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How to be more creative in Direct Marketing


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What you will learn is how to take a more creative approach to your direct marketing campaigns.
Ps. And please share if you have learnt something from this presentation.

ADMA Multi Channel Direct Marketing Session

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How to be more creative in Direct Marketing

  1. 1. Multi-ChannelDirectMarketingCertificate
  2. 2. DATA
  3. 3. Creativity in Direct MarketingHow to get it, evaluate it and feedback on it. 1. The Creative Brief - Single-minded propositions 2. Case study 3. The creative process 4. How to evaluate and feedback on creative work 5. Feed your mind.
  4. 4. Creativity in Direct MarketingHow to get it, evaluate it and feedback on it. 1. The Creative Brief - Single-minded propositions 2. Case study 3. The creative process 4. How to evaluate and feedback on creative work 5. Feed your mind.
  5. 5. 1. TheCreativeBrief
  6. 6. THE CLIENT the what the who the why the how where and when
  8. 8. the what the howthe wherethe when
  9. 9. the why
  10. 10. props
  11. 11. The singlemost motivating thing we have to say
  12. 12. Say itin the mostmemorable way
  13. 13. TEN PROP STARTERS1.  An outstanding characteristic of the product or services ~ something unique like a secret ingredient2.  Pricing ~ we’ll beat any published price Vs most expensive3.  Heritage ~ newest Vs oldest4.  Disadvantages of not using the product or service5.  Direct comparison ~ “The Coke-Pepsi taste test”6.  Newsworthiness ~ Australian first, anniversaries7.  Generic benefit ~ ‘when there is nothing to say, then say it with flair’8.  Famous people ~ do any celbs use the product9.  How or where the product was made ~ Cuba Vs Bega10.  Does the product or service fulfill one of the nine basic human needs?
  14. 14. Does the product or service fulfill oneof the nine basic human needs?1.  SECURITY - is the need to feel safe, to feel assured.2.  ADVENTURE - is the need for an adrenaline rush, to have new experiences.3.  FREEDOM - is the need for independence and spontaneity.4.  EXCHANGE - is there a need to trade information and knowledge with others, not just to mingle or socialize, but to deliver and receive something of value.5.  POWER - People with a need for power need to be in a position of authority and responsibility.6.  EXPANSION - is the need to build something, to create an empire, to expand horizons.7.  ACCEPTANCE - is the need to accept yourself and be accepted by others. 8.  COMMUNITY - people with a need for community like having people around.9.  EXPRESSION - is the need to be artistic, to be seen, to be heard, to be felt.Abraham Maslow (1954) & The Institute for Management Excellence (2001)
  15. 15. is the prop true?
  16. 16. the who
  17. 17. EXERCISE: Imagine these fifty year olds.Men and women aged 50 and over.Mature out look on life, well established financially, some witholder children and some even with grandchildren.Now try to picture this group of people. What do they look like? What do they think and feel? What is important to them? What do they enjoy doing? What do they want?
  18. 18. Always in the kitchen in her apron.
  19. 19. Sits around watching old movies.
  20. 20. A PEN PORTRAIT: ‘Freedom Fighters’ MATTHEW’S PROFILE AGE 55 STATUS Divorced, De-facto INTERESTED IN Friends, exploring, making practical jokes. PERSONAL VALUES & QUALITIES Relaxed, comfortable, social, spontaneous TECHNOLOGY IN LIFE Reasonably quick to adopt new technologies (Moderately confident)MARKET STATS13% Market Volume share WHO AM I?64% Post-pay (n.s)36% Pre-pay (n.s) Hi, my name is Matthew. I’m 55 years old and live in Brisbane with my partner Betty. She is currently not working and I am planning26% MBB* to retire in the next few years but am currently still managing a mobile Butcher Business. We also own an investment property up at Nelsons Bay. The business is still doing quite well and has allowed Betts and I the luxury of travelling. Betts describes me as a bitLess than $30 average monthly spend(57%) of a joker and a rebel. We haven’t planned much for the future retirement but would love to do a world trip at some stage. I have many hobbies that I try to fit in my spare time including sailing, golfing and most recently boulder rock-climbing that my friendPhone ‘wary’Lower than average message rate advised that I consider taking part in. I love the freedom and adventure that these sports add to my every-day life and am lookingAverage of 2.9 SMS/day forward to travelling all over the world to different bouldering locations. My friends describe me as not the most conventional person, but rules are made to be broken I say. Besides this, I believe I have earnt