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'33 things I know about Art Direction'


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Things that might just help young Art Directors and all creatives

'33 things I know about Art Direction'

  1. 3. Neverstopfeedingyour mind.
  2. 3. Never 1. Books Kinokuniya www.kinokuniya.comstop 2. Magazines Directoryfeeding 3. Sites & Blogsyour mind. Direct Daily
  3. 6.Don’tpolishturds.Move on.
  4. 7.Does it smell?
  5. Smell
  6. Sight
  7. Touch
  8. Sound
  9. Taste
  10. Touch, smell and sight
  11. 9.Work withthe best.And letthem do theirbest.
  12. 11.Takethe timeto learnorigami.
  13. Singapore
  14. USA
  15. 15.Grids are good.The DivineProportion andthe theory ofcomposition
  16. PHi – The Golden Section
  17. 16. Lovetype, andlearn howto carefor it.
  18. 16. Lovetype, andlearn howto carefor it.
  19. 17. Jointhe designcommunity
  20. 20. Inspirationis all around you.Keep it safe.
  21. 21.“If itlooks right.It is right.” Robert WatersFind a different view.
  22. 22.Colour isyoursecretweapon.
  23. vibration
  24. motion
  25. emotion
  26. 22. Learnthe rules.And then howto break therules. But don’t do this.
  27. Negative headline Over use of colour Poor photography Crowed layout Illegible body copy Dominant branding Confused CTA
  28. 24.Haveanothercreativeoutlet.
  29. 25.Keepan eye onthe verybest in onlinedesign.
  30. 26.Avoidthese visualcliches.
  31. The exception
  32. The exception
  33. The exception
  34. 27. Whosaw Annie?ANNIE LEIBOVITZ:A PHOTOGRAPHER’SLIFE 1990 – 2005
  35. 28.Alwayshave theproduct onyour desk.
  36. 29.Don’t be afraid of white space.
  37. 30. Followthe leaders.
  38. 31. Whatto showDon.
  39. 1. Be on time, be enthusiastic and positive. Be yourself.2. Your Book:Begin with a great idea and end with an even better one.3. You’re an Art Director, Presentation is very important.Portfolio vs iBook vs iPad2 (Don is a writer, consider your audience) 4. BE BRUTAL: Three great ideas, always beats thirty three average ones. 5. Turn great ideas, into great campaigns.
  40. 6. Show a good range of work. Multi channel and brands.7. Always adapt your book for your audience and rehearse your presentation. (It really helps)8. Show at least one fully art directed campaign. 9. Talk about your creative interests outside of advertising. 10. Listen carefully to all the feedback and advice. Act on the pieces that feel right or you keep getting.
  41. 32.Neverforget. ‘Big ideas are your last legal means of an unfair creative advantage.’
  42. 33.Love your job.