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OI2013 is a first interactive report which covers vast and largest updated dataset for cancer treatment molecules with individual company's profiles, holding developmental / marketing rights to these molecules. It also contains oncology focused deals, funding options and technology platforms, established vs. emerging cancer drug targets with complete details and role in cancer, Top companies research strategies, their drift towards cancer indications, market forecast of all major cancer indications with drugs competitive position and much more.

Crystal Clear Intelligence...... Intelligence to Decide & Act......


19 CANCER INDICATIONS (full coverage with market forecast)

Major Advantages with Report:

1st Interactive Report which provides complete picture on oncology drug discovery.

1st Report which clearly de-marks what Top companies development strategies are across cancer drug targets and all cancer
indications with business deals and acquisitions.

1st Report with info graphics representations which can be used in ppts. to make effective presentations.

1st Interactive Report which acts as an complete source book to provide comprehensive picture on cancer drug discovery by eliminating non focused information and is must for any professional linked with oncology rug discovery to keep himself/herself updated in drug discovery.

1st Report where each and every data is validated, and one can check all by effective cross linking within e-copy and outside with valid URL link.

1st Report which is crafted by Team of Scientists and Professionals working on Cancer with inputs directly from Cancer Drug Companies, where ever it was required.

1st Report which is very economically priced, with such amount of data; and is only possible due to direct marketing.

For more benefits and details on OI2013 download
Reports Benefits www.omicsx.com/RB_OI2013.pdf
Table of Content www.omicsx.com/TOC_OI2013.pdf

What OI 2013 Do Not Contains:

To avoid ambiguity OI2013 does not contain any cancer care / cancer pain / cancer management or cancer diagnostic molecules or any such exclusive company profile. Thus helping researchers to compare apples with apples.

OI2013, does not contain any dead/abandoned molecules, or molecules without any active and valid clinical update between Jan 2010 to Dec 2012, thus narrowing down the data.

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  • Dear Dr. Ignacio Sisamon,

    Thanks for your valuable time you spend on our post.

    We do have a complete list of information on companies working on Cancer Drug, Device & Diagnostic using radiotherapy or radioisotopes, along with the technology insights...We are in process of drafting one such report (due in March 2014), but if you require them early plz let me knew I will arrange the same ASAP.

    Kindly mail me at renuka.shankar@omicsx.com

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  • hello, do you have similar information about radiotherapy leading innovation and cost? Thanks.
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  • In past three months we have received wonderful response of our first product and encouraging positive notes for our next year issue. Many of our buyers (mainly the start-ups and consultants) are seeking discount on the consolidated report, so we are offering the complete intelligence on 40% discount on cover price for limited period of July 2013 only The new prices are 2099 USD / 1625 Euro for complete report. The report can be purchased online through our online secured portal http://www.omicsx.com/oncology_intelligence_2013.html through paypal/credit card or through bank wire transfers. The discounted report buyers will enjoy all regular report benefits except our customized all the year round personalized support to regular buyers. All further queries are welcomed. Plz feel fee to contact us at reports@omicsx.com. We are launching our 2nd innovative project on Oncology Drug Funding by the end of June 2013, so keep visiting us for new interactive information. Thanks for your valuable time.
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  • I received your Inmail, thanks for sharing information, you forwarded me price of 1949 USD but here report last slide and your website displays 2799 USD can you pls clarify ASAP, I am interested but not clear how to go about.
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  • Dear Ren Li,

    Thanks for your query... OI2013 contains 15 companies from China with active pipeline in oncology drug development.
    please feel free to ask any further queries.
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Oncology Intelligence Report - 2013