to right to have some fun given I have worked soUpgrades handset less than every 24 hard for 30 years. I am quite interested in the new technologies coming out.months or has never upgraded This year I have just bought my first mobile. Up until now all my mobiles were provided through work or given to me by my kids forWhen choosing a phone:Price and battery life most important •  DIARY  FEED:   a present and therefore I haven’t really found a need to buy one. Mobiles don’t dictate my life, in fact I find them sometimes a nuisance when doing things and they always seem to interrupt me somehow. Really I just want to do what I want when I want. It’s mainly there as a mode of contact for people when I need it. I have never switched my phone handset before and probably wouldn’tMusic, internet, aesthetics least bother unless there was a great deal. Price is the biggest influence on the phone I buy. I don’t care about any optional extras suchimportant as music or internet. Cheaper rates on my mobile would really convince me to get a certain mobile deal. I don’t really use my mobile for texting- I find this inconvenient so I would rather call but I ensure that I keep these phone calls brief to keep the costWhen choosing a service provider: down.Cheap rates are the most important
  21. 21. get toknow yourcustomers
  22. 22. 2.aCase studies
  23. 23. Mowie
  24. 24. Campaign Optimisation Brief:CLIENT: Diesel TITLE: Mowie Motorbike Helmet NAME: Mowie JOB No.: DIE001 DATE: 29/03/2011 WHAT What is the problem or Who are we talking to. WHO opportunity? Motorbikers who are young at Launch Diesel’s new Mowie heart and have a strong sense of motorbike helmet in a fashion. completely different way from previous launches. PROP Cool protection Why will this resonate with the How and where might we best WHY audience? engage with the audience? HOW The collaboration between Diesel There is only small budget for this and AGV has combined the launch.We want to engage with, and materials and look of a credible have as many people as possible talk street fashion label with the quality about the helmet. So think beyond the and safety of one of the world’s normal Diesel PR product launch biggest helmet makers to create the campaigns. coolest helmet on the road.
  25. 25. 2.bTen channels
  26. 26. 3.CreativityUnderstanding the creative process
  27. 27. The secretto creatingmemorableads
  28. 28. straightheadlines,need twistedpictures
  29. 29. straightpictures,need twistedheadlines
  30. 30. 4. How toevaluate and givefeedback oncreative work
  31. 31. How to evaluate and feedback on creative work1. Before SMILE The Creatives are nearly always very nervous. You’ll get a better result by being positive and setting a relaxed mood. REVISIT Always revisit the main points of the brief. EXPECTATIONS Have a clear understanding of what level of finish is going to be presented. IN PERSON Always try to have the creative team present to you.
  32. 32. How to evaluate and feedback on creative work2. During CUSTOMERS You should have just revisited the target audience, so now think like your customer. IDEA Does the idea bring to life the proposition in a memorable or compelling way.
  33. 33. ‘BIG IDEAS are your last legal means of an unfair competitive advantage’
  34. 34. How to evaluate and feedback on creative work2. During CUSTOMERS You should have just revisited the target audience, so now think like your customer. IDEA Does the idea bring to life the proposition in a memorable or compelling way. LEGS Does the idea work well in all channels? Paper & Pixels. MINUTIA Don’t sweat about a missed comma. Worry about a missing idea.
  35. 35. How to evaluate and feedback on creative work3. After IMPRESSIONS Give an initial impression. It’s okay to be general, if you are going to feedback formally later. OPINIONS Avoid giving it the good old ‘once round the office’. Everyone has an opinion but have they read the brief? DOUBT Not sure? Then pin it on your office wall and give it the overnight test. Sleep on it and see how it looks in the morning.
  36. 36. 5. Feed yourmind.Places you should visit
  37. 37. Walk ‘n’ ReadBook ShopsBooks Kinokuniya500 George
  38. 38. Flick ‘n’ ReadMagazines»  Directory – The best and ONLY Direct Marketing magazinein the world.»  Communication Arts – Award Annuals, quarterly»  Archive - Creative advertising»  B&T, AdNews and Campaign Brief
  39. 39. Click ‘n’ ReadDirect Daily directdaily.comBanner Blog bannerblog.comThe Ads of the World
  40. 40. Keep ‘n’ ReadCreative Books» The Craft of Copywriting – Alistair Compton»  Cutting Edge Advertising II – Jim Atchison»  Hey whipple, sqeeze this – Luke Sullivan »  It’s not… & Whatever… – Paul Arden
  41. 41. Keep ‘n’ ReadOld skool»  Commonsense Direct & Digital Marketing– Drayton
  42. 42. thankyouquestions