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Learn more about R/CS and how we help transform businesses

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  4. 4. To empower and enable people to be more fully human, enjoy life and work in a purposeful and meaningful manner through software and technology. COMPANY PROFILE 20142 VISION
  5. 5. Every day our talented team is focused on creating and delivering remarkable software solutions that transform oil and gas businesses. The information technology landscape in the oil and gas industry continues to be influenced by forces that require new ways of thinking about organizational performance and profitability. Far reaching trends such as globalization, changing demographics, cloud computing, mobility, the internet of things, and big data, all shape how oil and gas companies bring information to life. We are constantly studying these trends and educating our team, so we can meet the ever-changing needs of our oil and gas clients. We continue to focus on deepening our software consulting service portfolio across the leading enterprise cloud and mobile platforms. Our projects are unique in nature and reflect a focused service philosophy centered around four core pillars: Domain Expertise, Shared Ambition, Targeted Innovation and True Results. Each of these core pillars is important; it is a commitment to all of them that truly creates value for our clients. Our work exemplifies the application of these core pillars. The opportunity to create and deliver remarkable software solutions that transform businesses requires a talented group of people committed to making an impact. We are proud of our entire team and the way they extend our culture on a daily basis. A couple of months ago, we released a short e-book titled What We Believe, which simply outlined our vision and mission statements as well as our values. Much to our surprise, we received an amazing response that ranged from personal emails and phone calls, social media messages, and even hand written letters. Our purpose and values are the foundation upon which Renovatio Cloud Solutions is built. We look forward to working with you, as we continue our purposeful focus on creating and delivering remarkable software solutions that transform oil and gas businesses. COMPANY PROFILE 2014 3
  6. 6. DOMAIN EXPERTISE SHARED AMBITION The fundamental basis of our consulting service philosophy lies in the oil and gas industry expertise of our team. We understand the increasing complexities of data management within the oil and gas industry. Our commitment to understanding these challenges is the starting point to delivering transformative. software solutions. We approach every client’s business as if it were our own. In every engagement, we put ourselves in our client’s place, align their success with our success, and work closely together to release the full potential of their business. This enables us to build enduring and trusting relationships with our clients. 4 COMPANY PROFILE 2014
  7. 7. TARGETED INNOVATION TRUE RESULTS Competition in the oil and industry is becoming more intense, with companies and departments having to do more with less. As competition continues to increase, the importance of getting the greatest benefit out of innovation efforts increases. We believe the best way to increase the benefits of innovation efforts is to target them so they result in innovations that are more strategically useful and thus deliver greater benefits to our clients. We truly mean it when we say that our ultimate goal is to deliver quantifiable results for our oil and gas clients. We will always strive to deliver software solutions that help transform organizations with targeted investments toward growth, increased efficiency, predictable total cost of ownership, and compliance around business operations. COMPANY PROFILE 2014 5
  8. 8. Our service philosophy is centered around four core pillars: Domain Expertise, Shared Ambition, Targeted Innovation, and True Results.
  9. 9. DOMAIN EXPERTISE We start by understanding the industry we serve. COMPANY PROFILE 20148
  10. 10. We do more than just build software- we deliver solutions that transform oil and gas businesses. As industry knowledge leaders, we have the ability to understand our client’s toughest problems and determine what’s technically possible. It’s because our unique expertise that we are positioned to deliver transformative solutions. COMPANY PROFILE 2014 9
  11. 11. SHARED AMBITION When our clients win, we win. COMPANY PROFILE 201412
  12. 12. Our experience shows that if we focus on serving our clients needs, our own success will follow. Everyday, we strive to act as a strategic partner to our clients by leveraging our technology expertise to release the full potential of their businesses. COMPANY PROFILE 2014 13
  13. 13. COMPANY PROFILE 201414
  14. 14. TARGETED INNOVATION We get the most out of innovation efforts. COMPANY PROFILE 201416
  15. 15. We know that the key to making an innovation lead to greater improvement is to understand where it fits into the bigger picture of our clients’s organizations and their needs. In all of our client engagements, we take a systems thinking approach to determine the points at which technological change can have the greatest impact on a company’s overall performance. COMPANY PROFILE 2014 17
  16. 16. TRUE RESULTS We are intensely focused on client results. COMPANY PROFILE 201418 While plenty of technology consulting and professional services companies talk a great deal about being focused on results, we’ve actually built our entire business around it. We are laser-focused on delivering software solutions that drive the right results and scale for our clients. Our clients see results and partner with us for multiple engagements. These enduring relationships are a result of continually increased ROI, revenue growth and operational efficiency while constantly innovating to help drive their business forward.
  17. 17. COMPANY PROFILE 2014 19
  18. 18. AUSTIN OFFICE 115 Sandra Muraida Way Suite 635 Main: 512.298.3328 Email: