve to the other, or vice versa. But there were individual information 23.1% 12.4% 9.2% 9.2% 5.2% 4.0% 0.0 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 Mel B Bieganie Ćwiczenia na brzuch Tiffany Rothe Jillian Michaels Skakanka Other physical activities Wzmianki
  16. 16. Metodology WHEN? Published entries were examined during the period of 01.01.2012 – 27.11.2013. WHERE? Types of channels analyzed around which appeared interest were: •Blog and microblog •Internet forums •Twitter •Facebook •Informative portals •Video services WHO? UGC – Users active in disseminating alerts around the test subject. We analysed only the expression of Internet users, discarding the other entries (eg current affairs, news or current-arid). WHAT? In the spotlight were mention in wich internet users spoke out about exercise with Eve HOW? During the test, were used the following keywords, along with taking into account their variety by case and other terms relating to a given topic analysis: Eve; with Eve, scalpel, turbo burning work out, killer, training with stars and practice, training, exercises, training, slimming, metamorphosis. HOW MANY? 1000 randomly selected entries were analysed