  1. 1. 2013 Oncology IntelligenceA Comprehensive Report for Decision Making
  2. 2. WHY I NEED A INTELLIGENCE REPORT ? Report - covers all aspects of Cancer Drug Development Intelligence. To Explore who is developing what ? Exact Competition withlike Drug on Launch. Designed my colorful magazine, for your reading pleasure. Top companies/developers read in flight between San Francisco to Boston. Can be stratergies. Collaboration patterns to fill technology gap. INFOGRAPHICS BASED INTELLIGENCE REPORT. Emerging drug targets in cancer research. Year on year, which indications are advancing ? Role of emerging markets in sales/research competition? etc., etc. and so on.
  3. 3. REPORT CONTAINS Interactive 820+ pages, divided into 6 Sections, with Infographics and Tables most updated information 2663 Indications 142 In Trials Cancer preclinical Pipeline Companies 462 210+ Cancer Cancer Clinical Targets Companies 1042 600+ Molecules in Late- Complete Clinical Preclinical Trials Molecules 2012 Cancer Drug Updates Oncology Intelligence A Comprenehsive Report for Decision Making 2013
  5. 5. ALL INFOGRAPHICS PAGES 462 COMPANIES Total 6 Pages with 14 Figures and 1 TableWorldwide Distribution of Oncology focused companies, with active clinical pipeline. Helps in identifying the research incubating countries. Division of Companies on the Basis of Market/Assets Valuation and Ownership, along with their country wise distribution. Helps in identifying cancer research trends among Small, Mid & Large companies also as Public, Private & Subsidiaries, and nation wise preferences for the sector. Division of Cancer Companies on the basis of employee numbers and Year of Incorporation. Exploring cancer research funding needs and emergence of Cancer Drug Discovery Industry, going ahead. Distribution of Cancer Companies within United States of America. Helps in identifying the cancer research hubs and research supporting states.
  6. 6. Few Sample Pages of Section A
  7. 7. PAGES CONTAINS INFOGRAPHICS & TABLES 1042 MOLECULES & 210+ TARGETS Total 55 Pages with 26 Figures & 25 TablesWorldwide Distribution of cancer targeting molecules in clinical development. Helps in identifying the emerging trends between Small molecules Vs. Biologics.Molecule Developing Strategies - Top 10 Companies Vs. Remaining 452 Companies. Identify How Big Pharma drug strategies are changing and what others are pursuing.Cancer Drug Targets – Established Vs. Emerging Targets. 210+ cancer drug targets with complete details and drugs under development for each target. Thus, helps in clearly identifying emerging targets. Protein Kinases Inhibitors Development Strategies – Top 10 Vs. Others. Established Protein Kinases Vs emerging protein kinases- development profiles. Learn which companies are focusing more on PK and for which cancer indications. Cancer Drugs in Development – mAbs , Vaccines, mAbs-drug conjugates Gene Therapies & description of various others molecules.
  8. 8. Few Sample Pages of Section BPage 2 & 3, shown above contains cuttings of various pages. For more details, kindly refer Table of Contents.
  9. 9. PAGES CONTAINS INFOGRAPHICS & TABLES 2663 DRUG INDICATIONS in 19 CANCER TYPES Total 81 Pages with 53 Figures & 91 Tables Division of total drug Indications among top 19 cancer subtypes (like Lung, Breast, Melanoma, etc.) Helps in identifying the emerging vs. current Cancer Indications. Phase wise & Region wise, Distribution of Drug Indications. Exploring ‘who’ is developing ‘what’? Cancer Indications Development Strategies - Top 10 companies Vs. others. Identifying the emerging cancer subtypes of interest among Big Pharma and their choice towards development of small/biologics. Complete Clinical Drug Development Profiles of 19 Cancer Subtypes. Identifying the emerging Vs. underserved cancer subtype. First Report which equally focuses underserved cancer subtypes. Orphan Drug Status molecules and their cancer indications (USFDA & EMEA). Oncology Clinical Pipeline –Major Advances/Failures & New Entrants - 2012.
  10. 10. Few Sample Pages of Section CFor more details, kindly refer Table of Contents.
  11. 11. PAGES CONTAINS TABLES ONLY Total 16 Pages with 9 TablesCorporate Actions - 2012 Complete coverage of oncology focused events (1000+ events). US FDA Oncology Drug Approvals - 2012 Mergers & Acquisitions -2012 Partnering & Collaborations - 2012 Oncology molecule – Assets Acquisition / Assets Termination - 2012 Company / Academic Partnerships - 2012 Venture Capital Financing - 2012 Key Management Appointments - 2012
  12. 12. Few Sample Pages of Section DPages 1,2 & 3, shown above contains cuttings of various pages. For more details, kindly refer Table of Contents.
  13. 13. PAGES CONTAINS 462 COMPANIES PROFILES Total 526 PagesFocused 462 individual cancer clinical companies profiles – Mini Reports.Companies having active clinical trials, with development & marketing rights of molecules in cancer treatmentare only included. No company with dead assets (trials-status unknown/last updated prior 2010) are included.Profile contains Company’s key management, key oncology assets (both clinical & preclinical),key collaborators, Investors, Molecules profile, targets & development strategies etc. Only Oncology focused events are documented, to avoid any ambiguous data. Profiles are written as mini-report for an individual company. All Inferences are derived in this report in earlier sections are based on these mini reports of companies’ , thus the report validates its data. No Information is Duplicated. The strongest point of Report, beside been precise is, no information is duplicated anywhere, that helps to avoid confusions/errors.
  14. 14. Oncology focused :- Key Highlights of Company, Key technology, Collaborations, partn ers, Approved pipeline, etc. Cancer Targeted Molecules in Clinical Development:- Molecule name(s), Target, Clinical Phase, all possible Indications of development of the molecule, Last Updated on Clinical Trials with Trial Status as on Dec 2012 & Drug type (Small/Biologic/NBCM). Key Highlights of Drugs in Development :- Drug’s Target Description, Mechanism of Action, Orphan Status, PreclinicalManagement Profile: Contact Address, Founded Pipeline etc.Year, Ownership, Key Management People, Stock Ticker and MarketCapitalization Company Profile Pages – Merck Serono
  15. 15. PAGES CONTAINS 142 COMPANIES PROFILES Total 95 PagesFocused profiles of individual cancer companies, with active preclinical pipeline. Companies with molecules in late preclinical development for cancer treatment. Exclusive focus on Partnering and Emerging Proprietary Technology. Description of First in class with molecules available for partnering. Covers 300+ molecules in preclinical development. Reports covers 600+ disclosed Preclinical Molecules in development by both clinical and preclinical companies. Only Late Preclinical Pipeline companies are included. No Exclusive Cancer Discovery Phase Companies are covered to avoid ambiguity. Cancer Companies Profiles are in form of Mini-Reports. Covers Management profile, Key Investors, Key Technology Partners, pipeline description etc.
  16. 16. Company Details Key Management Profile. Key Technology Platform. Key Technology Partners, Key Investors & other Company and Cancer Drug Highlights. Preclinical Pipeline Details with Targets and Indications Detail.Few Sample Pages of Section F For more details, kindly refer Table of Contents.
  17. 17. Highly Innovative Report – contains all aspects of Oncology Drug Intelligence.First Infographics Report – Figures can also be used in Presentations.Largest Coverage –First Report which covers 620+ companies with 1600+ molecules details and complete pipeline analysis.First Scientific Report which extensively focuses on technologies and drug targets.Precise Information – All Efforts are done to reproduce Accurate Information.Value for Money - The report is an excellent value for money, without 2799/- USD compromising the quality. This is all possible by Prior 28th Feb 2013 reducing our marketing expenses (comprises nearly e-copy only. 60-70% of report cost) and utilizing more resources in Including all taxes. developing quality content. Price reflects approx. 4$ for Individual Company Report !!!!!!
  18. 18. Opinion on Oncology Intelligence 2013:During Jan 2013, about 316 free preview copies of Oncology Intelligence 2013 weredistributed to Industry leaders working in area of oncology drug development throughLinkedIn invitation call and nearly all of them replied very positive on the report.We are sharing few industry leaders comment on their consent. It is an excellent report that has a wide variety of oncology information all in one place. Dr. Oleh Denysyk This report contains enough data to make strategic decisions especially for new entrants. Dr. Mitsuyoshi Nishizaki It is difficult to believe this quality of work from start up company. Dr. Gilbert Parker Classic work esp. Section B with facts on oncology targets and drug alliances. Dr. Shohko Iwami
  19. 19. Intelligent BioSolutionsOmicsX design and develop highly innovative comprehensive intelligence reports toprovide complete 3600 view to its readers. Starting 2013, every second month we arelined up with knowledge centered reports in life science. Each report reflects TeamOmicsX in-depth knowledge and innovative out of the box thinking. We works forseveral month to craft a single original content interactive report at very competitiveprice, with only one aim in mind to provide quality and precise information to ourclients which will help in decision support. Reports contains Insights and analysis at thecompany, country and disease level, which includes individual company’s profiles andmarket data, valuations, clinical & market trends, product pipelines and forecasts.For Details and Enquiries on our Customized Services, Contact Virendra Singhvi Manager – Business Development virendra.singhvi@omicsx.com +1-646-523-4433 +44-203-608-3536 +91-562-2281122